PRIME TV #179: The Megalomaniacs – Here’s How We Took Over

Prime Wrestling (OH)

PRIME TV #179: The Megalomaniacs – Here’s How We Took Over
Airdate: 4/14/13

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Vic’s Entire Diabolical Plan Explained
At “Pressure Rising”, Vic & his Megalomaniacs were successful in ousting Justin LaBar from power as PRIME Commissioner, with Vic taking his place, assuring that between he & Upper Management’s Aaron Maguire, his faction would have more influence and power than ever before by far. But did you know that this plan between Maguire, Vic & Fontaine was actually hatched at the end of 2011?? 14 months of meticulous plotting went down all before our eyes, but the group was so conniving that nobody saw it coming until it was too late. How did Vic do it? Our new Commish has commandeered the PRIME cameras and will brag to the world on how he successfully re-shaped PRIME Wrestling’s future. Want to see how it all unfolded? Check out PRIME TV this Sunday night!

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