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  • 1973: Sean Regan was a star in the Vancouver promotion and feuded with The Brute (Bugsy McGraw)..
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    Nikki Elliot wrote (August 2011): I thought you might like some info on one of the wrestling greats from the 1970s for your website. Sean Regan (real name Gerry Murphy) ? who won the World Championship after defeating Jack Briscoe in Vancouver in 1972, is still alive and kicking and making waves. Now in his 70s, he has lived in South Africa since 1981 where he became an educational activist during the apartheid regime. He now skippers deep sea fishing charters off Durban and has turned novelist, releasing BLESS ME FATHER (a novel based on the early part of his life, rising up from the slums of Northern Ireland to go on to wrestling greatness.) Gerry recently survived a violent shooting ? it was only the size of his frame from all his years of wrestling, that saved his life when the bullet stopped short of his spine.

    Dr. Mike Lano wrote (in response): Someone’s delusional-he was basically a jobber briefly..

    Crimson Mask wrote (in response): Horse sh*t..

    J Michael Kenyon wrote (in response): To elaborate on Crimson’s horsebleep comment… Regan/Murphy worked with [NWA World champion] Harley Race in Vancouver BC, not Brisco:


Vancouver BC: June 11, 1973 – (PNE Agrodome, att. 4,000): (NWA Title) Harley Race* beat SEAN REGAN ? Gene Kiniski & Dean Higuchi beat Bugsy McGraw (as The Brute) & Mike Webster ? Larry Whistler beat Manny Cruz ? Eric Froelich beat Bob Harmes ? John Quinn beat Stan Stasiak ? Butts Giraud beat Pedro Sanchez ? Paula Kaye & Toni Rose beat Susan Green & Vicki Williams

Brisco made a number of appearances in Vancouver during his title reign, which began July 20, 1973 (versus McGraw/Brute, Harmes, Kiniski, George Gordienko as Flash Gordon — the man responsible for Regan/Murphy being there in the first place, after the series of early ’70s bouts in the UK — Guy Mitchell/Mr. X, Seigfried Steinke, Dale Lewis and Don Leo Jonathan … but none against Sean Regan/Gerry Murphy … and certainly none in 1972, when, as far as I know, Regan/Murphy wasn’t even in North America. He worked in the Vancouver/Pacific Northwest territory from January 1973 thru October 1973. I know of two Northwest cards which featured BOTH Brisco and Regan/Murphy:

Vancouver BC: October 15, 1973 (Monday) (PNE Agrodome) ? (NWA Title) Jack Brisco* beat Bugsy McGraw (as The Brute) (2-1) ? Gene Kiniski beat Dutch Savage ? SEAN REGAN beat Matti Suzuki ? Sika Anoia &Afa Anoia beat Ivan Zarnoff & Frenchy Martin ? Buck Ramstead beat Eric Froelich ? Pat O’Brien beat Ray Steele ? Ray Glenn drew Butts Giraud ? Mohan Singh beat Jack Bence

Portland OR: October 16, 1973 (Tuesday) (Sports Arena) ? (NWA Title) Jack Brisco* beat Bull Ramos (2-1) ? Dutch Savage & Jimmy Snuka beat Greg Valentine & Ripper Collins (dq) ? Don Muraco beat Moose Morowski (as Moose Morris) ? Al Madril drew Matti Suzuki ? Mickey Doyle drew SEAN REGAN (sub for Eric Froelich) ? Haru Sasaki beat Pat O’Brien (sub for Tito Montez) ? (Midgets) Tokyo Joe & Little Bruiser beat Bobo Johnson & Haiti Kid ? Referee: Shag Thomas … Promoter: Don Owen