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Career Highlights

World Championship Wrestling:

  • Charles Robinson feuded with Gorgeous George, and was injured by a Macho Man top rope elbow drop..

Love & Tragedy:

  • October 11, 2000: Charles Robinson got married to Amy..
  • January 2001: Amy was diagnosed with melanoma (lung cancer) and was admitted into the hospital and had half her lung removed..
  • ~~~Several months later the cancer returned, this time in her windpipe, surgery wasn’t a choice so they went with immunotherapy..
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Then while skiing in Whister, British Columbia, she felt ill so Charles sent her home early..
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~April 7th, 2002: Amy passed away at the age of 30, with the promises of reuniting in heaven..

World Wrestling Entertainment:

  • July 9, 2001: Charles Robinson debuted as part of the new WCW, as a referee, on Monday Night RAW..
  • Charles was one of the first WCW referees during the WCW Invasion and continued to work for the WWE after the angle..
  • June 2, 2003 – RAW: Bill Goldberg went after Chris Jericho, but accidentally speared referee Charles Robinson to the mat!
  • June 27, 2004 – Great American Bash: Sable pinned Torrie Wilson, but ref Charles Robinson didn’t see Sables shoulders off the mat!
  • July 1, 2004 – Smackdown: Torrie Wilson beat Sable in a rematch (Charles Robinson was warned by Luther Reigns not to screw up!)..
  • ~~~After the match, GM Kurt Angle forced Charles Robinson to wrestle Luther Reigns, but Charlie Haas put a stop to that!
  • June 20, 2008–SmackDown!: Matt Hardy defeated Bam Neely — (Charles Robinson banned Chavo Guerrero from ringside)..
  • ~~~The Great Khali defeated Charles Robinson by Submission with the Khali-Vice-grip (punishment from Vickie Guerrero).