State of the Union #12 (News for 10/3)


UIPW News for 03 Oct 2007


– STATE OF SHOCK hits Toronto this Saturday night
– BORN AGAIN dvd goes on sale this weekend
– More rumors regarding the Union Heavyweight Title tournament


With just days to go before the UIPW’s second Toronto event, its time to update fans on the action they’ll be seeing this Saturday night at the Royal Canadian Legion Hall in Toronto.

From top to bottom, this show promises to be spectacular! The fast-paced, high-risk action of the Northern Lights division will be on full display as fan favourite RIP IMPACT faces veteran indy warrior HENTAI. Impact impressed the Union Supporters last month with a hard-fought victory over SHIIMA XION. How will he fare against someone with the viciousness and international experience of Hentai?

Tag team action debuts in the Union as ROBIN KNIGHTWING and KEVIN GRACE of the legendary ALL-KNIGHTERS family team up to face the nightmare duo of MATT BURNS and ASYLUM: THE FLATLINERS. Burns and Asylum are being touted as “the next big thing” on the Canadian scene. With their size, strength and innovative offence, The Flatliners say they’ll make short work of the AKs. But that’s easier said than done when facing the antics and the ability of Grace and Knightwing.

Jealousy and ego has run amuck between the first-ever Union champion SEBASTIAN DARK and the last-reigning Union champion JOHN McCHESNEY. Dark, who lost his title to CHRIS HAMRICK and then never received a rematch, and McChesney, who still held the belt when the promotion went on hiatus, both think they have a special claim on the title. At last month’s BORN AGAIN event, they started a brawl over the issue. AUSTIN SHAW has decided to let the two former Union champs to settle their differences in the ring with a no-disqualification grudge match. The winner will be rewarded with a spot in November’s tournament to crown the new Toronto-based Union’s first champion.

And in the main event of the evening, two of wrestling’s hottest young talents collide as former ROH World Tag champ RICKY REYES makes his Union debut against the “King of Iron City Hardcore” STERLING JAMES KEENAN. Keenan, leader of the BDSM faction, wants to erase any doubt that last month’s loss to STEVE CORINO may have put in Union officials’ minds about placing him in the title tournament. Reyes has been assured that a victory over Keenan will earn him December’s main event title shot against whoever wins the belt next month.

But, of course, that’s not all. The near 7 foot tall roughneck BRODIE LEE makes his Union debut this Saturday. Brodie has been making a name for himself in promotions like Philadelphia’s Chikara Pro and Rochester, NY’s NWA Upstate. Now he brings the fight north of the border to Toronto and the Union.

EDDIE OSBOURNE will be at the Legion Hall this Saturday. Osbourne complained loudly to Austin Shaw about “bad refereeing” after losing his match even though his feet were on the bottom rope. Shaw’s response to Osbourne was “just shut up and wrestle” and if Ontario wrestling fans know anything its that Eddie Osbourne doesn’t shut up for anyone. What will he have to say this Saturday night?

Plus, see REGGIE MARLEY, ETHAN PAGE, “The King of Canada” JESSY JONES, the Union debut of JIMMY and COLIN OLSEN and much, much more this Saturday night.

The UNION of INDEPENDENT PROFESSIONAL WRESTLERS returns to Royal Canadian Legion Hall #101 in Toronto, Ontario on Saturday October 6th for “STATE OF SHOCK”. Doors open at 630pm. Bell time is 7pm. The Legion Hall is located at 3850 Lake Shore Blvd West , midway between Dixie Road and Brown’s Line and directly adjacent to both the Long Branch GO station and the TTC’s Long Branch Loop.

Tickets are ON SALE NOW in person at the Legion Hall and online via the “UNION SHOP” at The event is open to ALL AGES, but for those 19 and older, the Legion Hall includes a FULLY LICENSED BAR. Fans are reminded to bring valid ID and encouraged to use public transit if they plan to purchase alcohol.


Want to experience all the action and excitement of the Union right in your own living room? Pick up a copy of the Union’s Toronto debut, BORN AGAIN, on dvd. Thanks to the fine folks at HAMMERLOCK VIDEO, fans attending the “STATE OF SHOCK” event will be the first in line to purchase this little slice of wrestling history. Steve Corino vs Sterling James Keenan, Pepper Parks vs Ricky Landell, the fearsome debut of Eddie Venom and incredible cruiserweight action featuring El Generico, Rip Impact, Shiima Xion and “Fabulous” John McChesney plus so much more. Fans wanting to purchase dvd’s online will have to wait until October 8th.

Each 2-dvd set is just $15 Canadian in person or online and includes all 8 matches from “BORN AGAIN” plus a very special BONUS MATCH from the video vaults of the Original Union featuring a 3-way dance for the Union Cruiserweight title with champion John McChesney defending against long-time foe AERO! and current Ring of Honor star “MDOGG20” MATT CROSS. It’s a one-of-a-kind match that must be seen to be believed.


Could another faction be forming in the Union? With Sterling Keenan in control of BloodDeathSexMagic, could someone else be looking to consolidate their power base in these days of the new Union? And what are they planning for November’s title tournament?

Austin Shaw let it slip in conversation with SotU staff this week that he had received a phone call from “a prominent Canadian manager” asking about how he could get his clients into the upcoming Union title tournament. When Shaw told the manager that he was speaking to the man who made those decisions, the manager started offering sums of cash for a guarantee of two opening round spots. Shaw reports that he told the manager that the tournament positions were not for sale, to which he received the reply “fine… We’ll just get those spots the old fashioned way: by hurting people.”

Shaw won’t reveal the name of the manager and says that the manager didn’t reveal the names of his clients. But Shaw did point out one thing to us: if anyone plans to “earn” a spot in the tournament, they are already on the Union roster and are already scheduled to appear this weekend.

Will this new faction reveal itself? Will its members make it into the Union title tournament? Join us on at Legion Hall #101 this weekend to find out.


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Saturday October 6th – STATE OF SHOCK

Saturday November 3rd – CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT 2K7 (featuring the Union World Heavyweight title tournament)

Saturday December 15th – END OF DAYS

The UNION of INDEPENDENT PROFESSIONAL WRESTLERS is an exciting new wrestling promotion based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Union features a diverse mix of homegrown talent (including Eddie Osbourne, Rip Impact and The All-Knighters) and international stars (including Steve Corino, Sterling James Keenan and El Generico). UIPW maintains partnerships with promotions in Canada and around the world. For more information about THE UNION, please visit our official website at

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