Dino Bravo & Earthquake


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 Career Highlights

  • Dino Bravo was in the middle of a feud with The Ultimate Warrior, when he challenged him to a power contest..
  • ~~~Dino Bravo “randomly” chose a large man from the audience and did repeated pushups with the big man on his back..
  • ~~~The big man then sat on the Ultimate Warrior, but ended up jumping in the air and crashing down on the Warrior!
  • ~~~The big man, who would become known as “The Canadian Earthquake” was in cahoots with Dino Bravo the whole time!
  • November 23, 1989 – Survivor Series: The King’s Court (Dino Bravo, Earthquake, Greg Valentine & Randy Savage) defeated The 4x4s (Bret Hart, Hercules, Jim Duggan & Ronnie Garvin) in a tag team elimination match.
  • November 22, 1990 – Survivor Series: The Hulkamaniacs (Hulk Hogan, Jim Duggan, The Big Boss Man & Tugboat) defeated The Natural Disasters (Dino Bravo, Earthquake, Haku & The Barbarian) in a tag team elimination match.
  • December 28, 1990 – MSG Network: Hulk Hogan & Tugboat defeated Dino Bravo & Earthquake.
  • March 15, 1991 – MSG Network: The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart) defeated Dino Bravo & Earthquake to retain the world tag team titles.