UPDATE: Superstar injury on RAW part of the storyline



As noted on last night’s Observer Radio, Seth Rollins was totally fine after his bump outside on Raw. It was all storyline, although they did have real doctors go and check on him as part of the storyline, and they kept the cameras off of him to make fans think it was legit.


Several news sites are reporting that Seth Rollings injured his knee on RAW tonight in Richmond, VA.

Courtesy of LordsofPain.net:

UPDATE:  Seth Rollins was indeed helped to the back by a WWE medic. Another fan noted that it definitely looked like he injured his knee or leg.
ORIGINAL REPORT:  As seen during tonight’s RAW main event, Money In the Bank winner Seth Rollins was clotheslined to the floor by Roman Reigns and landed bad on his knee. Rollins clutched his knee and wasn’t shown on camera after that.A fan in attendance send word that the referee threw up the sign for an injury and WWE medics were checking on Rollins. The fan noted that Rollins looked to be in a lot of pain. We will keep you updated on his condition.

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