Dave Duran

Title History

Career Highlights

  • British Heavyweight Professional Wrestler Dave Duran Height – 5’8 Weight 19 stone . From – Widnes , Lancashire . Trained by Bobby Baron . Debut – at 16 yrs , was took under guidance of ex wrestler / promoter Bob Barron to join his troupe of carnival wrestlers at local theme park in town of Blackpool where members of public could fight any wrestler for prize money . Duran quickly learnt how to streetfight and learnt art of shoot fighting then wrestled on UK circuit . Fought british  strongman wrestler Alan Dennison in Southport , match ended in controversy when Alan died of heart failure due to Durans hard hitting and strong style of wrestling . Promoters found great difficulties in finding credible opponents for Duran due to his ferocious reputation so Duran would spend the next 30 years as a full time Carnival Shoot wrestler taking as many as 3 legit public challenges  per day and would never lose a contest often finishing his opponent within the first round . Opponents – Marc Rollerball Rocco , Fuji Yamada ( Jushin “ Thunder “ Liger ) Johnny Saint , Mongolian Mauler , PN Neuz , Ali Shan .   Tag Partners – Fit Finlay , The Dynamite Kid , Kendo Nagasaki . Current status – Signed by Pakistan Championship Wrestling as International Wrestler / Head Trainer , recently returned from Pakistan attending Press Conference / Media interviews promoting the upcoming Main Event for All Asia / UK World Heavyweight Title Match vs Pakistani Heavyweight Champion Shak Khan . Dave Duran is also the son of 60s british wrestler Harry Palin .
  • Blood Boots Dave Duran – Born in Widnes , Cheshire UK , played Rugby , father was a well known wrestler in the 60s named Harry ” Al ” Palin . Duran ( John Palin ) substituted for a no show wrestler at the age of 16 years at the Norbreck Castle in Blackpool for ex wrestler / promoter Bob Barron. Barron ran the notorious Pleasure Beach Public Wrestling Challenge Booths , and other local shows. He fought in countries like Africa , Sharjah , Oman , Abu Dhabi , Jordan. Duran was given criticism by a fellow wrestler for not being in shape and not fit to be in the professional ranks . Duran went away and came back after 2 years as a 18 stone strong and a very angry personality and now took his aggression out on those very wrestlers that had doubted him . Barron would find it very difficult to find opponents to accept a bout with Duran . Duran appeared on many live shows around the UK as a Heavyweight facing wrestlers such as Rollerball Rocco and Fuji Yamada and would tag team up with Kendo Nagasaki , Fit Finlay and would compete in the Middle East and Africa and Germany . After spending 20’years as Barron’s right hand man taking on any one from the public in legit fights and would never lose a fight , the passing of Barron would see Duran being signed up by Pakistani professional wrestler and international promoter Shak Khan ( Eastern Championship Wrestling Promotions / Pakistan Championship Wrestling Promotions ) and Duran is now scheduled to face Khan in a World Title Elimintor Match that is scheduled to take place in Pakistan in 2020 , Duran has been to Pakistan and attended a press conference and told the nations media that he is very much looking forward to the World Title match vs Shak Khan . ( It is to be noted that Dave Duran is known amongst the wrestling circuit and by fellow wrestlers that Duran is not a wrestler to be messed with as he is a legit shooter , a wrestler who is trained in devastating submission techniques and power manoeuvres such as his signature piledriver. Duran would also take on opponents in his other persona as the Road Warrior Animal , he would often take on any members of the public at the booths in this attire because Duran knew that if he was to have really hurt his opponent and if the local authorities were going to look out for him , it would be rather difficult for his opponent to describe his features to the local police / authorities…