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From 1984 to 1986 — long before Raw began its reign as the longest-running episodic program in TV history and even before the Internet and — the top destination to see WWE Superstars in an environment outside the squared circle was Tuesday Night Titans.

Hosted by WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon and Lord Alfred Hayes, the concept of Tuesday Night Titans was relatively simple: introduce a featured guest, conduct an interview and show highlights of their latest matches. The program followed a format similar to most late-night talk shows — specifically the popular “Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” — with a sports-entertainment twist.

The interviews were exceptional. The WWE Universe was offered insight into the personal lives of their favorite Superstars and had a chance to see them outside the squared circle. One of the finest moments on the program was a rare and fascinating conversation between Mr. McMahon and wrestling legend Lou Thesz. The interview, a rare WWE appearance for the former NWA Champion, remains a true history lesson for all fans of sports-entertainment.

Of course, for some WWE Superstars, a sit-down interview wasn’t always the best route. When Mr. McMahon suggested Andre the Giant should retire if he could not body slam Big John Studd at WrestleMania, “The Eighth Wonder of the World” took exception and grabbed The Chairman by the neck. Another explosive interview occurred when Lord Alfred Hayes confronted Roddy Piper about the famous coconut incident, asking “Hot Rod” to explain himself. Visibly upset, Piper and Hayes engaged in a heated argument that resulted in the hot-headed Superstar slapping the Tuesday Night Titans co-host across the face.

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