Recent Colt Cabana interview writer Marc Middleton reports that Colt Cabana recently spoke to about his infected finger, how he hopes Vince McMahon will book his friend CM Punk at WrestleMania and more.

Here are a few quotes:

His success after his run in WWE:
“I wanted to stay in wrestling (after WWE) so I had to find a new way to survive. I know how to connect with people, so I found the correct medium to do that.”

The infected finger:
“It seems fitting for me. I mean, if Colt Cabana is going to go down with an injury, then a freaky hole in the finger seems like an appropriate one. I think the silliness that I bring to the world of wrestling goes hand-in-hand – or, I guess, finger-in-finger – with something as weird and random as this injury.”

The former Scotty Goldman also revealed that he has another new comedy project launching soon with Marty DeRosa, based around terrible wrestling promos.

The full interview can be read at

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