Rico Valentino’s book tells an amazing story

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Hello everyone and welcome to this edition of OWW Radio. This is the official radio program of Online World of Wrestling.com. Each week OWW Radio will bring perspective to the WWE, TNA, and everything else making news in the world of professional wrestling. On this edition of the show, David (@dlb19338) is joined by the trio of gentlemen who recently published the book “Shooters, Heels, & Heroes: The Life and Times of Rico Valentino”, author Damian Mann, contributing author Sheriff C.W. Smith, and Rico Valentino himself.

During the interview they talk about:

  • Rico’s wrestling background
  • The collaborative process of writing this book
  • How Rico met Sheriff Smith
  • Damian’s background as an author
  • Life in the territories
  • Rico’s life as an undercover agent
  • Investigating the Aryan Nations compound in Idaho.
  • And much more!

Editor’s note: I really enjoyed this book! It was very different than any wrestling book I’ve ever read because Rico’s life was so diverse. He wasn’t just a professional wrestler. He wasn’t just an undercover FBI agent. He was an amazing man who was as tough as nails, one on hand a wrestling champion and on the other a law enforcement officer. That in itself is fascinating enough. But read this book and you’ll see that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I highly recommend “Shooters, Heels, & Heroes: The Life and Times of Rico Valentino”.

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