Professional Championship Wrestling 5/26




Angel Of Sinn beat Mad Dog

Wally Darkmon beat Brett Idol

Robert Evans beat Apocalypse

Colossus beat James Johnson to win the PCW Television Title Mike Foxx beat Shadow by countout


The following, except for the dark match, was taped for airing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area on the Lone Star Channel, as well as worldwide distribution via SmartVideo and release on DVD, with Ring Announcer Travis Baxter, TV Commentators Rob Moore and Attorney-At-Law Paul Lewis, the PCW Knockouts, and Special Guest Timekeeper Jeffery Yaws.


ANGEL OF SINN beat MAD DOG by pinfall with a sitout neckbreaker

PCW World Tag Team Champions Apocalypse & Tim Storm spoke on the video screens, confident that they will beat Brandon Collins, Robert Evans & James Johnson next week at Shock & Awe and that Aaron Eagle will join the Dark Circle.

Mike Foxx led Angel Of Sinn and Colossus, now known together at the Faithful, to the ring, and the two big men knelt beside Foxx, who ordered the “congregation” to bow down before him. He said that Colossus is now known as the Angel Of Death, and he threatened Action Jackson with a “fiery death” next week in their I Quit Match at Shock & Awe.

On the video screens, Brandon Collins, Robert Evans and James Johnson appeared together, making it clear that they had a common goal: to beat the Dark Circle next week.

WALLY DARKMON beat BRETT IDOL (w/ Thomas, Chris & Stephen Bussey) by pinfall –The Busseys attacked Darkmon on several occasions during the match, making it seem like a four-on-one handicap match. Darkmon’s tag partner, Shadow, came out and beat up the Busseys, and then he snapped Idol’s neck on the top rope, enabling Darkmon to roll him up for the 1-2-3. After the match, Shadow said that Darkmon will be the next PCW World Heavyweight Champion, referring to Darkmon’s match with champion Nobe Bryant next week. He also made reference to his match tonight against Mike Foxx.

“The ESSENCE OF EXCELLENCE” ROBERT EVANS beat APOCALYPSE by pinfall –Evans, at one point, hit the top of the ringpost headfirst, causing him problems throughout the rest of the match. Apocalypse brought a chair into the ring, but, before he could use it, Brandon Collins ran in and tried to pull it away from him. Apoc knocked Collins out of the ring, but Evans hit his Jiggle-O Killer (single-footed dropkick) on Apoc and got the pin. Tim Storm ran in, but he was too late as Collins and Evans left.

In the dressing room area, Brett Idol threw things and went into a profanity-laced tirade over what had happened to him earlier. Chris Bussey promised him that “bad things will happen to Shadow.”


“The ANGEL OF DEATH” COLOSSUS beat Champion “JIGGLE-O” JAMES JOHNSON by referee stoppage to win the belt –Colossus was three times the size of Johnson, who got in limited offense against the 7’2″ giant. Colossus shoved the referee down, and Johnson took advantage and kicked Colossus in the groin three times, driving him to his knees. Johnson then gave the kneeling Colossus the O-Face (flying stunner from the top rope) and put him down. He then hit the Frog Elbow from the top rope, but Colossus kicked out with great authority. Colossus then gave Johnson not one, not two, but THREE chokeslams. After the third one, Referee Michael Williams checked Johnson and found him unable to continue, awarding the title to the giant. PCW personnel and Robert Evans and Brandon Collins came out to help Johnson, who had blood pouring from his mouth.

In the dressing room area, Mike Foxx was talking to someone, but, when the camera panned over, all fans saw was a skirt and boots. Referee Williams told Foxx his match was next, and, as Foxx left, the ref saw the person and said, “What are YOU doing here?”


MIKE FOXX beat SHADOW (LANCE HOYT) by countout –Foxx came out first. When Shadow came out, he was attacked by Thomas, Chris & Stephen Bussey. He handled them easily, but he was then attacked by Brett Idol. Shadow chased Idol and the Busseys to the back, and Foxx ordered the referee to ring the bell and start counting. A 10-count later, Foxx was declared the winner. Suddenly, from out of the crowd came Action Jackson, who made a beeline for Foxx and started working him over. Angel Of Sinn and Colossus ran in, followed closely by the person who Foxx was talking to earlier, who turned out to be … Foxx’s former PCW World Tag Team Title partner, Claudia! She blew a red mist into Jackson’s eyes, and Foxx, Sinn and Colossus beat Jackson down. The Faithful forced Jackson to kneel before Foxx, and Foxx then said he would hurt Jackson where it hurts most. He then started to go after Jackson’s friend Jeffery Yaws at ringside. Before Foxx could reach Yaws, Brandon Collins, Wally Darkmon and Robert Evans ran out with chairs and chased off Foxx and his Faithful, but not before Foxx attacked Darkmon and sent him into the railing.

PCW Full Throttle’s next show will be Shock & Awe, on Saturday, June 2 at PCW Arena. PCW Heavyweight Champion Nobe Bryant will defend his belt against Wally Darkmon. Action Jackson meets Mike Foxx in an I Quit Match. Mace Malone will face FIP superstar Vordell Walker. The Dark Circle meets Brandon Collins, Robert Evans & James Johnson in a six-man tag match. Shadow takes on Brett Idol, and Colossus will defend the PCW Television Title agaisnt Alex Krisis.

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