Title History


  • NAWF Junior Heavyweight (formerly the Television title);
  • NWA NE Junior Heavyweight title ();


Career Highlights

Ultimate Championship Wrestling – Spider:

  • Dan Quirk (as “Stuart”) started tagging along with the Scottish Gigolo, as well as being his manager..
  • Spider attended clinics held by Christopher Daniels, Mike Quackenbush and Tom Prichard..
  • May 28, 2005: Dan Quirk died after suffering fatal injuries after missing a moonsault at a UCW event in Taunton, MA..
  • ~~~Quirk apparently took the full brunt of his opponent’s weight, which caused him to go crashing down to the floor headfirst..
  • ~~~Quirk performed a Moonsault to the outside of the ring and missed smacking his head on the floor of the American Legion..
  • ~~~Quirk was immediately knocked out with blood visible on the floor and the match was stopped..
  • ~~~An ambulance was called, but all efforts to revive Quirk were unsuccessful. Dan Quirk was only 22 years old..
  • May 18, 2006–All Out Mayhem in South Portland, Maine: Show included a 10 bell salute to Dan “Spider” Quirk
  • Thanks to Scott Rodrigues who was in attendance and supplied the accurate details of this tragic accident..