Joe Savoldi

Title History


  • Joe Savoldi was an All-American football player for Knute Rockne at Notre Dame..
  • ~~~He was kicked off the team at one point. I’m not sure why and whether or not he was reinstated..
  • Joe Savoldi is reputed to be the innovator of the Flying Dropkick — a move which he used as his finishing hold..


Career Highlights


  • Philip Cmor wrote: I put in the original Joe Savoldi’s dropkick was a heel move. It’d probably be more accurate to call it a controversial move at the time. Speaking of controversy, Savoldi scored a controversial win over Jim Londos for one of the world titles in 1933. I’ve found conflicting info on whether Savoldi shot on Londos and whether or not this was overturned — Savoldi was suspended in some regions and I think basically the title switch was recognized some places and not in others..