Clara Mortenson


Title History

  • Women’s World title defeating ???? ();
  • Women’s World title defeating ???? ();
  • Women’s World title defeating ???? ();

Career Highlights

  • July 18, 1925: A 7-year-old Clara Mortenson made her wrestling debut in a match against her brother Leo Mortenson..
  • ~~~The match was set up by their father, Mart Mortenson, who was also a professional wrestler in Portland, Oregon..
  • ~~~They mainly did amateur wrestling they were taught by there father and were awarded silvers from the crowd after..
  • Clara Mortenson and her brothers would be professionally trained a few years later by their father Mart Mortenson..
  • Clara Mortenson would also be trained by her manager Bluebeard Bill Lewis.
  • 1932: Clara Mortenson was billed as Women’s World Champion after defeating Barbara Ware..
  • Clara Mortensen would also often wrestle men aswell as team with her brother Leo in feuds he was having..
  • January 28, 1937: Mildred Burke defeated Clara Mortenson to become Women’s World Champion ending a 5 year reign..
  • February 9, 1937: Billy Wolfe (Mildred Burke’s husband) defeated Clara Mortensen in a man vs. woman match by DQ..
  • February 11, 1937: Clara Mortenson defeated Mildred Burke to become a two time Women’s World Champion.
  • May 3, 1937: Clara Mortensen defeated Betty McGee in Memphis, Tennessee…
  • June 29, 1937: Clara Mortensen defeated rival Rita Martinez in San Francisco, Florida..
  • July 2, 1937: Clara Mortensen defeated Mexican Women’s Champion Rita Martinez in Oakland, California..
  • September 1, 1937: Dolores Gonzales took on Clara Mortensen in a bout that took place in the San Antonio, Texas..
  • ~~~Both women tumbled out of the irng and champion Clara Mortensen’s breasts were exposed in somewhat of a shoot..
  • July 13, 1937: Clara Mortensen defeated Mary Davis in San Francisco, Florida..
  • November 1, 1937: Clara Mortenson defeated Maria Gardini after an airplane spin..
  • April 12, 1939: Clara Mortenson defeated Mildred White…
  • January 22, 1946: Clara Mortensen vs. Rita Martinez ended in a draw in Klamath Falls..
  • January 23, 1946: Clara Mortensen defeated Rita Martinez
  • February 27, 1946: Clara Mortensen vs. Rita Martinez ended in a draw..
  • February 28, 1946: Clara Mortensen defeated Rita Martinez
  • Clara Mortenson would remain a contender to Women’s World Champion Mildred Burke for a number of years..
  • Clara Mortenson retired and became an Hollywood actress and starred in the movie “Racket Girls” in 1951..
  • 1951: Clara Mortenson starred in “Pin-Down Firls,” another movie inspired by and about women’s wrestling.
  • She began calling herself Women’s World Champion after Mildred Burke began calling herself WWWA Women’s Champion.
  • 1952: Maria Bernardi won a Tournament lastly defeating Clara Mortenson to become the Women’s World Champion..
  • Clara Mortenson was one the first honorees by the Cauliflower Alley Club..