PCW “Full Throttle” Results from 1/5




Jerome Daniels and Mad Dog went to a No Contest
Angel Of Sinn beat Wally Darkmon
J.T. LaMotta beat Robert Evans
Mace Malone beat Brett Idol in a Bussey Lumberjack Match
Franco D’Angelo & Action Jackson beat the Dark Circle in a Texas Tornado Match


The TV commentary team of Rob Moore & “The Killa” Kody Kox were introduced, followed by the playing of the National Anthem. PCW personality Antonio came out to hype the card and introduce Ring Announcer Travis Baxter. The PCW Knockouts also appeared on the show.

The Bussey Brothers came out, with PCW Owners Thomas & Chris Bussey plugging their new reality show, “The Bussey Bunch,” debuting on TLC on Tuesday, January 22 at 8 p.m. (The national promo for the show aired on the four big screens several times during the night.) PCW World Heavyweight Champion Action Jackson stormed out, steel chair in hand, and said the last time he was in this ring, he was slammed through a flaming table by the Dark Circle. He said he wasn’t leaving until he got Apocalypse & Tim Storm, so he set his chair in a corner and sat down. The Busseys protested until Franco D’Angelo came out, also with chair in hand. D’Angelo said he had unfinished business with the Dark Circle as well and joined Jackson in sitting down in the ring. The Busseys said the show had to go on, and they called the first match to the ring.

–The match started with Jackson still sitting in one corner and D’Angelo in another. After a couple of minutes of action, Mad Dog whipped Daniels towards Jackson, who got up and clotheslined Daniels. D’Angelo then got up and laid out Mad Dog with the Decapitator. The Busseys threw a fit, saying that they were going to strip Jackson of his title and fire D’Angelo. Just then, Mace Malone, Wally Darkmon, Robert Evans and James Johnson came out. Malone told the Busseys that, if they fired Jackson and D’Angelo, the rest of them would quit, and the Busseys would have no show. The Dark Circle came out, and Storm said they had friends, too, and out came Angel Of Sinn, Nobe Bryant, Brett Idol and J.T. LaMotta. They stormed the ring, and a massive brawl broke out. Jackson & company drove their opponents out of the ring, and an irate Chris Bussey decided to sign four matches for the night on the spot, announcing Robert Evans vs. Angel Of Sinn (although it became clear later he meant to say Evans vs. J.T. LaMotta), Wally Darkmon vs. Angel Of Sinn, Brett Idol vs. Mace Malone in a Bussey Lumberjack Match, and Jackson & D’Angelo vs. the Dark Circle in a Texas Tornado Match.

PCW World Cruiserweight Champion Canyon and manager Attorney-At-Law Paul Lewis came out, with Canyon forcing Travis Baxter to announce the big man weighed 3600 ounces. Lewis called Canyon the biggest thing to hit the Cruiserweight division in PCW. Canyon objected to the use of “biggest” until Lewis clarified things for him. Canyon, who looked to be more in his usual 350-pound range, named a few of his cruiserweight competitors, and one of them, Aaron Eagle, came out and made a challenge for the belt next week. He made a few fat jokes, riling up the champion. Eagle turned to leave, but Canyon leveled him from behind with the title belt. He then put Eagle in the corner and charged corner-to-corner, ramming his knee into Eagle’s head and knocking him out.

–There was a surprising amount of technical mat wrestling in this one. It ended when Darkmon went for the Warrior Stomp and Sinn got out of the way. Darkmon’s momentum rolled him into Referee Travis Trueborne, knocking him down. Sinn took the opportunity to grab Darkmon’s cane and jam him with it, putting him down as the referee recovered enough to count to three. Darkmon needed assistance to get to the back.

–More outstanding technical wrestling from both men. During the match, the lights went out, and a shadowy figure appeared briefly on the screens before disappearing and the lights came back on. Evans used an STF and a Sharpshooter, with LaMotta breaking the Sharpshooter by reaching the ropes. The two went up the corner ropes, with Evans apparently going for a Superplex, but LaMotta turned it into a Falcon Arrow off the second rope to get the pin.

MACE MALONE beat PCW World Televison Champion BRETT IDOL
–Thomas, Chris, Steven and Larry Bussey were all lumberjacks, hence the name. Predictably, when Idol went to the floor, the Busseys dusted him off and encouraged him, but, when Malone went to the floor, they descended upon him like a pack of wolves to help their good buddy Idol. At one point, when Idol was being comforted on the floor by the Busseys, Malone vaulted over the top rope onto everyone except Idol. Idol got back in the ring, and Malone went for a Sunset Flip. Chris Bussey held onto Idol’s hands to keep him from going down, but Malone used his power to bring Idol down anyway, and Bussey, still holding on, was dragged into the ring, and he ended up inadvertently helping pin his own man with his own weight on top of Idol and Malone.

“The BEAST” FRANCO D’ANGELO & PCW World Heavyweight Champion “The TEXAS LEGEND” ACTION JACKSON beat PCW World Tag Team Champions The DARK CIRCLE (Apocalypse & Tim Storm)
–Texas Tornado meant all four men would be in action at the same time, and the action spilled out onto the floor as much as it stayed in the ring. Apocalypse had Jackson up for the End Of Days, but D’Angelo made the save. Jackson had Apoc ready for the Big Booyah, but Storm made the save. After all the brawling, Jackson rolled Storm up with an Inside Cradle for the win. After the match, Thomas & Chris Bussey ran out, and they and the Dark Circle attacked Jackson and D’Angelo. Mace Malone ran out to even the sides, and the Busseys and the Dark Circle bailed out. Chris Bussey announced that, next week, Malone would have to wrestle Jackson for the title, and “there better be a pinfall.” The Busseys also announced that D’Angelo would have to take on Storm in a Dark Circle Rules Match, meaning anything goes. Jackson and Malone had a tense staredown before D’Angelo stepped in and raised both men’s hands in victory.

PCW’s next Full Throttle show will be on Saturday, January 12, 2008 at PCW Arena in Arlington, Texas. Action Jackson defends the PCW Heavyweight Title against Mace Malone. Franco D’Angelo meets Tim Storm in a Dark Circle Rules Match. Canyon will put the PCW Cruiserweight belt on the line against Aaron Eagle. Mike Foxx returns, and there will be much more.

“The Bussey Bunch” debuts on TLC on Tuesday, January 22 at 8 p.m. The trailer can be seen via the PCW homepage.

Visit the PCW Website at www.pcwwrestling.com for more information on PCW, its wrestlers, and upcoming events, as well as DVD’s of past events featuring the stars of PCW and national and international stars who have come through the promotion.

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