Leticia Cline



Career Highlights

  • November 30, 2006 – TNA IMPACT: Leticia Cline debuted as a backstage interviewer for Total Nonstop Action.
  • November 25, 2007: Leticia Cline requested, and was granted, her official release from Total Nonstop Action.
  • February 2008: Leticia Cline will be the beauty of season five of CW’s “Beauty and The Geek” reality show.
  • Leticia Cline BLOGGED on her MySpace (April 20, 2008):
    A lot of you have been asking what my status with TNA and WWE is so I thought I would do a mass blog to answer some of your questions. As of November 25, 2007 I was released from TNA after not seeing eye to eye with my contract and role on the show. I loved my time with TNA…They are a great company and I truly am grateful for the year that I was with them. Wrestling is a very hard business to break into and an even harder one to stay in it. Since I didn’t come from a wrestling background and I had many other things going on for me I feel it worked against me as far as production was concerned. It was a constant struggle to get respect no matter how many times I would jump through hoops.. I just couldn’t get ahead. With that being said, I would still go back to TNA if the opportunity arose. They are like family…one minute you can’t stand them, the next you need them. I appreciate all of your support and your concerns. I can’t tell you enough how much it brightens my day to open your emails tell me how much you miss me and wish I was back! It’s you, the fans that I miss the most.As far as WWE…I have talked with them several times however at this moment we are working on scheduling. Sorry, but that’s all I can say for now. I will keep you posted though.