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Online World of Wrestling is proud to present OWW Radio hosted by Nick Anthony. OWW Radio welcomes this week’s featured guest, former AWA World Champion, 3 Time co-holder of the WWF Tag Team Titles and WCW Television Champion, Rick “The Model” Martel.’

Interview – RICK MARTEL

Rick Martel talks about breaking into pro wrestling in 1972
Martel mentioned how he was treated in the locker room from the other wrestler knowing that he came from a wrestling family
Martel spoke about an angle he did in Quebec where he smashed a beer bottle over his head imitating a foe
Rick Martel talked about his time wrestling in NWA New Zealand. Martel spoke briefly about feuding with Curtis Iaukea, and first meeting and teaming with New Zealand native Tony Garea
Martel explained his ongoing relationship with Tony Garea, the death of his brother Michel, and how Tony filled the void that Rick had lost when Michel passed
Martel explained how pro wrestling matches in New Zealand were done in 8 minute rounds and how he had to adapt to the ring psychology
Rick Martel talks about his first WWF stint in the early 1980s and teaming with Tony Garea
Martel talked about wrestling Nick Bockwinkel in Hawaii in 60 minute matches and how it led him to the AWA
Martel talked about wrestling in Japan
Martel talked about his appearance at WWE Night of Champions, meeting Ric Flair and reminiscing about their time wrestling together in Japan
Martel spoke about how he won the Japanese fans respect after winning the AWA World Title from Jumbo Tsuruta
Rick Martel talked how his AWA World Title reign came about after being approached by Verne Gagne and Nick Bockwinkel
Martel talked about the difficulty of communicating with Jumbo during the match due to the language barrier
Martel calls his AWA World Title victory over Jumbo Tsuruta as the highlight of his career
Martel spoke about Tsuruta’s intense style of wrestling and how he adapted to Tsuruta in the ring
When asked by host Nick Anthony whether he (Rick) felt that his AWA World Title loss to Stan Hansen hurt his career, Martel replied with a no explaining that he felt it was the best move for business. Martel also mentioned that during the build up to the match with Hansen it was explained in a storyline that Martel had sustained an injury and was advised by doctors not to wrestle in the match, however Martel refused and went ahead with the match for the fans, for that Martel felt that the loss of the AWA World Title did not hurt his overall career
Rick Martel talked about leaving the wrestling business in 1991 after WrestleMania VII to pursue a career in real estate to help prepare for his post-wrestling life
Martel talks about returning to wrestling in early 1992
Rick Martel talked about how he was in negotiations with Vince McMahon to return to the WWF in 1997 along with Don Callis to form tag team called the Supermodels. The team would have had a short run as Callis would’ve turned heel on Martel, this would eventually make Rick Martel a babyface for the first time in 8 years. Martel called off the deal after the WWF would only offer him a 3 month contract instead of a 12 month which Martel felt a person of his proven status rightfully deserved
Martel talks about how this led him to a negotiation with WCW President Eric Bischoff
When asked by Nick whether he (Martel) thought of being brought back in as a tag team wrestler was a wrong move considering that he was a former World Champion, Martel said no explaining that he enjoyed tag team wrestling as it allowed his body to rest and prevent rehashing old nagging injuries
Rick Martel talked about wrestling the first match at WrestleMania III with Tom Zenk against Cowboy Bob Orton and Don Muraco
Martel talked about teaming with Tito Santana as Strike Force, and winning the WWF Tag Team Titles with Tito Santana against The Hart Foundation in 1987
Martel talked about watching the Hulk Hogan/Andre the Giant match at WMIII, Martel talked about the reaction of the crowd when Hogan body slammed Andre
Martel talked about the meaning behind the Hogan/Andre match
Martel talked spoke about Jake Roberts, and their Blind Fold Match at WrestleMania VII
Nick told Martel of Tito Santana’s interview with OWW Radio last year where Tito talked about the Strike Force split and that Tito was trying to be the one to turn heel while Martel remained a babyface. Nick asked Martel whether his career would’ve been different if the roles were reversed
Martel spoke about how the good and evil roles in wrestling were more distinct compared to today
Martel talked about the Model gimmick being given to him by JJ Dillon and Vince McMahon and how everything else that followed eg Arrogance spray, outfits, skits were Martel’s ideas
Martel spoke about why his wrestler/manager relationship with Slick was ended
Martel talked about wrestling in the Royal Rumble match
Rick Martel talked about his program with Tatanka
When asked whether he was offered to jump ship from WWF to WCW between 1993-’95, Martel answered no explaining that he felt he wasn’t in top form and he wasn’t fully concentrating on wrestling at the time
Due to Martel’s other ventures outside of wrestling, he was positioned to wrestle in the lower level of the card which he was ok with
Nick reverted back to the WWF Supermodels tag team split scenario in 1997 asking Rick where could he have seen himself on the card, either wrestling for the European Title against the British Bulldog, The Intercontinental Title against Owen Hart or The Rock or in the WWF Title picture against Bret Hart or Shawn Michaels
Rick Martel talks about the competition between WWE and TNA
Rick Martel spoke about his time wrestling in WCW
Martel shares a nice story in WCW involving himself and Scott Hall, the story talks about a thoughtful and caring side to Scott Hall
Rick Martel talked about wrestling Scott Hall/Razor Ramon for the vacant Intercontinental Title on Monday Night Raw in 1993
Martel talked about his match with Shawn Michaels at SummerSlam ’92 in London’s Wembly Stadium
Martel spoke about Shawn Michaels asking Martel if they could travel together so that Michaels could pick his brain about playing a heel
Martel talks about the differences of playing a babyface that comes with restrictions to a heel that has more freedom and liberties to play up
Martel mentions that he is still in contact with Tony Garea and The Genius Lanny Poffo
Martel enjoys attending the wrestling fan fest weekends
Martel mentions that he and Tony Garea may attend the Cauliflower Alley Club 2010 Reunion weekend
Before the interview wrapped up, Martel spoke about the Arrogance fragrance and the plans to market the fragrance in modeling magazines. Unfortunately, the venture did not come to plan after a fan from the northwest threatened to sue the WWF over claims that Martel that accidentally sprayed the fragrance in his eyes (the story is actually funny when Martel tells it). The venture was scrapped and the Arrogance fragrance was replaced with water

OWW Radio would like to thank this week’s featured guest, Rick Martel. Visit Rick Martel’s official website http://www.rickthemodelmartel.com/ and you can email Rick Martel at [email protected]

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