OWW’s “This Week in Wrestling” – July 17, 2013

TWIWOWW’s This Week In Wrestling – July 17, 2013
Ring Wars Carolina
July 4, 2013
Mr. Everything Victor Andrews def.Nate Robinson
American Tiger def. J Money & Syde-Effect
Kris Nemesis & Reggie Real Reason def. Diego Vasquez & Hector Sanchez
American Tiger def. Mr. Everything Victor Andrews…Anime Kid def. Hangtyme…Security Pat wins 10 man Battle Royal
American Tiger def. Anime Kid…Reggie Real Reason vs. Hangtyme vs. Syde-Effect ended in a DQ
Mr. Everything Victor Andrews vs. Diego Vasquez ended in a 10 minute Time limit draw
Mia Svensson def. Devyn Nicole
July 5, 2013
IWGP Tag Champions TenCozy & Super Strong Machine def. CHAOS (Toru Yano, Takashi Iizuka & Jado)
Togi Makabe, Manabu Nakanshi, Tiger Mask IV & KUSHIDA def. Yuji Nagata, Hirooki Goto, Captain New Japan & Takaaki Watanabe
Suzuki-Gun (Minoru Suzuki, TAKA Michinoku & Taichi) def. CHAOS (Tomohiro Ishii & The Forever Hooligans)
CHAOS (Shinsuke Nakamura, Yujiro Takahashi & Masato Tanaka) def. Tetsuya Naito, Tomoka Honma & IWGP Intercontinental Champion La Sombra
The Bullet Club (Bad Luck Fale & Karl Anderson) def. IWGP Champion Kazuchika Okada & YOSHI-HASHI
Hiroshi Tanahashi & Jushin Liger def. Tama Tonga & El Terrible to win the CMLL Jr. Tag Titles.
Prince Devitt def. Gedo to retain the IWGP Jr. Title.
NAWA Big Time Pro Wrestling
July 6, 2013
Cowboy Adam beat Bulldozer and Zach Jackson
Doberman beat Big John Famous in a bullrope match
Tag champions Joe Angelo Garcia & Corey Saturn beat Chris Cross & Dr. Nemo Luv
Billy Club beat Texas champion Nobe Bryant by disqualification; Bryant retains the belt.
July 13, 2013
Mr. Ooh La La & Kid USA defeated Little Mikey & Gus Grand.
As voted by fans for future title shot, Anywhere/Anytime: Bobby Shields DCOR Matt Saigon w/ Joel Blackhart.
ECWA Legend and first Super 8 Champion (1997) Ace Darling inducted Aden Chambers (former ECWA Heavyweight, Mid-Atlantic, Tag Team, Super 8 (2008) and K-Cup Tag Team (2012) Champion) into 2013 ECWA HOF.
Also as voted by fans for a future title shot any time/any place: “Greek God” Papadon beat Vordell Walker w/ Joel Blackhart.
Fans As Lumberjacks Match: Jessie Kaye beat “Boss” Michael Tartaglia.
Mixed Tag Team Match: “Heart Killer” Chris Wylde & Renee Michelle defeated ECWA Mid-Atlantic Champion Ricky Martinez & Keri.
ANYTHING GOES for the Vacant ECWA Tag Team Titles w/ Special Guest Referee Damian Dragon: D-LINE beat MONSTER AHTU & Breaker Morant w/ Joel Blackhart to win titles.
ECWA Heavyweight Title: VsK (Champion) beat “Cuban Crippler” Ricky Reyes.
ECWA Heavyweight Title Match: “Greek God” Papadon used his title shot and defeated VsK to win the ECWA Title for a second time.
Kekoa the Flyin Hawaiian beat Aden Chambers in Chambers’ ECWA retirement match.
Combat Zone Wrestling
July 13, 2013
CZW World Heavyweight champion MASADA vs. Chris Dickinson
Tommy Dreamer vs. Drew Gulak – To name a #1 Contender!
CZW World Tag champions BLK OUT (Ruckus & BLK Jeez) vs. The Catalyst (Dustin Rayz & Eric Ryan)
In a Tables Match: The Nation of Intoxication’s Devon Moore vs. Naptown Dragons’ Scotty Vortekz
CZW World TV champion AR Fox vs. The Front’s Biff Busick
4Loco’s Alex Colon vs. Shane Strickland
Greg Excellent vs. Andrew Everett
4Loco’s Azrieal & Bandido, Jr. vs. The Beaver Boys’ Alex Raynolds & John Silver
Six-Man scramble for title shot of their choice: Hoodslam’s Dark Sheik vs. Caleb Konley vs. Dave Crist vs. Shane Hollister vs. Ron Mathis vs. Rory Mondo
July 13, 2013
Show opened with Franklin Dove in ring addressing an auto accident injury to Slim J that left him with 13 staples in his head, and unable to wrestle. Jeff G Bailey came out and demanded that Jagged Edge and Se7en be awarded the Tag Team Titles. Dove instead said that in the Jagged Edge vs Azreal match, should Edge win then he and Se7en were Tag Champions, but if Azrael won, he could pick his tag partner for a Title match on 7-27-27.
Kevin Blue def Tommy Penirelli with Charlie Cash….postmatch Blue was attacked by CB Suave. Brandon Parker hit the ring to help his partner, leading to….
CB Suave with Cash & Penirelli def Brandon Parker with Blue.
Adrian Hawkins returned to Anarchy, he said for one last match before he moved from Georgia to Arizona and challenged anyone in the back, leading to…
Cody Hall def Adrian Hawkins
Azrael def Jagged Edge with Jeff G Bailey. Postmatch Shaun Tempers attacked Azrael until Slim J ran out to help. J was cut off and held from behind by Jagged Edge as Tempers pulled a staple gun out of his pocket, and was about to hit Slim J in his already injured head, when Michael Judas appeared to run off the Elite. So it will be Michael Judas teaming with Azrael vs Se7en & Jagged Edge on 7-27 to determine the Anarchy Tag Team Champions.
During the break Scott and Cody Hall signed autographs and took pictures.
The second half opened with what was to be Billy Buck vs Bobby Moore, Career vs TV Title, but Charlie Cash entered the ring along and said that Bobby Moore was not there but that he wanted to talk to Billy Buck. Billy Buck came to the ring and Cash suggested he did not need to put his career in Anarchy on the line and that he should just take Bobby Moore’s conflict as an opportunity to change his mind. Buck answer by delivering a superkick to Cash. So on 7-27 Bobby Moore will face Billy Buck for the TV Title and if Buck loses he leaves Anarchy.
Mike Posey & Corey Hollis (Alabama Attitude) def Joey Rhymer and BJ Hancock pinning Rhymer. Postmatch Hancock turned on Rhymer and attacked him, leaving the ringside area with Posey & Hollis as Franklin Dove looked on in frustration.
Anthony Henry with Miss Rachael def Wade Adams by submission. Miss Rachael then address the final match between Seth Delay & Henry that will occur on 7-27, reminding Delay that he was still not 100% and that Henry was a wrestling technician.
Unforgiveable Blackness (Shadow Jackson & Nemesis) def Michael Judas & Brodie Chase when Geter came to ringside drawing the attention of Judas and the ref, allowing Jackson & Nemesis to double team Chase and for Nemesis to get the pin.
Miss Rachael interrupted the start of the Main Event by coming out to say she had forgotten an important stipulation for the Henry vs Delay match on 7-27. She said Henry want no time limit nor DQ as he wanted to take his time.
In the Main Event Jeremy Vain defended the Anarchy Heavyweight Title against both former champion Shaun Tempers with Jeff G Bailey and “Wrestling’s Most Dangerous Weapon”, Geter. In the End Jeremy Vain was able to pin Tempers to retain his title. It appeared Geter was in a position to win the match when Michael Judas pulled him from the ring and the two fought out of the building eliminating geter from the match and the opportunity.
On 7-27 Geter will face Shaun Tempers again, this time with all wrestlers barred from ringside, to determine the 31 contender for the title still held by Jeremy Vain.
Right Coast Pro
July 13, 2013 – “Festivus” – Newark, Delaware
“World Warrior” LowKi over “Best Technical Wrestler” Billy Bax
Heavyweight Champion King Mega keeps his title over Challenger Prince Nana
A.C. Roc + Kip Stevens over Beaulieu Brothers + “Canada’s Proudest Son” Jason Leigh
“Trademark” Tommy Maclin™ over “Mr Upgrade” Mike Reed
“Outlaw” Stockade + Zac “The Ripper” Conner submits Biggie Biggs + “Tribal Warrior” Fallah
Ryan “Adrenaline” Rush over “Dirty” Sonny Deed and Courageous Cruz
“Self-Made” Michael Blake + Harry M. Baldwin over Mister Crister + Colton Quest
Ryan “Adrenaline” Rush over Chris “The Show” Steeler
The “World Warrior” Low Ki returns to Delaware after 6 years to a sold out crowd at RCP arena and takes the victory over self-proclaimed “Best Technical Wrestling in Delaware” Billy Bax. Bax was surely stiff competition for LowKi in a back and forth brutal beat down that went toe-to-toe for 20 minutes! The fans were the real winners in this match with a tremendous show of technical, hard-hitting, and cringe worthy action!
Heavyweight Champion, King Mega, wins his 1st title defense against Prince Nana. Prince Nana then picks a fight with special guest referee, Legendary Cheetah Master.
RightCoastPro welcomes new tag team A.C.Roc to get the party started. Canada’s Proudest Son, Jason Leigh interrupts the party in a surprise appearance and aligns himself with the returning Beaulieu Brothers, Kristian and Zachary. Temporary CEO, Francis Kipland Stevens inserts himself into the match and an impromptu 6-man tag match occurs. A.C.Roc (Marc Cruz & Shaheem Ali) with Francis Kipland Stevens take the match from the party poopers, the Beaulieu Brothers and Jason Leigh.
The Beach Body Posedown between “Mr Upgrade” Mike Reed & “Trademark” Tommy Maclin™ broke into an all-out beatdown with Tommy Maclin taking the match in the end. Perhaps “Mr Upgrade” would have made out better without his manager, Mike’s Guy, accompanying him to the ring in full beach gear and toting along every beach accessory known to man? At least the fans enjoyed the beach balls!
In a heavyweight submission match the team of “The Outlaw” Stockade + Zac “The Ripper” Conner get the upper hand on the team of Biggie Biggs + “Tribal Warrior” Fallah. Stockade gained the submission with an ankle lock on Fallah.
In a special 3-way match Courageous Cruz faced Ryan “Adrenaline” Rush and newcomer “Dirty” Sonny Deeds. In RCP’s version of an Old School vs New School match we added the in between as well! Old school, Sonny Deeds wasn’t able to ground-n-pound his high-flying opponents on his debut match, but new school high-flyer Cruz couldn’t stop the middle guy, Ryan “Adrenaline” Rush either. Rush takes his 2 opponents with his high-kicks, power moves and cat-like agility.
New segment – “On The Mic With Max” features new backstage interviewer Max Mikado talking with the ladies of RCP. Will there be a Women’s Division in RCP? That was the question, and it was never answered as “Self-Made” Michael Blake interrupted and had the women removed from the ring.
“Self-Made” Michael Blake was chosen last month by RCP Developmental student Harry M. Baldwin to be his partner in a special tag match against CEO Mister Crister and his partner of choice, #1 Developmental Student, Colton Quest. Since Michael Blake had his “Guy” ringside, Temp CEO Francis Kipland Stevens inserted Max Mikado into the corner of Crister and Colton to even the odds. Stevens demanded that Max Mikado NOT be bullied and for him to stand up for himself by remaining ringside during the match. Things got confusing, Guy was interfering, Max was trying to help, someone got hit with a briefcase, the ref was knocked out of the ring, Baldwin cheated, Max got punched, Guy ran away, Colton had the match won, there was no ref, Blake interfered, Colton still won, then Baldwin got mad, and Max made a mistake, we think! Pheww …
Baldwin pins Colton for the win once someone threw the ref back into the ring. What a dramatic rollercoaster this was!
Tables, Ladders and Chairs! This was a highly anticipated 3rd meeting for Bazooka Joe and Chris “The Show” Steeler. Bazooka Joes music plays and out comes Ryan “Adrenaline” Rush, WHAT? Rush claims that he “took out” Bazooka Joe before the show so there would be no fanfare for these guys. He feels he is more deserving of a prime position in the company and since he beat 2 other tough competitors in his match that night, wanted a title shot with King Mega. Temp CEO Francis Kipland Stevens didn’t take to this lightly and demanded that the fans get the advertised Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. Since Bazooka Joe was out, Ryan “Adrenaline” Rush is now in for the #1 Contender spot for the Heavyweight title, THANK YOU FOR THIS – we Love you Kip Stevens! Ryan Rush takes the brutal, hard-core, adrenaline pumping match from Chris Steeler and gets his title match in September against King Mega.
The evening started out with a Champions Reception of food, fun, prizes and games to celebrate the first Champion of RCP – King Mega! Fans were treated to a buffet, party favors, arm wrestling, dance contest, face painting, on camera interviews, a toast to the champ and autographed photos of King Mega and his special guest, Low Ki. What a way to start off “Festivus”!
Coastal Pro Wrestling
July 20, 2013
The main event features The 4ce’s Johnny Calzone, as he tries to take the Coastal Heavyweight Championship from the waist of “Chop Daddy” Biggie Biggs. It’s a “Country Whippin’ Match”, and there will be lumberjacks surrounding the ring armed with leather straps.
As always, the ladies of Coastal will be in the house that evening, as the very tough and sultry Kylie Pierce faces off against the firey Chrissy Rivera. Both women have their eye on Kimber Lee, who remains undefeated since her Coastal Pro Wrestling debut in 2011.
The final first round match of the Coastal Tag Team Championship Tournament will take place that night, as a team known as Zero Tolerance will face the newest members of Nicky Benz‘s “Benz International” stable, the team called The Russian Assassins. The winner of this match will go on to face the Westville Murphys (part of The 4ce), who have already won their first round match at the last show in Hammonton.
Vicious Vince Ceres, off a big victory against Lance Steel in Hammonton, will be facing Erik C. Jones, who has vowed to show the 300 lb war machine a thing or two. Vince however, has also been on a victory roll, and may be in the mindset to destroy his opponent, and send another message to the Coastal Roster that he is on a quest for gold.
There are many other matches that will be taking place that evening, also scheduled to appear, “The Underground” Jael Rose, Stockade, “The Unstoppable” Braydon Knight, The Westville Murphys (Jon Dahmer & Ryan Slater from The 4ce), Ophidian, “The American Psycho” Alex Payne (from The 4ce), Josh “Absolute” Adams, The Monster Ahtu, Louis G. Rich, Emil Jay and more!
Stars, Stripes & Bombshells
July 20, 2013
Scheduled to appear on this great card are:
La Rosa Negra (Current Battling Bombshells Champion)
Angelina Love (Former TNA Knockout Champion)
Leilani Kai (Former WWE Ladies Champion & Ladies Tag Team Champion)
Melissa Coates (Former WWE Developmental Star & Bodybuilder)
Su Yung (Former WWE Developmental Star)
Santana Garrett
Amazona managed by Adam Barisano
La Morena managed by Fabulous Frank
Solo Darling
Chelsea Diamond
Renee Michelle
Britney Savage
Silvie Silver
Luscious Latasha
Cherry Layne
Mercedes Justine
Dynamite DiDi
Trina Mason
Trina Michaels
and More!

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