Ted Allen

Title History


Career Highlights


  • At Cass County (Georgia) High School, Ted Allen participated in: basketball, baseball and cross country as well as wrestling.
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~He also worked on the school newspaper and announced Cass County High sports on radio.
  • July 10, 2004–Knoxville (Nostalgia Show): Ric Connors defeated Ted Allen (without a mask)..
  • ~~~~Later, Bob, Brad & Scott Armstrong defeated The Nightmare (Ted Allen masked) & Robert Fuller & Bob Orton Jr..
  • August 10, 2004–GCW – Fred Ward Tribute: The Wrestler (Ted Allen under a mask) beat Vordell Walker to win US jr. title..
  • September 19, 2004–Tennessee Mountain Wrestling: Tennessee Hillbillies beat Scott Sterling & Nightmare Ted Allen..
  • September 25, 2004–Continental Wrestling: Scott Armstrong defeated “Nightmare” Ted Allen..
  • November 27, 2004–Continental Championship Wrestling: The Bullet & Nightmare (Ted Allen) NC Steve Armstrong & Jimmy Golden..
  • December 11, 2004–NWA Spinebuster: Glacier & Marty Jannetty & Rod the Bod beat Sean & Phil Davis & Nightmare (Ted Allen)..
  • September 24, 2005–Georgia Championship Wrestling: Ted Oates defeated The Wrestler (Wrestler unmasked as Ted Allen)..
  • November 25, 2005–Southern Championship Wrestling: Lee Thomas defeated “The Nightmare” Ted Allen by reverse decision..
  • December 10, 2005–Great Championship Wrestling: Ted Oates & The Wrestler (Ted Allen) defeated Greg Brown & Cru Jones..
  • February 3, 2006–NWA Wrestle Birmingham: Mike Jackson defeated The Wrestler (Ted Allen) to become the first Junior Champion..
  • July 15, 2006–AWA Great American Wrestling Federation: The Nightmare (Ted Allen) defeated Bob Armstrong..
  • November 23, 2006–Southern Championship Wrestling: “Nightmare” Ted Allen defeated “Hustler” Ric Rogers…
  • February 10, 2007–AWA W-1 South: Glacier/Bob Armstrong/David Young beat The Nightmare/Johnny Swinger/Bobby Hayes.
  • March 9, 2007–AWA World 1 South: The Masked Superstar & The Nightmare defeated Dave Holiday & Scotty Riggs (1st Round)..
  • March 10, 2007–AWA World 1 South: Brad Thomas & Scott Davis defeated The Masked Superstar & The Nightmare (2nd Round)..
  • March 10, 2007–AWA World 1 South: Jake Roberts/Ricky Morton/Glacier beat Tully Blanchard/Ricky Landell/The Nightmare
  • April 5, 2007–West Virginia Mountaineer Wrestling: Matt Riviera defeated Nightmare (Ted Allan)…

    Dave Meltzer wrote (August 19, 2010): Longtime Southeastern pro wrestler “Nightmare” Ted Allen was found dead in his home today by his girlfriend and wrestler Kyle Matthews. He was 54. Allen and Matthews were scheduled to wrestle tonight for Great Championship Wrestling in Phenix City, AL. Allen had been Matthews mentor and traveling partner for some time. Allen had been wrestling in the Southeast, mostly for small promotions, for about 35 years. The cause of death is believed to have been a heart attack.