Tommy Seigler

Title History


  • NWA (Georgia) Macon Tag Team titles w/Argentina Apollo defeating Skandor Akbar & Rocket Monroe (November 14, 1972);
  • ASWA (Georgia) Tag Team titles w/Super Gladiator defeating Rock Hunter & Assassin II (????, 1973);
  • NWA Florida Television title defeating Missouri Mauler (????, 1976);
  • NWA (New Zealand) British Empire/Commonwealth Heavyweight title defeating Ali Vaziri (aka Iron Sheik) (????, 1977);


Career Highlights


  • 1971: Tommy Siegler had a good tag team in the Mid Atlantic area with Matti Susuki..
  • 1971: Tommy Siegler & Sandy Scott unmasked The Marvels as Billy Garret & Jim Starr..
  • 1972: Tommy Seigler won an 18-Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal in Atlanta throwing out Jerry Brown in the final..
  • 1972: Ox Baker defeated Tommy Seigler in the 1st Round of the Georgia TV Title Tournament when Baker used a loaded elbow pad..
  • 1972: Tommy Seigler & Roberto Soto won a very fast paced match from Jim Grabmire & Krusher Karlson on Georgia Television..
  • 1972: The Hollywood Blonds (Buddy Roberts & Jerry Brown) defeated Tommy Seigler & Roberto Soto..
  • November 14, 1972: Tommy Seigler & Argentina Apollo beat Rocket Monroe & Skandor Akbar for the Macon GA Tag Team titles..
  • 1973–All South Wrestling Alliance: Tommy Siegler & El Mongol defeated Buddy Roberts & Jerry Brown by DQ…
  • 1973: Tommy Seigler’s leg was broken by Assassin II (Jody Hamilton) & Rock Hunter..
  • 1973: Tommy Seigler & Super Gladiator (Rick Hunter) beat Assassin II & Rock Hunter to win the ASWA GA Tag Team titles..
  • 1973: Super Gladiator defeated Tommy Siegler in the finals of a ASWA Georgia TV title Tournament..
  • ~~~This ended their tag team but they never actually lost the tag team titles which were vacated.
  • 1974: Tommy Seigler defeated Tarzan Tyler by DQ on ASWA TV when the referee declared Tylers boot loaded..
  • 1976: Tommy Siegler defeated The Missouri Mauler with a spinning toe hold to win the Florida TV title..
  • ~~~Rock Hunter & Assassin II interfered but the referee called it throwing in the towel as opposed to a DQ..
  • 1976: Assassin II (Jody Hamilton) defeated Tommy Seigler to capture the Florida Television title..

    Robert Louis Howell wrote: November 14, 1972: Tommy Seigler and Argintina Apollo won the Macon GA Tag Team Title form Rocket Monroe and Skandor Akbar in a match with the DQ rule waved. They held the title until they jumped to Ann Gunkels ASWA.