Career Highlights

  • The Cartel was the first stable formed in the Global Wrestling Federation..
  • The Cartel didn’t hang around so long as Rip, Cactus & Singh went onto other federations..
  • Scott Anthony (aka Raven) stayed around and feuded with the Handsome Stranger (aka Marcus Bagwell)..
  • The Boss was later revealed as GWF Commissioner, Max Andrews, and was suspended as a result..
  • Scott Anthony went on to WCW to wrestle as Scotty the Body, Johnny Polo in the WWF, and then as Raven in WCW..
  • Cactus Jack of course went on to become a cult icon in WCW, ECW & WWE and became a two time #1 Best Selling Author..
  • Mukhan Singh went on to WCW as Norman, and then showed up in the WWF as Bastien Booger..
  • Rip Rogers is now a trainer at the Ohio Valley Wrestling training facility..