The Greg DeMarco Show – Guests: Adam Cole and “Greek God” Papadon


The Greg DeMarco Show

Guests: Adam Cole and “Greek God” Papadon

Original Air Date: January 8, 2013


This week on The Greg DeMarco Show, Greg and Patrick were joined by two amazing guests, discussed the Rock’s promo with CM Punk and looked ahead to the road to WrestleMania. Tony Acero joined the discussion to take a look back at the NWO, and their chances at the WWE Hall of Fame.

Ring of Honor World Television Champion and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Champion Adam Cole joined the show to recount his amazing 2012. Cole discusses the now-famous hybrid rules match and if his facial injury during the match was really a blessing in disguise. Cole talks about beating Roderick Strong for the World TV title, and how it compares to pinning then World Champion Davey Richards in the 10th Anniversary iPPV main event. Does Cole see himself as a future ROH World Champion? That question gets a very candid answer during the interview.

Cole also looks back on his meteoric rise to the top of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, dating back to winning the Battle of Los Angeles tournament that he wasn’t originally booked for. If you look at Cole’s run in PWG and think “that happened fast,” you’re not along—Cole thinks so as well! Cole previews his reunion with Kyle O’Reilly for this weekend’s DDT Tournament and their first round match-up against Roderick Strong and Eddie Edwards.

Independent standout “Greek God” Papadon makes his return to the program after a six-month absence. Papadon discussed losing the ECWA Heavyweight Championship after a 560-day reign that also included winning the famous Super 8 tournament and being inducted into the promotion’s Hall of Fame. The end of the year saw Papadon turn face for the company, and Papadon talks about his embracing the fans’ cheers while he still “hates the peasants.” He also confirms that he is still not signed by any promotion, free to work for anyone he wants.  Papdon shares his aspirations for 2013 and predicts where he will be at this same time next year, and lays down a public challenge to the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion Kahagas.

Tony Acero jumps in with Greg and Patrick to discuss the first RAW of 2013, and what the booking says about the WWE’s faith in certain talents and where the Road to WrestleMania will take us. The crew also talks about when (and if) the NWO should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, and which members should be included. Do names like The Big Show (The Giant) and Scott Steiner make the cut?

Finally, hear Greg, Tony and Patrick offer their real time reactions as they learn of Alberto Del Rio winning the World Heavyweight Championship from the Big Show by reading the spoiler on the air. With no time to prepare, each analyst offers their perspective on the unpredictable title change.

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