TNA Final Resolution Recap (12/7)!

The show opens with FDR’s speech to the US after Pearl Harbor (today Dec. 7 is Pearl Harbor Day) saying Americans hate war, but we will go to war when we must, cut in with clips from the action leading up to the PPV.

Announcers Mike Tenay and Don West are at ringside to welcome fans amid a display of pyro, and talk about tonight’s card.

Feast or Fired Match
Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Homicide, Hernandez, Jimmy Rave, Lance Rock, “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal, “The Guru” Sonjay Dutt, BG James, Consequences Creed, Curry Man, Cute Kip, BG James, and Shark Boy

14 TNA Superstars will battle to get shots at the TNA championships; however, one unlucky superstar will also be fired from TNA Wrestling. Last year, Christopher Daniels was the one who lost his job with TNA. The cases are chained to poles at 4 corners of the ring. The wrestler must take down the case and get to the floor with it.

With 14 men in the ring, there’s way too much action to try to call it, but it’s a fun, hot match to open the show and get the crowd going. Hernandez of LAX gets the first case, after he takes out most of the other wrestlers when he Border Tosses Jimmy Rave onto them on the floor.

Tenay says Petey Williams could not be in the match because he was unable to get medical clearance after the beat down by the Main Event Mafia.

Curry Man and Homicide struggle and exchange head butts on the top turnbuckle until Curry knocks off Homicide and becomes the second to grab a case.

After Sonjay is crotched on the top turnbuckle, Homicide stands on top of him to be the third to grab a case. The Machine Guns and Rock n Rave Infection go all out to try for the final case, leaving an opening that nearly allows Jay Lethal to steal it, but the Guns come back and take him out with a missile drop kick. The Guns pull down the last case, but they celebrate in the ring and hold up the case, allowing Jay Lethal to springboard off the ropes, grab the case from them, & escape to the floor with it. The Guns argue with Lethal after the match.

Jeremy Borash calls the 4 winners back to the ramp. The Guns are still there, complaining to Jeremy, who ignores them. He offers the winners one chance to give up the case and walk away. Curry Man considers it but decides to keep the case. Borash calls one number at random to open his case tonight: Jay Lethal, number 2. The Guns are still complaining, but Borash tells them it’s the first man to the floor, and if they don’t like it, they should complain to Mick Foley. Lethal opens his case to reveal a World Tag Team Title shot. This upsets the Gunseven more, and they continue to argue with Borash, who tells them he’s sick of their constant “whining, bitching, and complaining.” He says that the name of the company is “Total Nonstop Action, not Total Nonstop A-hole,” and that Shelley is without a doubt the biggest pain in the rear he’s ever worked with.

My prediction is that Curry Man will be revealed to have the Fired suitcase, so that Christopher Daniels can return.

Lauren interviews the Beautiful People and Sharmell. Sharmell says she’s tougher than she looks, so they should not underestimate her. The Beautiful People say they are perfect and they know it. Then they get a call from the “Governor.” They tell her they’re about to go on a moose hunt. She tells them that she wants to come to iMPACT! this week, so they say they will get her a pass. Kip acts like he wants to tell them it’s not really “the Governor,” but he stays silent.

Knockouts Six Woman Tag Team Match
Sharmell & The Beautiful People, Angelina Love & Velvet Sky with Cute Kip
Roxxi, Taylor Wilde, & ODB

Booker T promised The Beautiful People they can have his lavish private dressing room if they win this match.

ODB wants Sharmell, but Sharmell refuses to get into the ring, so Roxxi and Angelina start off. Roxxi and Taylor do a series of quick tags, working Angelina’s arm. Love manages to tag in Sky, and they double team Wilde until the ref ejects Love. Wilde and Roxxi continuing working well as a team, with frequent tags, and they take out both Love and Sky, so they call for Sharmell. Instead, Kip gets into the ring, allowing Angelina and Velvet to sneak up behind ODB, Roxxi, and Taylor and ambush them.

Angelina and ODB go at it with some power moves. Sky helps with some double team moves, so they get ODB down and out. Now Sharmell tags in, and puts the boots to ODB, then punches her. When ODB recovers, Love and Sky return to double team her again. Finally ODB tags in Taylor, who goes to town on the Beautiful People. At last ODB gets her chance with Sharmell, but Kip runs in to protect her. Sharmell runs away up the ramp, with ODB and Kip behind her. Taylor and Angelina go at it in the ring. Love goes for a top rope cross body block, but Wilde rolls her over to get the pin for her team.

They cut to Jeremy Borash interviewing Eric Young. Eric says he’s serious now, and he has the confidence to win this match. The Machine Guns interrupt, and tell Borash he was out of line to say what he did. Eric tells them that they need to start making the right decisions, and stop making everything about themselves. They say all they want from Borash is to know where Foley is. He tells them Foley is in the office.

X Division Championship Match:
Sheik Abdul Bashir (C)
Eric Young

Shane Sewell, who is on probation, is the referee for this match. Bashir has sworn to get Sewell fired. The fans are solidly behind Eric in this match. Bashir shoves Sewell when he tries to check his boots, so Sewell has to put the count on him to get him to comply.

They start off with fast action and exchanges. Sewell has to put another count on Bashir when he sits on Eric and punches him repeatedly in the head. When Eric falls backwards over the ropes to the floor, hitting the ring rail with his back, Bashir goes out and slams Eric into the steel ring steps twice. When they return to the ring, the Sheik tries for a pin, but gets only two. Bashir then works on Eric’s back with a surfboard hold, returning to that at every chance.

Eric makes a comeback, but misses with a moonsault. Bashir goes for the Weapon of Mass Destruction, but Eric holds onto the center rope, so the move fails. Abdul knocks Eric to the floor, but Sewell stops him from following, so he shoves the ref. Eric tries to get back into the ring, but Bashir knocks him back to the floor. Again Shane stops him from going out after Eric, and Bashir shoves Sewell again. Sewell is very angry, but he keeps control.

Eric goes for a sunset flip, but Bashir is holding onto the ropes. Sewell counts, but the Sheik won’t let go, so Sewell kicks his arms off the ropes, and Eric rolls him up for the pin and the win.

Bashir starts to beat down Eric, so Sewell breaks it up. Bashir shoves Shane and goes back to beating down Eric. Sewell comes back again to stop him, and Abdul slaps the ref’s face. That is too much, so Sewell unloads with a series of forearms on the Sheik, then a back body drop. Bashir grabs the belt and hits him with it, busting the ref’s forehead open open. Eric tries for the save, but Bashir flips him to the floor. Then Abdul puts the boots to Shane, chokes him with his turban, and bites his open wound. As Bashir leaves with the belt, Jim Cornette comes out with Security, and they take the belt from Bashir. Trainers and other refs attend to Shane Sewell.

TNA Knockout Women’s Championship Match:
Awesome Kong (C) with Raisha Saeed & Rhaka Khan
Christy Hemme

AJ Styles has been training Christy Hemme to help her improve her ring skills. US Army veteran Staff Sgt. Leslie Manseur of Orlando, FL, announces Christy Hemme.

Don West says that Christy has bee working and training hard, but even if she “channels Lou Thesz,” she doesn’t stand a chance of beating Kong tonight. Sign in the crowd: “If Hemme wins, we riot!” The crowd, which has been hot and loud all night, is very quiet for this one, until Kong rushes Christy, who pulls down the rope, causing Kong to sail over to the floor. They roar when Hemme follows with a cross body block off the top onto Kong. Kong soon stops the rally by blocking Christy’s kick and slamming her backward to the floor, and the crowd goes quiet again.

Back in the ring, Kong continues overpowering Hemme. Hemme makes a comeback and goes for a sleep hold on Kong, who backs into a corner to knock her off. Hemme hits her absurd flying fire crotch guillotine and tries for a pin, but Saeed pulls her out. Then Rhaka Khan joins in on the floor, beating up Hemme. Unbelievably, Hemme fights them off and returns to the ring, but Saeed follows her into the ring, so the ref calls a DQ. Hemme and Kong continue battling until Security comes out to separate them. The crowd stays quiet throughout the match, except for a brief chant of “Let them fight!” at the end when Security comes in.

Christy is definitely improving, but she’s nowhere near good enough for this kind of push yet. The lack of crowd reaction through most of the match is proof that fans aren’t buying into it either. It’s incredible to me that TNA has two popular and accomplished women wrestlers on their staff (Roxxi and Saeed/Cheerleader Melissa), yet they insist upon pushing women who are just plain not good enough (yet) to be credible.

Borash interviews Angle, who says that he smells blood in the air, and he’s obsessed with getting Jeff Jarrett. He claims Jarrett has ruined his entire life, so he’s going through Rhino to get to Jeff and beat him within an inch of his life. JB asks him about Foley, and Angle says Mick is taken care of.

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match
Beer Money Inc., James Storm & Robert Roode (C) with Jacqueline
Abyss & “The Blueprint Matt Morgan

There is a heap of wild action before the match even starts, including Abyss chasing Beer Money around the arena and back to the ring, where Morgan dives off the top onto both of them. Beer Money then tries to leave, but the ref has the bell rung to start the match, and starts the ten count, telling them they will forfeit the match and the belts if they don’t return, so they come back.

Tenay reports that Jim Cornette says he is holding up the X Division Belt, and he will make an announcement on iMPACT! as to what will be done about the title.

Beer Money keep leaving the ring and stalling the start of the match. Storm goes in to start against Abyss, but them dives out, tagging Roode. Roode doesn’t want to go in either, so finally Morgan tags in, & Robert starts the match with him. Morgan easily overpowers Roode and flings him around like a rag doll. Roode manages to tag in Storm, but when he goes airborne, Morgan catches him and slams him to the mat.

Morgan tags in Abyss, and Storm again tags out and bails to the floor, angering Roode. After a minute Roode tries to tag out, but Storm is away from the corner getting another beer, forcing Roode to stay in.

Morgan whips Roode into the corner, but he can’t follow up because Jacquelyn holds onto his leg. That allows Roode to charge him and clip his knee, injuring it. Beer Money keep Morgan on their side of the ring, tagging frequently and working on his knee, as the crowd chants “Let’s go Morgan!” They switch places when the ref’s back is turned because he’s keeping Abyss from getting into the ring. When they go for a double team suplex on him, Morgan manages to suplex both of them instead, and he gets the tag to Abyss.

Storm shoves Roode at Abyss and bails out of the ring. When he returns, Abyss cleans house. Abyss gets a near fall on Storm, but Roode makes the save. Morgan comes back to stop Roode from double teaming. Storm tries to clobber Abyss with a beer bottle, but the monster grabs it. Jacquelyn runs into the ring, between Abyss and Storm, allowing Storm to grab a set of brass knucks. Beer Money Inc. retain their titles thanks to James Storm punching Abyss in the face with the brass knucks.

Lauren interviews Mick Foley, who says his only job is to make sure the Main Event Mafia don’t interfere. She asks what about the man Kurt is bringing. Foley says it doesn’t matter. The Guns come up and Shelley insults him, then asks/tells Foley to take the case away from Lethal and give it to them. Foley says he’ll take it under advisement. After they leave, he says that one of these days, Shelley will get what’s coming to him, and Foley may give it to him, possibly on Thursday.

Tenay and West are talking about the two main events, when they are interrupted by the Motor City Machine Guns, who go to the ring and say that they are sitting in the ring until Mick Foley comes out and gives them Lethal’s case. Jim Cornette comes out and tells them that Foley has more important things to do tonight than “wet nurse a couple of cry babies like you!” He tells them to leave or else. Shelley then runs down the Midnight Express, the Rock n Roll Express, and Cornette, and asks what Cornette will do. Cornette leaves to get Security, but the lights go out, and Suicide flies out to the ring on a zip wire. He takes out both Sabin and Shelley and leaves them laying.

[Kaz was supposed to be Suicide, but his debut was delayed when Kaz was injured. There have been rumors that they might put someone else under the mask until Kaz recovers, and it appears that’s what has been done, as Suicide does not look tall enough to be Kaz.]

Lauren interviews Rhino, who says that Angle is sick and demented for threatening Jarrett’s little girls, and he feels like Angle is talking about his own little girl. Rhino says tonight he’s fighting for Jarrett’s little girls.

First Half of the Double Main Event
“The War Machine” Rhino
Kurt Angle with a Mystery Man in his corner
Special Enforcer Mick Foley

If Rhino wins, Angle is gone from TNA. If Angle wins, he gets his rematch vs. Jeff Jarrett. TNA Mobile has said that the man in Angle’s corner will be a former World Champion who once shared tag team gold with Mick Foley — that means it should be either Terry Funk or Mikey Whipwreck.

Angle comes out alone. Angle and Rhino are about the same size, and their styles are complimentary, so they are very well matched. They combine mat work with power moves effectively, keeping the fans chanting for both men. They go to the floor, and Angle whips Rhino into the guard rail, driving it back several feet. Back in the ring, Angle puts on a chinlock, but Rhino fights to his feet, lifting Angle, and back dropping him, but Angle keeps the hold. Rhino fights his way out, and the battle continues, but then Angle hits the chinlock again. Rhino again escapes, but Angle is wearing him down.

They go to slugging it out in the center of the ring. Rhino hits a spine buster, but gets only a two count. Kurt hits a belly to back suplex, and Rhino returns the favor with a belly to belly. Angle goes for the ankle lock, but Rhino rolls over and pushes him off with the free leg. Rhino goes for the gore, but Angle catches him and hits the Angle slam, getting only a two count.

Rhino charges Angle, who sidesteps, causing Rhino to hit the ref instead. Mick Foley takes over as ref. While Foley is checking on the ref, Angle goes ot and grabs a steel chair. Foley stops him from using it. Rhino does a quick roll up on Angle but gets two. Rhino superplexes Angle, but again gets two. Al Snow comes out and distracts Mick by slapping his face so Angle can slam Rhino in the head with a chair. Kurt covers Rhino and gets the win. Angle tells Foley he’s going to cripple Jeff Jarrett at Genesis, and then Foley is next. Angle winks and gives Snow the thumbs up as he leaves.

They must have been counting Snow’s Hardcore Championship as a World Championship when they made that TNA Mobile announcement.

Lauren interviews the Main Event Mafia. Sting says he’s very confident. He claims they have all been disrespected by the Front Line, and they are going to teach them a lesson tonight.

Borash interviews the Front Line, and asks if they can trust Team 3D. 3D are insulted, but AJ Says he’ll handle it. He asks JB if he’s still palling around with Angle, then he says that he trusts 3D like brothers.

Second Half of the Double Main Event
Main Event Mafia
“The Icon” Sting (C), Booker T, Kevin Nash, & Scott Steiner
TNA Front Line
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles, Team 3D – Brother Ray & Devon, & Samoa Joe

If the TNA Front Line wins, AJ Styles becomes the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. The crowd is super hot for this match, chanting, “Let’s go Front Line!”

AJ and Booker start off. They go at it with a mix of brawling, martial arts chops, and AJ’s acrobatics. AJ tags in Ray, who goes to work on Booker’s arm.

Joe and Sting slug it out in standard heavyweight style, then Sting tags in Nash. With a series of punches, Joe gets Nash over to his own corner and tags in Devon. They brawl for a while, and then Nash tags in Steiner, and they continue in heavyweight power style. Booker tags in, and MEM keep Devon on their side of the ring, wearing him down.

Finally, Devon gets the tag to Ray, who cleans house. Joe tags in and has Nash in trouble until Booker distracts the ref, allowing Steiner to pull Joe into the ring post. MEM continue to tag in and out, working together to keep Joe on their side of the ring.

At last Joe slams Steiner and tags in AJ, who goes to town with his fists on Sting, who has been tagged in by Steiner. Then he clotheslines all of MEM when they rush the ring, and gives Nash an enzuiguiri for good measure. He follows up with a series of Stinger Splashes on all of them, and lets out with a Sting howl. Sting comes back, and they battle until AJ tags Joe back in. Then everyone enters the ring, and it’s a free for all. Joe picks up Sting for the muscle buster, but Nash low blows him from behind, and he drops Sting. Sting hits Joe with the Scorpion Death Drop to get the win and retain his title.

This was another excellent PPV from TNA, with not one bad match on the card. I recommend you get the replay.

TNA’s next PPV is Genesis on January 11 at the Cricket Arena in Charlotte, NC.

— Karen Belcher
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