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Online World of Wrestling is proud to present OWW Radio hosted by Nick Anthony, joined weekly by Dave “Kaveman” Kave with “This Week in Wrestling History and Aaron “Total Nonstop Attitude” Kendrick.  The show begins with Nick reporting on “Hogan Watch” where it was reported that Hulk Hogan was asked “When he’ll return to the ring.  Hogan replied “my body is pretty beat up”.  Hogan then talks about the 24 inch pythons and how they are now 20.



Brock Lesnar Segment

Nick comes back from break to talk about UFC 100 where Brock Lesnar’s post fight comments got him in trouble.  Nick expressed his opinions on how he believed that Brock did nothing wrong.  Nick believes that “Bud” sponsors UFC events not the Fighters themselves and that solely allows Brock Lesnar to state whatever opinion he seems fit to state about whomever he feels.  However Daniel “Truth” Wade producer of OWW Radio and Dave “Kaveman” Kave co host disagree.  They stated that UFC could have been sued for the post fight comments of Brock and furthermore Brock showed little respect to his Peers and the Company.  The two brought up the fact that Brock Lesnar should have never spoke ill of the Company even if he isn’t a fan of the beverage.  Daniel Wade brought up the fact that Tito Ortiz ran his mouth in the UFC and the Company got rid of him.  Daniel believes this might be the fate of one Brock Lesner if he isn’t careful.   In the segment the lack of fighters in the UFC Heavyweight Division came into the picture.  The conversation went back and forth with strong opinions from both sides in the end the two sides would move on to talk about the other confrontation at UFC 100.



Angle/Karen/Jeff Segment

Coming back from break Nick refers to the Bubba the Love Sponge show regarding the mysterious call Bubba received from an alleged TNA lot employee.  Nick then breaks down the soap opera like setting.  Cory “The Shooter” Morrow producer of the show and Dave “Kaveman” Kave co host join in.  Nick reads several sources and acknowledges that sources are reputable sources but the story still can not be confirmed.  The three discuss the issue in length and then switch discussion unto Superstar Bill Graham and his Hall of Fame Ring on EBay.  Nick states that Grahams ring is similar to his high School “Herf Jones” baseball and band ring class of 1998.  He also stated that it didn’t cost $10,000 plus.



Match of the Week Segment

Aaron “TNA” Kendrick is brought on for the Match of the Week for the week of July 13.  Aaron mentioned Jack Swagger vs. MVP has a candidate as well as Christian and Shelton Benjamin from ECW.  From TNA Impact Aaron mentioned Kurt Angle and Sting which ended in a no contest.  Aaron stated “what kind of steal cage match ends in a no contest.”  CM Punk and John Morrison held up Smackdown as candidates.  Ring of Honor’s six man tag team match with the American Wolves and Chris Hero vs. Kevin Steen, El Generico with Kenta rounded out the week’s top matches.  In the end the six man tag match on ROH would gain 4.5 stars from Aaron.  The back and forth traditional as well as commercial wrestling that was portrayed made the match standout from the other programs.  The American Wolves with Chris Hero would get the victory as Ring of Honor with off the air.



Evan Ginzberg Interview Segment

Nick brings us back from break with Mungo Jerry’s “In the SummerTime”.  On the phone Evan Ginzberg from Legends Radio and Associate Producer of the movie “The Wrestler” and co director of the documentary “Wrestling Then and Now” listens as Nick introduces him.  In the Interview the two talk about the movie documentary “Wrestling Then and Now” directed by Evan and his co director Dwayne Walker.  Evan explains the encounters he faced shooting this film.  He breaks down the history of the name of Wrestling Then and Now and how it came to life.  Nick brought up a clip from the documentary when Jeff Archer spoke passionately about Women’s Wrestling.  Nick stated “here’s something that I had no clue on.  The women in the late 40’s of Professional Wrestling out drew the men.”  Evan expressed his opinions on the situation bringing up the Tom Hanks 1992 blockbuster “A League of Their Own.”  Nick then asked Evan the evolvement of talent that he has noticed from the Industry as well as Paying dues which is also brought up in the documentary.  Rounding out the Interview Evan and Nick share a laugh after revealing that neither one of them could strongly, positively name the current Intercontinental Champion.  You can order Wrestling Then and Now through


This Week in Wrestling History

Dave “Kaveman” Kave joins us for This Week in Wrestling History after Nick recaps the show and Aaron “TNA” Kindrick chimes in.  On the Kurt, Angle and Jeff situation Aaron is shocked that Jeff Jerrett would do such a thing because he portrays himself as a family man with the passing of his wife a few years back.


This Week in Wrestling History, with a plethora of memories from years gone by. Such as 1973, 1998 and 1996 WWE’s “In Your House” held at the General Motors Place in Vancouver, BC.



OWW Radio wish to thank the Producers who make these shows possible every week OWW Radio would also like to extend a huge thanks to our guest Evan Ginzberg. 


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