Robbie McAllister talks about being shown on TNA


They say there can be only one, but the website that brought you the in-depth uncut shoot interview with Rory McAllister now brings you the other half of The Highlanders as Robbie McAllister, joins for an interview that answers all the questions you’ve had about his controversial career. 

Fans remember Robbie as he was featured on WWE TV for the better part of three years and TNA TV for the better part of five seconds. McAllister leaves no subject off limits and speaks openly with James Guttman about the ups and downs of his career including: The Revelation of his New Singles Gimmick and Name, Being Caught On Camera At TNA During WrestleMania Weekend While Under WWE Contract, Returning To The Hotel To Take Responsibility, The Reaction From Finlay and Undertaker, The Subconscious Reason He Went, False Reports of Him Leaving Orlando That Weekend, The “Disturbing” Night When DX Defeated The Entire Tag Team Roster, The Idea He Pitched WWE Creative For a Singles Run, The End of The Highlanders For Now, TNA Not Bringing Him In After He Left WWE, Bushwhacker Comparisons, DX “Mailing” The Spirit Squad To OVW in a Box, The Problem With WWE Developmental, Roddy Piper, Dr. Tom Prichard, Dolph Ziggler, Savage vs. Steamboat, and More. (Check out the full list of topics at:


The biggest thing Robbie is asked about by fans? TNA. At this point, his story has become wrestling folklore. During WWE’s stay in Orlando for WrestleMania weekend, he defied a company request to stay away from TNA’s tapings. Attending the event, Robbie was shown on television by Total Nonstop Action and identified by his real name. During Rory Mcallister’s shoot, he talked about some of Robbie’s reasons for attending the show, how it seemed like a set-up, and all the aftermath that followed. But the real story itself rests with Robbie. He tells James about what lead to this lapse of judgment…


“Well I don’t really know exactly why I did it.  I happened to go see my buddy Johnny Devine.  He’s a good friend of mine up here in Canada.  It was my stupidity to actually go in there and watch it.  In hindsight, I look at it as a set-up, but I’m the only one who knows (why I went).  Do you know what I mean?  Everybody else can speculate.  Even Rory can speculate. It was my own stupidity.  I don’t even understand why I did it.  But it could have been a subconscious thing that I did it because (WWE) weren’t using us.  Stuff like that.  But it was just a dumb thing on my part.  I wish I could take it back, but you never can.  So now I just have to look and go, ‘Oh well.”


JG says that it seems like TNA may have hurt their relationship with the performers by doing this.  It came off like a mean-spirited attempt to just get Robbie in trouble without doing anything to help themselves in the process.  James asks about the reaction from the TNA locker room and Robbie responds…


“Actually, most of the ones who are backstage at TNA.  I talked to them after the incident and they said, ‘That was a really dumb move for TNA.’  And my simple thing is in my head is when you look at me on their television, it didn’t help their television program at all.  It didn’t elevate them, so why bother even doing it?”


Robbie goes on to talk about how WWE officials told him to leave but why reports of his departure from Orlando that weekend were all inaccurate, the people who were with him when he went to the TNA show and more. 

Guttman again references Rory’s shoot and brings up the story of Robbie returning to the hotel where the WWE stars were staying at and accepting blame.  It takes a lot to walk into the belly of the beast and take responsibility for something so monumental as appearing on a rival company’s TV.  McAllister explains why he did it and why he had to.  Taking this blame helped him regain some of the respect from the wrestlers who would have had a major issue if he hid in his room.  One person in particular was The Undertaker.  Robbie explains…


“Actually, he was all over me.  At the end, there was Fit Finlay, he was all over me.  Actually, it came to the point where they kept asking me and asking me.  I’m like, ‘Listen, guys.  I can’t tell you why.  I screwed up.  It’s a screw-up on my part.  Why do you think I’m standing in front of ya?  I need to hear this because I just did the stupidest thing in my life?  And I’m going to hear the repercussions, so I might as well hear them now.’  And Undertaker just stopped.  He just stopped hassling me about it.  There was no explanation I could give because it was just dumb.”


The story doesn’t end there, Robbie goes into detail about the entire situation on and goes on to discuss the mind-boggling decision of TNA to not bring him in after his WWE contract ended, his new gimmick and name for a singles run, the end of the Highlanders for now, and tons more. 


There so much more than that. The full 33 minute shoot with Robbie McAllister (and the one with his partner Rory) is up exclusively on right now and along with 200 stars, you’ll have plenty of superstars to put on your Ipod, Phone, burn to CD, or just listen through your computer.  Among the other tag teams you can hear right now in uncut shoots on are: The Steiner Brothers, The Quebecers, Cade and Murdoch, The Killer Bees, Strike Force, Demolition, Pretty Wonderful, The Valiant Brothers, The Funk Brothers, The Diamonds in the Rough, The Headshrinkers, The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff, Rhythm and Blues, LOD 2005, Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty, The Kolloffs, La Resistance, Ron Killings and BG James, Head Cheese, Spike and Devon Dudley, Skipper and Daniels of LAX, The Full Blooded Italians,  DDP and Nash, Styles and Daniels, and many more!

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