Pro Wrestling Unplugged Results 2/16

Johnny KashmerePWU 2/16 Results: New Champion,
Kashmere/SAT/Kellfire Return

Pro Wrestling Unplugged returned Saturday, February 16 to Philadelphia for a night of intense action, a new World Heavyweight champion, and a surprise return.

* Angel Gonzalez pinned “All American” Chris Ansert by putting his feet on the ropes for leverage
* “Black Panther” Tyrone Evans defeated Josh Emanuel via KO
* PWU Power Surge TV Title Match: Zack McGuire defeated champion Z-Barr via countout, meaning Z-Barr is still PWU Power Surge TV champion
* The Blue Meanie defeated Devon Moore (which also featured a surprise appearance from Eddie Kington, who distracted Moore long enough for Meanie to get the win)
* To name a #1 Contender to the PWU Women’s Title: Mercedes Martinez def. Sara Del Rey & Cindy Rogers
* The Bosom Buddies lost their last chance match to face All Money Is Legal for the PWU Tag Team Titles
* Aramis defeated the returning Sterling James Keenan
* The NJ Allstars vs. The Best Around went to a double pin with Lucky hitting a 450 to pin Bruce Maxwell & TJ Cannon hitting a 450 to pin Orange Cassidy
* PWU World Heavyweight Title, Ladder Match: “Fabulous” John McChesney w/ PWU Owner Tod Gordon in his corner got to the belt suspended in the rafters to become the new champion over Adam Flash. As a result, PWU Commissioner “Juggs” Stephanie Flash was fired. But Juggs said she had a back pocket, back up plan – just then Johnny Kashmere, The SAT, and KJ Hellfire stormed the ring. Adam Flash seemed to join with McChesney and Tod Gordon against the returning outcasts. Flash blindsighted McChesney & with The SAT, gave Tod Gordon the beat down of his life.

Slowly the locker room realized what was happening, they failed one-by-one to stop the assault. The SAT dragged Gordon’s lifeless body over to Kashmere, who pulled out a pair of wire snips & threatened to cut off Gordon’s ear. But Eddie Kingston led a charge from the back with most of the locker room, Ref Mike Kehner, and PWU Security who sent Kashmere, The SAT, Mr. & Mrs. Flash, and KJ Hellfire flying out of the Arena…but PWU Owner Tod Gordon had to be taken to the hospital.

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** Check throughout the week for updates on the condition of Tod Gordon.

What does this all mean when Pro Wrestling Unplugged returns Saturday, March 15 at 2:30 pm to the New Alhambra Arena (former ECW Arena), 7 Ritner ST in Philadelphia, PA?

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