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The Maniac/Kashmere Hotline; Batman Kashmere w/ Burt Ward vs Delirious, Pro Wrestling Unplugged, Pro Wrestling Live, and UXW are teaming up to give fans the best wrestling coverage there is.

484-685-0969 (in Philadelphia)
407-513-4629 (in Orlando)
516-204-4120 (in New York City)
559-440-6026 (in Fresno, CA)

Main Greeting: The Masked Maniac & “The New Batman” Johnny Kashmere
Push 1 For: Pro Wrestling Unplugged Hotline (interviews; lineups; tickets; breaking news etc)
Push 2 For: UXW Hotline (Masked Maniac’s next UXW show lineup and ticket info
Push 3 For: Pro Wrestling Live Hotline (California’s newest federation)
Push 4 For: Exclusive Interviews (BIG guests regularly)
Push 0 For: Hotline (Headline News brought to you from the website staff – perfect for those without internet access regularly to stay up to date)

Here is the info to my new hotline. Me, along with my friend/colleage/inspirational mentor The Masked Maniac are bringing the fun back to hotlines. You can call every day, its always free. We NEVER charge a penny. Feel free to leave messages. Here’s how it works, its really 6 hotlines in one! Help me spread the word to your friends…

The Maniac Kashmere Hotline

Long distance?  Call during your cell phone’s “free” time (normally after 9 pm, check your carrier for more information).


Visit to watch “The New Batman” JOHNNY KASHMERE along with BURT WARD take on DELIRIOUS, escorted by HELLFIRE and the evil HOODIES!

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