ROH in Montreal (Steen dominates Grenier)

Kevin Steen Dominates Sylvain Grenier
ROH Montreal results 04/17

by Michael “Llakor” Ryan

Kevin Steen led his “Best in the World” Trios team (featuring El Generico and the American Dragon Bryan Danielson) to victory against the team of Sylvain Grenier and the ROH Tag Team Champions, the American Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards) in the main eventof the Rong of Honor show in Montreal Friday night. As El Generico prowled the ring, keeping Davey Richards at bay, Kevin Steen trapped Sylvain Grenier in the Sharpshooter while Brian Danielson tortured Eddie Edwards with his trademark Cattle Mutilation chickenwing. While to this observer Edwards and Grenier’s submissions were simultaneous, backstage Sylvain Grenier was lobbying anyone who would listen to convince them that Edwards had tapped first. The victory brought the crowd of about 450 to their feet chanting “Meilleur du Monde!” and sent the crowd home happy.

The match was arranged when Kevin Steen made a guest apperance during the French broadcast of TNA on RDS (the Quebec sports network), a program for which Sylvain Grenier is colour commentator. Both men are convinced that they are not just the best wrestler in Quebec, but also the most popular. Their clash of egos lead to a war of words culminating in Steen and Grenier agreeing to lead teams against each other at the ROH show. Based on the match Friday night, the only competitions that Sylvain Grenier will be winning over Kevin Steen is the “Best Chickenshit Heel” contest as Grenier used the American Wolves to shield himself from Steen for most of the night.

ROH Montreal
Results Quick and Dirty
Friday, April 17th, 2009
Centre Jean-Claude Malépart, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

Grizzly Redwood and Alex “Sugarfot” Payne fought to a time limit draw (5:25)

The Super Smash Brothers (Stupefied and Player Uno) beat Eddie Osiris and Dan Paysan in 4:27 when Stupefied pinned Dan Paysan.

Chris Hero pinned Franky the Mobster in 9:44.

Daizee Haze pinned Lufisto in 6:01.

Rhett Titus and Kenny King beat Necro Butcher and Delirious by DQ at 11:12 when Necro flattened Titus with a chair-shot.

Tyler Black pinned Jimmy Jacobs after 15:41.

In a four-way match that also included Jay Briscoe and Rodrick Strong, Kenny Omega pinned Austin Aries with a backslide after 10:20.

Claudio Castagnoli and Jimmy Rave beat Colt Cabana and Brent Albright in 12:21 with a big assist from Prince Nana.

Kevin Steen, El Generico and Bryan Daielson beat Sylvain Grenier and ROH Champions the American Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards) in 22:35.


ROH Montreal Detailed Results

The notoriously tardy Montreal crowd was still filing in as the first ROH dark match featuring Grizzly Redwood and Alex Payne started. The good-naturd crowd cheered on both competitors while still looking for their seats and booed when the time-keeper called the match a time-limit draw after five minutes. To the time-keeper’s credit, he let the match run slightly over the five minute mark in the hopes of a decisive outcome and only rang the bell when it was obvious that a quick pin was impossible.

In the second dark match, Montreal’s preening Italian narcissist Dan Paysan formed an unexpectedly effective impromptu team with ROH’s resident stinky vagrant Eddie Osiris, but they proved no match for one of Quebec’s strongest (and most popular) tag teams, the Super Smash Brothers. After isolating Dan Paysan, Player Uno stunned Dan with a back-breaker, leaving Dan easy prey for a Stupefied splash off the top rope for the pin.

The ROH show proper started with local hero Franky the Mobster facing off against Chris Hero. Franky started a weird trend by turning his back on Hero after the bell sounded, leaving him open to an ambush by the ROH veteran. Chris Hero is no stranger to Montreal, but he hasn’t had musch success here, losing to the Green Phantom and Beef Wellington in previous visits. When Franky rallied from Chris Hero’s early ambush it appeared that Hero wa about to fall to 0-3 for Montreal matches. In fact, Franky was so convinced that he had won the match that after what Franky perceived to be an especially long two count, he assaulted the ROH official with a snot-rocket. Part of what makes Chris Hero one of the best wrestlers in the world is that he seems to come at his opponents from angles that other wrestlers have never discovered, but while Hero’s attacks sometimes caught Franky by surprise, Hero was equally surprised by how quickly and violently Franky rallied. It apeared that Franky was setting up Chris Hero for his finisher, a choke power-bomb, when Chris took advantage of a moment’s inattention by the ref to hit Franky in the throat with an international object leading to the quick pin.

Lufisto has been doing a goth Anime gimmick in SHIMMER, but the most recent iteration of this gimmick baffled the Montreal crowd, who were trying to figure out when exactly Lufisto lost her mind. Acting like a gothic anime cross between Popeye and Daffney (and dressed the part), Lufisto was equally baffling to her opponent Daizee Haze (dressed fetchingly in a barely-there black and magenta naughty schoolgirl outfit from the back of the Victoria‘s Secret catalogue.) Lufisto started the match by offering Daizee a decapitated doll’s head and when Daizee looked to the crowd to explain what had happened to Lufiato, the crazed Montrealer attacked. Not to put to fine a point on it, but Lufisto beat the hell out of Daizee in a match that many in the audience described as the best of the first half. Courageously, Daizee was able to avoid being pinned on multiple occasions and finally wriggling out of a torture rack, Daizee turned the tables on her attacker, chopping Lufisto in the th roat, following up immediately by slamming Lufisto’s face on her knee and a flash pin.

Montreal loves Necro Butcher and we are pretty fond of Delirious. Barefoot hardcore brawlers? Masked wrestlers who can’t speak English? What’s not to love? It’s just a shame that in our two ROH shows, Montreal has gotten PG diluted versions of both Necro Butcher and Delirious. Not that there was anything wrong with their match against Rhett Titus and Kenny King (and the Montreal crowd is very fond of messing with Kenny King’s head) but ending the match with a Necro Butcher chair-shot? Really? In Montreal, that is how we start matches not how we end them.


Look, this is a city that just crammed 550 paying wrestling fans into a church gym that can only safely hold 400 to watch a fat, slow pension-collectiong Abdullah the Butcher carve someone up with a fork for the “last time and this time we really, really mean it” just a couple of weeks ago. If you told blood-thirsty Montralers that they would get the real Necro Butsher in a real Death Match against the right opponent, you could sell an extra 100 tickets, easy. But putting Necro in a paint-by-numbers Southern Tag match with some comedy? I am sorry but that just is not what Montreal wants to see. I am not saying that Necro can’t be funny. The whole crowd laughed when Necro stole Rhett Titus’ vest and mocked Rhett’s sexy dancing, but we would rather chant “Necro’s going to kill you!” and watch our prediction come true then laugh at Necro.


Good match – wrong town.

At the risk of being all lather, rinse, repeat, the grudge match between Tyler Black and Jimy Jacobs is a perfectly fine match that will probably look great on DVD. And when wrestling fans watch it, they will probably wonder why the Montreal fans were sitting on their hands for almost all of the match.

It’s pretty simple:

First, a grudge match without blood is not a grudge match. Especially in a an Original Six hockey city.

Second, Montreal has taken a real dislike to Jimmy Jacobs. We want someone to crush him like bug. We want someone to kill him. Tyler Black wrestled him, with intensty granted, but still Tyler wrestled him. This is not what Montreal wants. Tyler Black sends Jimmy Jacobs to the mat, we want Jacobs sent to the hospital or the morgue.

Again good match – wrong town.

Shame too because it spolied a perfectly good match that saw Tyler Black countering a Jimmy Jacobs submission with a face plant that Tyler followed up immediately with a crushing kick to Jimmy Jacobs’ face. An exhaustd Tyler Black then collapsed on top of Jimmy Jacobs for the pin and the win.

How completely pathetic would it be if I timed the Intermission at 17:27? Before the intermission it was announced that ROH is returning to Montreal on Friday, July 24th with special guest Ric Flair.

ROH rallied back strongly from the Intermission with an energetic four man sprint that many fans st the show called the Match of the Night. Austin Aries took the mike before the match referring to Montreal as “France”, praising Jay Briscoe and Roserick String and singling out ROH newcomer Kenny Omega as not being worthy of being in the same ring as the other three men. This match was filled not just with great wrestling, but great character moments like Jay and Roderick throwing Austin Aries towards the ropes, Kenny Omega dumpinng Austin to the outside and when Kenny called for the High Five, Roderick and Jay chopped the shit out of him.

Roderick Strong and Jay Briscoe seemed to have a running contest going on as to who could be the stiffest man in the ring with Roderick loudly winning the chopping competition, Jay winning the forearm contest and both men tying with Aries in the “Who can stretch Kenny Omega the most?” event. Kenny took by far the most punishment in the match, but benefitted from the competition amongst the other three men as to who could score the pinfall or submission on Kenny Omega. To the delight of the crowd, the Canadian Kenny scored a backslide on Austin Aries for the win.

The Tag Team match betwen the team of Colt Cabana amd Brent Albright on one side and Prince Nana’s Embassy faction of Claudio Castagnoli and Jimmy Rave was another “grudge” match without blood, but it received a much better reaction from the crowd.

For a number of reasons:

First, we were all in a good mood from Kenny Omega winning.

Second, we celebrated Jimmy Rave’s return to ROH by bombarding the ring with toilet paper and that was fun.

Third, one of the crowd waited for the perfect moment in Prince Nana’s dismissive promo and nailed him right in the kisser with a full toilet paper roll just as Nana said “Embassy”

Fourth, Colt Cabana has enough charisma for us to forgive the lack of blood and he is a Montreal favourite thanks to his stint in the MTV promotion Wreatling Society X which was a huge hit in Quebec on Musique Plus, our French MTV.

And even though Prince Nana cheated to give the Embassy the victory (Jimmy Rave the pin), we were consoled by the fact that Colt Cabana and Brent Albright trapped Prince Nana’s stooge Eddie Osiris after the match and gave him the beating that Prince Nana so richly deserves.

In the main event, the American Wolves got their cheap heat by coming to the ring wearing Boston Bruins’ jerseys and crowing over the fact that they had just recently taken away the ROH Tag Team belts from Montreal hometown heroes El Generico and Kevin Steen. Davey Richards upped the ante, taunting the crowd by singing a rendition of the US National Anthem so bad he made Roseanne Barr sound like Maria Callas. Fortunately, Sylvain Grenier interrupted the anthem. Grabbing the mike and baffling Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards with his French, Sylvain briefly convinced the crowd to rise for the singing of “the most beautiful National Anthem in the world” and then launched into his own rendition of the US National Anthem, a version so wretched it gave dogs migraines for blocks around.

This brought out Kevin Steen who advised the American Wolves to treasure their ROH tag team belts because Steenerico will take them back before ROH returns to Quebec. Then to the roar of the crowd, Kevin Steen congratulated Sylvain Grenier on having a job that allowed him to sit on his ass, because Kevin was going to break both his legs and put him in a wheelchair. Sylvain obviously took the threat seriously because he spent most of the match avoiding being anywhere near Kevin Steen.

ROH brought another good show to Montreal. The only shame is that they have all the ingredients to give Montreal a great show. They just need to figure out the right matches to bring to Montreal with their roster to take full advantage of what this city loves about wrestling.

In addition to being a total wrestling geek, I am the in-house writer for the International Wrestling Syndicate, Kevin Steen and El Generico’s home fed and Canada’s best Hardcore Wrestling promotion. We are celebrating our Tenth Anniversary May 30th with the main event being Pierre Carl Ouellet vs. Kevin Nash in the rematch of the 1995 match that caused Kevin Nash and Shawn Michaels to lobby for PCO to be fired.

Signed for X our Tenth Anniversary show so far:

The Grudge Match 14 years in the making: Kevin Nash vs. PCO

IWS Canadian Champion Shayne Hawke vs. Twiggy

MMA Match: EXesS vs. Maxx Fury

Death Match: The Green Phantom vs. PCP Crazy F’N Manny

The IWS proudly presents: X, Our Tenth Anniversary Show. Special guest is Big Sexy Kevin Nash! X takes place Saturday, May 30th, at the beautiful, downtown Medley, 1170 St-Denis, near the Berri-UQAM Metro. Montreal, Quebec, CANADA. Doors open at 7:30 PM, show starts at 9 PM. VIP tickets are $35, Regular tickets are $25. VIP ticket holders admitted first. No reserved seating. Tickets can be purchased online at or in person at the Medley box office. This is an all ages show. Card and times subject to change. For more information go to or write to [email protected]

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