Terry Lathan



Title History


Career Highlights

  • Terry Lathan started his wrestling career in an abandoned warehouse on Brookley Air Force Base. Brookley was closed in the 1960’s. There was some old mattress in a 12 x 12 room and that is where Teny Lathan, Bobby Pico and Thomas Tate started taking bumps.
  • Terry was trained by Pancho Villa and his wife Ann Lavern with a little help from Leo Morgan. Terry later went to Louisiana with Bob Boyer where he was further trained.
  • Grizzly Smith gave Terry his first match with Tom Bradley in Lafayette, Louisiana.
  • Terry beefed up to 255 lbs and became United States Tag Team Champions with Johnny Eagles. Terry later became The Gulf Coast Heavy Weight Champion and Gulf Coast Tag Team Champions with Ron Stan.
  • Terry later dropped his weight down to 180 lbs and he and Ricky Fields became The Louisiana Tag Team Champions and later on the Southeastern Tag Team Champions.
  • Terry worked the Oklahoma Territory, Tennessee. Gulf Coast, Charlotte. and Japan. He also made shots in Kansas City, Dallas, Tampa and Toronto.


  • Terry also wrestled under a mask as the Liberator with Frenchy Bernard as his manager.
  • Terry was also World Jr Heavey Weight Champion for WOW Organization on The Gulf Coast.
  • Terry and Precious Paul Ellering were the Tag Team Champions in Japan
  • Terry busted the membrane in his hip in 1980 and had to leave Wrestling by 1982 and had a hip replacement in 1989.
  • Terry Lathan and Cowboy Bob Kelly started The Gulf Coast Wrestling Reunion that has been going on for over 20 years now.
  • Terry Lathan worked primarily in Louisiana/Oklahoma, was a fixture in the Gulf Coast promotion..


Michael Norris wrote: Terry Lathan was a native of Mobile, AL. Trained by Pancho Villa and Ann LaVerne. Made his debut in the Mobile area in late 1972, worked in and out of the area until he retired in the mid 80s. Held the Gulf Coast Heavyweight title in late 1975 and early 1976. Held the Oklahoma version of the US tag title with Johnny Eagles in 1973. Held the Southeastern and Louisiana tag titles with Ricky Fields in 1978.