TWIWOWW’s This Week In Wrestling – March 29, 2014


March 8, 2014

Miss Rachael & BJ Hancock came out without Joey Rhymer to face Los Laredos.  Laredo Kid came out first then after a brief delay was joined by his “brother”, who then toss Laredo Kid from the ring and attacked Hancock.  Hancock managed to get to the floor and Laredo Kid 2 unmasked to reveal Todd Sexton.   The brawl continued until Sexton had Rachael set up for a piledriver and Hancock pulled her from the ring.  Postmatch Laredo Kid confronted Sexton only to be planted hard by Sexton.

Tommy Penirelli def  Billy Buck by submission to become Anarchy TV Champion.  Postmatch CB Suave who was at ringside attacked Penirelli, and cashed in on his Title Match “anytime”.  Penirelli managed to kick out of Suave’s 1st pin effort, but could not survive the second.   CB Suave is the new Anarchy TV Champion.

Stryknyn def Nemesis after a spear.  Washington Bullets were on commentary sharing one headset and tagging in and out to comment loudly.  At one point with Nemesis in control Bullets came to the floor and demanded their music be played so they could dance.  No music, but it distracted Nemesis enough.  Postmatch the Bullets attacked Nemesis and laid him out.

Shaun Tempers with Jeff G Bailey & Bobby Moore def Ace Rockwell & Slim J when Moore pinned Ace after a back elbow.  It was announced that Moore will challenge Tempers for the Young Lions Title on March 22.

In a Mega Rumble to determine the challenger for CB Suave’s TV Title on March 22, Seth Delay def Vandal, Kameron Kade, Jeremy Foster & Kevin Blue.  John Johnson joined Brett Wolverton for the match.  Seth Delay faces CB Suave on March 22.

Washington Bullets retained the Anarchy Tag Team Titles defeating Lars Manderson & Alex Avgerinos who came out for the match again with Brody Chase who was on commentary.

Steven Walters def John Skyler & Anthony Henry with Miss Rachael in a good match when Henry submitted to Walters while Henry was on top of Skyler who was on the mat under both unable to move.

Iceberg vs Michael Judas ended in a no contest when Geter got involved.  The lockeroom cleared to separate the men which took quite a while.  At one point referee Dee Byers was knocked down and splashed by Iceberg.  it was announced that at Hardcore Hell on March 29, Mikael Judas would defend the Anarchy Heavyweight title against both Geter & Iceberg in a no DQ match.


March 9, 2014

ETHAN PAGE pinned JOHN GREED to retain the UNION Heavyweight Championship.

CHECKMATE defeated CARTER MASON and SHANE SABRE to win the UNION Tag Team Championships

BUCK GUNDERSON pinned THE HACKER to keep the Northern Lights Cruiserweight Championship



KINGDOM JAMES defeated EDDIE SAPALUCCI by submission


AIW Wrestling Gauntlet for The Gold 9

March 15, 2014

Dicks and Flips beat Youthanazia

Tyson Dux beat Trevor Lee, Shane Hollister and Davey Vega

AIW Tag Titles

The Jollyville Fuck It’s defeated The Batiri to retain the titles

Ethan Page w/Selez beat Bobby Beverly to gain spot #30 in the GFTG

Tim Donst beat Eddie Kingston

AIW Intense Title-

Louis Lyndon defeated ACH to retain the title

AIW Absolute Title-

Michael Elgin defeated Andrew Everett to retain the title

Tim Donst won the Gauntlet for the Gold 9 Tournament

Ring Wars Carolina

March 15, 2014

Victor Andrews def. Pat Powers

RWC World Heavyweight Champion Hangtyme def. Kris Nemesis

Reggie Reason pinned Dr. Housekall in a Last man Standing match

Roni Nicole & Jordan O’neal def. Syde Effect & Labron Kozone

Chance Lebeau def.Anime Kid

RWC No Limitz Champion Diego Vasquez def. Krazyhorse in a Lumberjack Match

Hangtyme 2 won a 14 man Battle Royal


March 22, 2014

Nobe Bryant beat Zach Jackson

Ashton Jacobs beat Joe Angelo Garcia

Bree Ann beat Myka

Rudy Russo beat Tadasuke

Manimal beat Shawn Adams

Black Bart Jr. & Cowboy Adam beat Joe Black & William Huckabee by disqualification

North American Champion Kahagas beat Rudy Boy Gonzalez.


March 22, 2014

Miss Rachael brought out the Laredo Kid claiming he was another victim of Todd Sexton’s jealousy and manipulation that now crossed national borders in it’s reach.  Todd Sexton made quick work of the Laredo Kid.  Postmatch BJ Hancock then a returning Joey Rhymer attacked Sexton until Brody Chase ran them off.

CB Suave def Seth Delay.  It was announced that Suave would defend the TV Title against his former partner Tommy Penirelli, the man he beat for the title, at Hardcore Hell.

In a battle of the 5 Star King vs The Best in Georgia, Anthony Henry def Shane Marx

Bobby Moore def Shaun Tempers with Jeff G Bailey by countout so Tempers retained the Young Lions Title.  Ace Rockwell and Slim J were at ringside distracting both Moore & Tempers throughout the match.  Postmatch it was announced that Tempers will defend the Young Lions Title against Bobby Moore, Slim J & Ace Rockwell at Hardcore Hell.  Bailey said that Tempers had to be pinned or submit to lose, and that if he pinned or submitted any of the other 3 match was over.  And if any of the other pin or submitted someone other than Tempers, he was eliminated and match would continue.

Brandon Parker def “Dynamite Soul” Eric Walker

Lars Manderson & Alex Avgerinos with Brody Chase def Vandal & Kameron Kade

Mike Posey requested he be announced as the uncrowned Anarchy Champion, and said that at Hardcore Hell he would team with Corey Hollis & John Skyler against any 3 wrestlers.  Ace Rockwell def Mike Posey.  Postmatch Seth Delay accepted Posey’s Hardcore Hell challenge and said he’d team with Steven Walters & Billy Buck.

Washington Bullets claimed that Nemesis was injured (at their hand) and Shadow Jackson was home dealing with various age related issues, and that they had no competition.   Washington Bullets (Jon & Trey Williams) def BJ Hancock & Joey Rhymer with Miss Rachel by DQ when Shadow Jackson holding a baseball bat attacked the Williams Brothers when they were outside of the ring and ran them out of the building.  Todd Sexton and Brody Chase, who had been on commentary, then hot the ring attacked BJ Hancock & Joey Rhymer and drove them to the floor.

AWF WrestleDream

March 23, 2014

Whiskey Sixx defeated Diego Del Fuego in the opener with a 450 splash from the top rope. Whiskey earned a bloody nose during the bout, but fought back for the victory.

Tyson Gibbs continued his undefeated record in AWF, downing Benny Factor with a cutter.

Ali Abraham bested the returning Bee Boy with a reverse chancelry elbow driver.

Beasts of The Colosseum bested Q & Shane Saw with Apollo getting the pin on Saw, after Draven took the bulk of the punishment. After the bout Q & Williamson turned on Saw for dropping the fall and splashed him leaving him lying.

Mark Williamson announced Apollo as his mystery man to face Blakestone which surprised everyone. After a back and forth battle Blakestone looked posed for victory after the Slam of Silence, then Williamson attacked with the horn causing the disqualification. Massive Q then saved Lord Mark from the grips of Blakestone, then as they attacked Blakestone Dean Draven cleared the ring of Q, Williamson and then faced off with Apollo, who left with Lord Mark.

“King of KO” Chris Abbott made his AWF debut knocking out Haki Gear with a jumping kick for the TKO.

TNT versus Tommy Dreamer in the main event started off an evenly contested wrestling match with both exchanging sequences, with fans mostly behind Tommy Dreamer. The action spilled to the floor and came to a double count out early. TNT suggested a restart, Dreamer accepted and the match was made hardcore rules to a finish. From there the bout got wilder, spilling to the outside and the crowd, and the ring bell, trays, chairs, and ladders where all used. In the final stages of the bout a table was set up by Dreamer and as he attempted to Death Valley Driver TNT through it, TNT slipped off the back and scored with a low blow and the Detonator for the win. Afterwoods TNT thanked Dreamer but was perhaps condescending in his speach calling Tommy too old, and Dreamer caught TNT and slamed him through a table with the Death Valley driver to the fans delight.