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Nt TNA’s Turning Point Oreductions!

Our resident philosopher, Jay Shannon, breaks out his handy dandy crystal ball to try and sort out the latest pay-per-view offering from TNA.

I’ve been batting around .500 when it comes to predictions lately. This PPV seems pretty easy to pick the winners and losers. Since it seems so cut and dried,TNA is likely going to throw a few swerves at the crowd.

X-Division Seeding Match

This match is going to set the pecking order for the X-Division. There are two ways that TNA might go with this one. They’ve been pushing the arrival of Suicide in the last few weeks. In the video game, which I’ve finally finished, Suicide does battle for and win the X-title. If he’s introduced, I’d say it’s a lock that he takes the win and becomes the number one contender.

If TNA doesn’t want to roll out the masked KAZ to battle everyone in sight, I’d bet my beloved cat, EvilEarlenie, that Eric Young gets the win. Eric’s being pushed as a cornerstone of the TNA Originals. Eric has done every goofy character thrown at him without objection. Perhaps, TNA is ready to reward him for the Beer Belt fiasco, the Super Eric gimmick and various other dumb things he’s had to do.

The only other option that I see is Jay Lethal. Jay has worn the X-Division championship in the past and really defended it well. Jay survived the absurd feud with Sonjay Dutt over the affections of SoCalVal (Jay won, Dutt got stuck with the girl). Lethal v Bashir has the potential to steal the show. In the final analysis, I’m going to go with the non-Suicide angle and choose the protege of the legendary Waldo Von Erich, Eric Young.

Predicted Winner: Eric Young
Predicted Grade: A-

“The War Machine” Rhino v Sheik Abdul Bashir
Non-Title Grudge Match

Bashir threw out an open challenge to anyone who wanted to shut his loud mouth. Rhino decided to accept the opportunity. In a real world fight, Rhino would squash Bashir like a bug. That isn’t going to happen on Sunday. When is the last time that Rhino actually won a match? Rhino is one of those talented stars who is destined to help push the latest star on the rise. Bashir will likely use some under-handed trick to best the War Machine. The end will certainly come by way of WMD (Seated DDT). Bashir will then go on to battle Eric Young for the X-Title, while Rhino ends up joining the Main Event Mafia. Christian Cage, see below, will talk to Rhino about how the “old” Rhino would never have lost to such a small man. Cage will embarrass Rhino into joining the Mafia to gain the respect that the former ECW/WWE Standout deserves. Rhino will take a few weeks to make his decision, but he will eventually don the gold and black of the nW–err Mafia

Predicted Winner: Sheik Abdul Bashir
Predicted Grade: C

Abyss v Kurt Angle

Abyss is injured. Kurt Angle is seeking revenge on anyone associated with Jeff Jarrett and the TNA Originals. This is my swerve match of the night. Matt Morgan is a former WWE performer. He is also hungry to be a big star. I could see Angle beat on Abyss, unmercifully. Morgan comes out to beg Angle to stop. Angle tells Morgan that the only thing that can make him stop is to have “The Blueprint” join forces with the Main Event Mafia. Abyss tells Morgan not to do it, but Morgan can’t deal with seeing his friend tortured by Angle. Morgan agrees to join the group. Abyss wins this one by DQ.

Predicted Winner: Abyss (by DQ)
Predicted Grade: B

Beer Money, Inc. v The Motor City Machine Guns

The Guns have signed on with the TNA Originals. Roode and Storm are also Originals, though they haven’t chosen a side. Since this PPV is the opening round of the Generations War, I expect the Guns to take the straps from Beer Money, Inc. This could lead to The Guns (Originals) v Team3D (unofficial Main Event Mafia members). This match is going to be wild and wooly with near falls all over the place. The ring is going to fill up with people to help the Guns celebrate their win.

Predicted Winners: The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley)
Predicted Grade: A

Booker T v “The Instant Classic” Christian Cage
TNA Legends Championship Match (with special stipulation)

This is the easiest match of the night to predict. If Cage loses, he has to join the Main Event Mafia without objection. If Cage wins, he gets the made-up Legends Championship. There is just no way Booka, the Nigerian Prince, is going to lose his gold. Cage will be forced into the Mafia. I could see Cage going in as a plant for Jarrett to spy for the Originals. Cage could be sending strategies to Jarrett over time to destroy the renegade group from the inside out. Ok, I’ve been watching too many old WWII movies at 3 AM over on Turner Classic. I still say that Booka keeps his strap and Cage becomes the latest member of the Main Event Mafia. Remember, the name of the PPV is Turning Point. Having Cage and/or Morgan join the Mafia would constitute a severe turning point in the Generations War.

Predicted Winner: Booker T
Predicted Grade: B

“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe v “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash

Samoa Joe is angry at being betrayed by his former mentor, Nash. That anger is going to make his sloppy. He will be blinded by his own hatred. That is where Kevin Nash will swoop in and pick him apart like a hungry vulture. I’m also expecting Scott Steiner to get involved in the match. Nash is a master at distracting a ref. Steiner might end up clobbering Joe with the lead pipe. Nash then gets the easy pin after the cheap attack by Steiner. There is an outside possibility that Scott Hall might show up to join the Mafia, as well. One way or another, Samoa Joe is going to end up with a huge check mark in his Loss column.

Predicted Winner: Kevin Nash
Predicted Grade: C

Sting v “The Phenomenal” A.J. Styles
TNA World Title Match

In the past, Sting has lost his title very quickly after winning it. Styles is a multiple time champion in TNA. This one called for the lucky Fitzgeralds Casino coin to decide it. If TNA really wanted to consider this a turning point in the Generations War, Sting would devastate Styles to give the Main Event Mafia a clean sweep for the night.

On the other hand, Styles taking the title could lead to several good matches. Styles v Sting II would be obvious. Styles and Angle is a proven ticket seller. Styles v Steiner could surprise the crowd with how good it is. Styles v Cage would also be a classic (pun fully intended). From a booking angle, Styles would be a much better choice to take the strap. I’m going to go out on a limb with this one and chose Styles to end Sting’s latest reign. I feel that there is an outside possibility that Mick Foley or Jeff Jarrett will get involved to help Styles win.

Predicted Winner: A.J. Styles
Predicted Grade: A

Final Grade: B+
Final Thoughts: There may be more matches on the way. TNA is notorious for throwing in a last minute battle. I’m expecting Kong v Roxxi in a Hardcore Battle, which Kong will win. I feel that this PPV is going to serve as a pass-through PPV. Nothing is really going to get solved. Styles will take the TNA title, but that’s only to open up the possible title match options. TNA knows that Survivor Series is coming up soon and fans might not have the cash to pay for both. Why throw out the best when the buy rates are going to be minimal? The Turning Point name is going to either deal with the rise of the Main Event Mafia or the turning of the title to Styles. I think the PPV will be above average, but not fantastic. It’s another one to pick up from Best Buy in a few months, when it hits DVD.

–Jay Shannon
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