Santino Brothers announces their next training seminar

Santino Wrestling

Santino Bros Wrestling is proud to announce the next Pro Wrestling Seminar with The New Age Punisher B-Boy.  B-Boy has wrestled at just about every major indy fed in the United States. (PWG, CZW, IWA MidSouth, WSX and mroe) He’s wrestled many great talents and has a vast knowledge of the independent wrestling game.  With 16 years in, B-Boy has always been a very charismatic character and will show you how knock down doors and leave and impression  in the Pro Wrestling industry.

“I truly believe that its def something that should be noticed. I like to call the seminar “Thinking outside the box” and could potentially help young or even older talent .. people that are at different schools I encourage you to come.. those who know me know I don’t like talking about wrestling… its very hard to pick my brain outside of wrestling and now is your chance. Shares and feedback/comments would be great! Think about it…. I’m an average size guy that doesn’t look in a lot of eyes as a wrestler… but I proved everyone wrong and had a lot of success…..and went outside the box. It can happen.. let me share my views/opinions and experiences and in ring work with ya guys … this is for all workers and all students. Let’s get this shared… I’m truly humbled and excited that Joey Kaos asked me to do this .. as its my first seminar in socal ..”  – B-Boy

Saturday July 19th, 2014
Sign up now! Just $25 ($26.50 online via Paypal)
You can secure your spot by submitting payment via Paypal. Send payment to: [email protected]

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