Sylvain Grenier on In Your Head (recap)

Sylvain Grenier oN In Your Head Online Radio
Recap by Andrew Pritchard

Sylvain Grenier a former four time WWE World Tag Team Champion and the current TNA French Language Announcer made a Special Appearance on In Your Head and joined Jack, Special Guest Co-Host Buck Winchester and Barbie Richards! Here are just a few highlights from the Interview to hear the full Interview head on over to



The Interview started off by Jack plugging Sylvain Grenier’s website (, Jack asked Sylvain if it was weird going out in front of a big crowd with just a pair of Trunks on to which Sylvain replied “You don’t think about, I didn’t think about it till now actually” “It’s part of the show, it’s like a costume”. Jack asked how Sylvain’s health was “Health wise I’m phenomenal”. Jack asked about Sylvain’s neck “We were working with The Dudley’s at a House Show, a little accident happened” “One time I just went the wrong way and my neck took the fall and I broke it”.


A caller asked if he had heat with Bubba Ray Dudley (Now Brother Ray) back in 2003 and if this was a true story “We had some issues but no heat”. Jack asks if Sylvain got along with Rene when they were a tag team “Me and Rene were never really on the same page”.


Barbie asked a question from a fan about how Marty [Jannetty] and Shawn [Michaels] was to work with when the Rockers came back “Shawn was nervous working with Marty again” “It was cool we were all nervous” “It was fun, me and Rob really looked up to those guys” “It was fun to share that moment with them”. Jack asked what was it like having his debut being a Referee for Rock Vs Hogan at No Way Out 2003 “It was amazing” “I was in Louisville training when they called me up saying you need to train as a referee” “I started refereeing at a House Show for 2 to 3 weeks with Mike Chioda” “It’s a hard job being a Ref”


Jack asked if Sylvain had any problems with any of the fans “I have no recollection of a bad experience”. Jack asked if Sylvain decided to leave WWE or if they let him go “I wasn’t happy at the end” “I think it was time for me to leave” “They didn’t re-sign me for another contract, and it was fine with me”.


Sylvain then plugged the supplements on his website ( Jack asked how the French Commentary position came about for TNA “They called me for the spot, so it was good timing when I came back from the States” Barbie asked Sylvain a question from the fans about what Sylvain thought the biggest misconception in Professional Wrestling is by the fans “They maybe think we live like superstars on the road” “Life on the road isn’t as pleasant as it sounds”


Jack asks who was most helpful in Sylvain’s Career “Someone who helped me a lot was Pat Patterson” “He wasn’t always on the road, so I couldn’t pick his brain”.


These are just some highlights from the near 1 Hour interview.


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