Right Coast Pro official results – April 20, 2013


RightCoastPro – Newark, Delaware – April 20th Quick Results

Surprise appearance by Prince/King Nana who enters himself into the Heavyweight Championship Tournament “Rumble Tertius” match.

Match #1

Beaulieu Brothers (Kristain Frost Beaulieu + Zachary Beaulieu) vs. Francis Kipland Stevens + King Mega

Stevens + Mega win by pinfall

Match #2

Bazooka Joe vs. Japanese Pool Boy

Japanese Pool Boy wins by DQ

Match #3

The “Mercenaries” Stockade + Nick Sohlo vs. The “Young Warriors” Fallah + Specialist Chance Wesson

The “Mercenaries” win by pinfall

Match #4  – Delaware Wrestling ICON vs Delaware Wrestling ICON

Zac “The Ripper” Conner vs. “Chick Magnet” Mozart Fontaine

Mozart Fontaine by pinfall

Match #5

The “Mercenaries” join Zac “The Ripper” Conner to face The “Young Warriors” + Mozart Fontaine

“Young Warriors” Specialist Chance Wesson gets the pin on “Mercenary” Nick Sohlo

Match #6 – 6 man elimination

“Legendary Ladies Men” Michael Blake, Billy Bax + Michael Blakes Guy vs. Chris “The Show” Steeler, “Fighting Paramedic” Corey Blaze and Courageous Cruz

Michael Blakes Guy wins by pinfall

Match #7 – Contract match

Ryan “Adrenaline” Rush vs. Tommy Maclin™

Ryan Rush wins by pinfall (not contract for Tommy Maclin™)

Match #8 – Rumble Tertius – 3rd finalist in the Heavyweight Championship Tournament

Chris “The Show” Steeler wins to become the 3rd finalist.

Other contenders were:

Billy Bax, Zachary Beaulieu, Kristian Frost Beaulieu, “Self Made” Michael Blake, Blakes Guy, “Fighting Paramedic” Corey Blaze, Zac “The Ripper” Conner, Courageous Cruz, Fallah, Mozart Fontaine, Tommy Maclin™, King Mega, Prince Nana, “Mr Upgrade” Mike Reed, Ryan “Adrenaline” Rush, Nick Sohlo, Francis Kipland Stevens, “Specialist” Chance Wesson.

RightCoastPro – Newark, Delaware – April 20th Official Results

Surprise appearance by Prince/King Nana who enters himself into the Heavyweight Championship Tournament “Rumble Tertius” match

The returning Beaulieu Brothers interrupted the National Anthem with their rendition of the Canadian Nation Anthem, when the fans voted for our singer Caitlin, over Zachary Beaulieu’s singing they got a little aggressive with Caitlin.  Out comes Francis Kip Stevens to the rescue but he was overpowered by the 2 Beaulieu Brothers.  King Mega comes to his aid and Mister Crister makes it happen.

Match #1, impromptu tag match between the Beaulieu Brothers and Stevens + Mega with the team of Stevens + Mega taking the pin.

Next, Stevens makes a special announcement for his fan clubs members in attendance celebrating a birthday and straight A’s on a report card!  As Stevens & Mega are celebrating with fans they are interrupted by Ring Of Honor Embassy leader Prince Nana!   Prince Nana claims he is the King of Delaware and Mega is a fraud!  He enters himself into the Rumble Tertius and says he will take care of Mega there.

Match #2, Bazooka Joe vs Japanese Pool Boy.  Japanese Pool Boy makes his return looking fabulous both fashion-wise and wrestling-wise.  Until, of course, Bazooka Joe had enough and ran rough shot until he got himself disqualified with his over-the-top brutality.  Japanese Pool Boy wins by DQ.

Match #3, “The Mercenaries” Stockade and Nick Sohlo vs “The Young Warriors” Fallah and Specialist Chance Wesson.  This hard hitting match resulted with Stockade getting the pin on Specialist Chance Wesson to the crowds’ dismay.  Winners: “The Mercenaries”

Match #4, ICON vs ICON, Zac “The Ripper” Conner vs “Chick Magnet” Mozart Fontaine.  This match was going Conners way with the help of Stockade and Sohlo who remained ringside after their match.  After too much interference, Stockade and Sohlo were sent to the back by the official.  The distraction caused Conner the match with a surprise roll up and pin from Mozart Fontaine.  Winner: Mozart Fontaine

Match #5, another impromptu match ensued after Stockade and Sohlo returned ringside and put the boots to Fontaine.  With the “Young Warriors” Fallah and Wesson running out for the save, Mister Crister proceeded to make an official 6 man tag match with Stockade, Sohlo and Conner vs Fallah, Wesson, and Fontaine.  This was a fast paced, heavy hitting match up with Wesson being a little smarter and a little quicker in the end allowing him to get the pin on Sohlo.  Winners: The Young Warriors + Fontaine

Mister Crister introduced the RCP Developmental students Colton Quest and Harry Baldwin.  Mister Crister announced Colton as the #1 student and Harry Baldwin politely disagreed.  Harry felt he should be #1 and slapped Colton saying he was better and more experienced.  The crowd went wild chanting “Let them fight, let them fight”.  Mister Crister made a match, with Head Trainer Mozart Fontaines approval for Colton Quest vs Harry Baldwin at the June 1st show.

Match #6, 6 man elimination match with team “Legendary Ladies Men” “Self-Made” Blake, Blakes Guy and surprise participant, Billie Bax vs the team of Chris “The Show” Steeler”, “Fighting Paramedic” Corey Blaze, and Courageous Cruz.  Blaze and Cruz were both eliminated leaving Steeler to fight 3 on 1.  After a valiant effort by Steeler, Blake’s Guy ended with the pin over the outnumbered Steeler.   Before it was over with, Blake got a woman into the ring to kiss him somehow!   Winners: “Legendary Ladies Men”

Mister Crister announces since the self-proclaimed “Legendary Ladies Men” were so hot, he wanted to bring them some real competition next month, “The Legendary Chick Magnets” will be reuniting for one night as Brian Socia, Mike Tobin, and Mozart Fontaine return to the ring to put the so-called Ladies Men in their place!

Match #7 was a Contract Match.  If Tommy Maclin™ was able to beat Ryan “Adrenaline” Rush, he gets a contract to join the RCP roster.  Tommy was tough and had a great showing, but the high-flying feet of Rush were just too much.  Mister Crister liked what he saw, and gave a second chance for the contract; if Tommy Maclin wins the Rumble Tertius, he’s in!  Winner: Ryan “Adrenaline” Rush

Match #8, Rumble Tertius for the 3rd finalist spot in the Heavyweight Championship Tournament.  19 combatants entered at 1 minute time intervals for the over-the-top-rope battle.  The end saw Prince Nana, Ryan Rush and Chris Steeler battling it out.  Nana was eliminated and then an all-out war between Rush and Steeler ensued. Either one could have won at any moment with multiple near eliminations.  Fans were treated to quite a spectacle of fast-paced, high-flying maneuvers.  In the end, Steeler was victorious and able to eliminate Rush and become the 3rd finalist in the Heavyweight Championship Tournament.  Winner: Chris “The Show” Steeler

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