RightCoastPro crowns a new champion

Sean Royal

RightCoastPro Wrestling “Hall Of Fame” Results from 5/3/14 – Newark, Delaware – QUICK RESULTS

“Heavyweight” Sean Royal wins the RightCoastPro Championship by pinning Ryan “Adrenaline” Rush in a Fatal Four-Way match against Champ Bazooka Joe, Francis Kipland Stevens and Ryan “Adrenaline” Rush.

King Mega was inducted into the RightCoastPro Hall of Fame as the Inaugural Honoree by Philadelphia radio personality and wrestling icon, Brian Soscia.  King Mega than proceeded to berate the Delaware fans and RCP Management and announced his new alliance with “The Devils Outlaw” Stockade.  Apparently manager Sebastian Night has influenced the duo as they are now pursuing Tag Team gold in RCP.

“Legendary Chick Magnet” Mozart Fontaine wins back his bowtie in a Ladder Match against “Self-Made” Michael Blake.

“Heavyweight” Sean Royal beats the “Valedictorian” Billy Bax instantly as Bax was ranting about Royals alleged false claims.  This was the beginning of Royal’s rollercoaster of action for the night!

“Mexican Hardcore Champ” Pedro Duro wins with a DQ over Colton Quest.  Looks like Pedro’s lunchbox ended up in the wrong hands, just as Pedro planned!

Courageous Cruz wins his match over “Mercenary” Nicholas Sohlo by a count out.  Sohlo and manager Sebastian Night walked away still in possession of Cruz’s super hero cape after Cruz was a little more intimidating than they expected!

“Heavyweight” Sean Royal wins the very first Open Invitational “Fight For Fame and Fortune” that Mister Crister had master-minded.  17 of RCP’s Elite Pro’s battled for a huge pull of prizes and sponsor donated money.  Mister Crister also added that the winner gains the fourth spot in the Title Match making the scheduled Triple Threat a Fatal Four-Way.  Accepting the invitation was newcomer “Number 1” Brian Johnson, along with RCP Development students Brandon Bourne and Ruby Rubino.  RCP regulars that also accepted were Harry M Baldwin, Jason Gotti, Damian Gibbs, Anthony Bowens, Alvin Alvarez, Mozart Fontaine, Colton Quest, Courageous Cruz, Pedro Duro, Nicholas Sohlo, Billy Bax, Chance Wesson and Michael Blake.


Next Event: July 26th, 2014

Matches announced to date:

“World Warrior” Low Ki vs  former TNA Christopher Daniels

Newly formed team of Mega & Stockade vs “Amore Express” – Jason Gotti & Alvin Alvarez

The return of Aaron Stride and Chris Steeler – each will pick the others opponent

More matches to be announced in the coming weeks.

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