PRESS RELEASE: Dr. Tom Prichard Book

Now, for the first time ever, a one year training curriculum for beginning professional wrestlers and seasoned pros from former Head Coach and WWE Developmental Manager Dr. Tom Prichard!

“A PRO WRESTLING CURRICULUM; ADVICE, SUGGESTIONS AND STORIES TO HELP THE ASPIRING PRO GET TO THE NEXT LEVEL” will give you the insight you need if you are looking to get a developmental contract or just become a better wrestler on the independent scene. Included in this book:

• You will get a 12 month day to day training curriculum and suggestions how to mix and match as you progress. Training includes how to use weight and static training along with adding live events that any school or coach/trainer can use at their school or system.

• You will learn the Top 10 necessities for being a professional wrestler

• Backstage etiquette. Common mistakes rookies and some seasoned vets make without even thinking about the consequences.

• 20 basic rules to remember.

• What the decision makers in major promotions look for and value the most.

• Understand you are selling emotion and not just moves.

• Basic outline of a standard match. Who is who and why.

• Tips on training.

• An easy to follow, daily schedule that can be used regardless of the number of days you have to actually train.

• There are examples and advice for anyone who has a desire to get into professional wrestling or just interested in the decision making process.

• Learn the most common mistakes rookies and pros alike make when sending promotional packages and what those in charge look for!

• Plus much more!

If you have a pro wrestling school or are looking for ideas and ways to improve and make yourself more valuable (and visible), this book will get you started!

There is not just one way to train and learn professional wrestling but this is the first complete One Year day to day curriculum with easy to follow lesson plans from the man who has been involved in the developmental system since its’ inception!

With over 30 years’ experience, Dr. Tom Prichard has trained world champions and knows what it takes to get the attention of major organizations and become successful!


Just $29.95! (We pay P&H)

*You can order using PayPal or send a Money Order or Cashier’s check to:

Tom Prichard

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Checkout a preview and excerpts from the curriculum beginning Monday, July 16 on

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Curriculum will officially go on sale Monday, July 16, 2012

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