Swimming with Piranhas – by Howard Brody

Swimming with Piranhas: Surviving the Politics of Professional Wrestling
By Howard Brody

Product Description
Exposing wrestling’s inner workings and back-office deal making, this memoir is a hard-hitting firsthand look at the sport from Howard Brody, one of its most controversial promoters. Beginning with how he became involved with professional wrestling and produced his first television program, it then focuses on his time as president of the National Wrestling Alliance and reveals the truth behind the rumors surrounding his departure from the organization. Brody’s relationships with many of wrestling’s most powerful and creative figures—Vince and Linda McMahon, Eric Bischoff, Paul Heyman, Tod Gordon, Antonio Inoki, Hiro Matsuda, the Funks, Dusty Rhodes, Jim Cornette, and Hulk Hogan—are discussed in detail, revealing many little-known details about the behind-the-scenes negotiations involved in booking and promoting shows. From dealing with building and talent managers to working with radio and television stations, Brody explains the nuances of booking promotions, discusses the nature of negotiating and selling wrestling to television networks and sponsors, and divulges fascinating details about many aspects of working in the wrestling business.

About the Author
Howard Brody is a wrestling promoter and was president of the National Wrestling Alliance from 1996 to 2001. He is the co-author of Dusty: Reflections of an American Dream. He lives in Las Vegas.

Published on: 2009-11-15
Number of Pages: 430
Price: $13.57

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