PWU presents “Dark Night” Results on 10/27

Pro Wrestling Unplugged “Dark Night” Results; 11/3 in Feasterville Preview* Action started early with the PWU Wrestling Academy sponsored Gangrel seminar with over 20 attendees.

* But the night kicked off in front of the fans with the wedding of Vampire Ravenheart and Vampiress Magdalena, best man Johnny “The New Batman” Kashmere, best maid Amy Lee, & several other members of the PWU Locker Room.

* Z-Barr w/ “The Original Diva” Sunny (dressed as Catwoman) def Lucky

Despite Z-Barr’s arrogant promises of becomming the first PWU TV champion, it was Lucky who caught the ire of the fans with the “New Jersey Sucks” chants. Lucky went on a fast paced attack to start, but used one too many underhanded tactics after going for a crossbody splash from the top, Z-Barr caught him with his brainbuster for the pin!

* PWU TV Title 1st Round Match: “The Immaculate” TJ Cannon def “Picture Perfect” Bruce Maxwell

It was the battle of “The Best Around” starting as Maxwell and Cannon went hold for hold, but when neither could get the advantage, it broke down to cheap shotting each other until Cannon connected with a drop toe hold. Maxwell was able to toss out Cannon, but misses a huge frogsplash to the floor! But Cannon hit a suicide dive, taking both men into the crowd! These two continued to go at it until Cannon connected with a shooting star double stomp.

* Pro Wrestling Unplugged Women’s Title Match: Annie Social def “Primetime” Amy Lee(c)

Amy Lee was ready for a fight as her challenger, Annie Social, dressed as Wonder Woman, was accompanied by “The REAL Pitbull” Gary Wolf. But a miscue from Dr. Don Bootz caused him to collide with Lee instead of Social. With Lee stunned, Social made the cover to become the NEW PWU WOMEN’S CHAMPION!

* In “The Batcave”, Kashmere & “Boy Wonder” Jimmy Klydesdale welcomed special guests “Living Legend” Larry Zbysko & “Living Legend” Larry Winters. Kashmere asked the Larrys if PWU could hold TWO Living Legends. But Winters said he’s found the next legends in PWU…and they are THE BEST AROUND, TJ CANNON & BRUCE MAXWELL…and he’s promising to bring them to the top in three months. Zybsko made a bet – if Winters can make T.B.A. champs in three months, he’ll pay him seventy five thousand dollars!

* Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine def Helter Skelter and Gangrel

Greg “The Hammer” and Gangrel started off, with Valentine & Beefcake making quick tags and used their experience to ground the international supertsar. After a cheap shot, Gangrel managed to tag in Helter Skelter, who “The Dream team” quickly punishes. Skelter narrowly escapes and tags in Gangrel, who begins choking Beefcake. After both men collide in the ring, both tag out with Valentine getting the advantage on Skelter, locking in a figure four, & tapping Skelter out!

* The Sandman def “The Panther” Tyrone Evans

A Missie Sampson began to announce the next match, a large man took the mic & announced himself as “The Panther” Tyrone Evans, who said he was there to give Philadelphia an upgrade and promised to beat anyone’s ass who came to the ring…but he wasn’t expecting THE SANDMAN. Evans tried to use a large chain on Sandman, but Sandman intercepted and hit the White Russian Legsweep, then cracked Evans in the head with the Singapore. Unable to get back in the ring with Sandman swinging his cane, Evans hightailed it back to Cleveland!

* PWU TV Title 1st Round Match: Aramis w/ “The REAL Pitbull” Gary Wolf def Hellfire w/ The Hoodies

Hellfire tried to use underhanded tactics & his power to try & take out Aramis. But, Aramis used his agility to win out hitting a brainbuster after a split legged moonsault for the pin. But The Hoodies attacked Aramis from behind & rushed Hellfire to the back.

* Tod Gordon announced The SATs would be stripping of their titles & that The Bosom Buddies would still challenge for the titles…against rivals, The Best Around.

* Gordon then annnounced the final five contestants for Commissioner Idol: The White Board Mafia, Chris Calloway, Stephanie, Loudfan, and The Kliq. Make sure you vote at!

* All Money Is Legal def John McChesney and Adam Flash

McChesney & both members of All Money Is Legal started off with an impressive display of unique technical wrestling. Eventually all four members squared off until AMIL removed Flash from the equation. Flash slapped McChesney for a tag, and tried to whip him into Murda, but while Adam Flash’s back was turned, Murda booted McChesney in the face, and AMIL double teamed McChesney for the win. In the end, Flash blamed McChesndey for losing the match, beating the hell out of him.

* PWU TV Title 1st Round Match: Trent Acid w/ “Discount” Dewey Donovan def Justice Pain

Trent lets Pain know they helped start another extreme revolution after ECW folded and wants Pain in a no rules, anything goes match. Both went toe to toe in a viscious assault with the match quickly breaking down with both going to the outside. Pain was able to kick out after a hitting a top rope legdrop across two chairs and a Yakuza. After another Yakuza attempt, Pain hits a Death Valley Driverm then a belly to belly suplex from the top onto chairs, but Trent kicked out. After trading blows, Pain went for another death valley driver, but Trent rolled him up with a crucifix pin.

* Pro Wrestling Unplugged Tag Team Championship Match
The Bosom Buddies def The Best Around w/ “Living Legend” Larry Winters

The Arena was filled with U-S-A chants in support of The Bosom Buddies. But the early advantage Fine had was taken away by the involvement of Larry Winters. T.B.A. & Winters then used every underhanded tactic in the book. But when Cannon went for the Shooting Star Double Stomp, Fine moved & hit a HUGE lariat. The Bosom Buddies then kept on the attack, finally hitting a combination powerbomb crossbody splash to get the three count to become the NEW PWU TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

* Pro Wrestling Unplugged World Heavyweight Championship Match: Devon Moore def Too Cold Scorpio(c)

Moore says he doesn’t trust any PWU referee, so Tod Gordon asks Zbysko to officiate…WHO ACCEPTS! A technical star broke down quick into a vicious back & forth assault. The two began trading high flying action both in & outside of the ring. Moore & Scorpio tore each other apart with an array of violent strikes. Zbysko though caught Moore trying to use brass knux. When Scorpio regained the advantage, his adrenaline blinded him and accidentally hit Zbysko when trying to pull Too Cold out of the corner. Distracted, Moore took advantage, rolling Scorpio up for an unbelievably FAST three-count to become the NEW PWU WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

* Tod Gordon announced that next Saturday in Feasterville it will be Too Cold Scorpio vs. Devon Moore in a Steel Cage for the PWU World Heavyweight Title…with Tod Gordon as special guest referee!

* PWU World Heavyweight Title, Steel Cage Match w/ Tod Gordon as referee: champion Devon Moore vs. Too Cold Scorpio
* Blue Meanie vs. Hellfire w/ The Hoodies
* 20 Man Battle Royal
* “Backseat Birthday Bash” Batcave
* WHACKS Wrestling Debut
* Survival Rate Zero to perform
* Also featuring Scotty 2 Hotty, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, Gangrel, Sunny, Justice Pain, The Backseat Boyz, “Pitbull” Gary Wold, PWU Women’s champion Annie Social, Amy Lee, All Money Is Legal, & More
Plug into the Action of PWU
11/3 – Feasterville, 11/17 – Philadelphia

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* New Alhambra Arena (DAY OF EVENT on 10/27 & 11/17), 7 Ritner ST
* SportsPlex (DAY OF EVENT on 11/3), 1331 O’Reilly DR, Feasterville, PA

Too Cold Scorpio Clinic Week

From Monday, 10/29 to Thursday, 11/1 international star & PWU World Heavyweight champion Too Cold Scorpio will be at the PWU Wrestling Academy at The SportsPlex in Feasterville, PA. You can take part with Scorpio all week long by e-mailing [email protected]. Cost is $10 for the day or $25 for the week.

On Saturday, 11/3 at 3 pm at the SportsPlex, the PWU Wrestling Academy hosts a Too Cold Scorpio Review seminar. To sign up, e-mail [email protected]. Cost is $25.

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