Paul Boesch

Title History


Career Highlights

In the Beginning:

  • 1929: Paul Boesch graduated from Long Beach High School..
  • 1932: Paul Boesch placed third in the 1932 North Atlantic Coast Lifeguard Competition..
  • November 25, 1938: Edmonton’s Pat Meehan and Paul Boesch wrestle to a 90 minute draw in Calgary, Alberta..
  • Paul Boesch served in the US ARMY during WWII and eceived many awards, including a purple heart..
  • ~And cluster; a silver star and cluster; a bronze star and cluster; a French Croix de Guerre with star;
  • ~Combat Infantryman’s Badge; Distinguished Unit Citation, & Distinguished Citizen’s Award from the 121st Infantry Association..Houston Wrestling:
  • Paul Boesch was the long-time promoter for the NWA: Houston territory..
  • Paul Boesch invented mud wrestling — for a match with Gus Sonnenberg & Harnam Singh (in Seattle)..
  • August 28, 1987: The WWE hosted the Paul Boesch Retirement Showin Houston before a sellout 12,000 fans..The Death of Paul Beosch:
  • March 7, 1989: Paul Boesch died after suffering a heart attack in Sugarland, Texas at the age of 76..
  • Paul Boesch was involved in wrestling for more than 55 years as a wrestler, announcer and promoter..
  • Paul Boesch was friends with former President George Bush Sr..
  • Paul Beosch wrote three books:
  • ~~~~~~one about his time in WWII called “Road To Hurtgen” (1962);
  • ~~~~~~one called “Much Of Me In These” (1966), which was a book of poetry;
  • ~~~~~~and a history of pro-wrestling book called “Hey Boy – Where’d You Get Them Ears?”