TNA Lockdown PPV Recap 4/18

All the results and action from the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, PA.

Live Online Preshow

As soon as the preshow starts, they go straight to Jeremy Borash, who announces film of Danny Bonaduce arriving in his motorcycle earlier today. After the film clip, JB runs down the card and then they cut to video promos of the matches.

Matt Morgan, Awesome Kong and Taylor Wilde were all in a car accident late Friday night in Philadelphia. No one was seriously injured when another car doing about 40 to 50 mph rear ended their SUV, but all were banged up and bruised. Luckily, they were wearing seat belts. All are wrestling on tonight’s show in spite of the accident.

Lauren interviews Danny Bonaduce, who says Philadelphia is his home town, so all he has to do is get into the six sides of steel with Eric, and he is going to win. He continues to say that he knocked out Johnny Fairplay’s tooth, and he’s wearing it on a chain around his neck. Then they show film from Eric Young appearing on Bonaduce’s radio show, when they slapped each other and got into a scuffle.

“Showtime” Eric Young
Danny Bonaduce

Bonaduce’s wearing real wrestling tights for this match. On his way to the ring, he is booed and starts a fracas with a “fan,” and Atlas Security has to break it up. Once the match starts, Danny brings out some nunchuks, which he doesn’t know how to use very well, but spins them around anyway, until Eric drop kicks him and starts the match. Eric takes control of the match. and keeps it for most of the match.

Bonaduce makes a lot of mistakes, but Eric carries him through the short contest, getting the win with a rollup into a small package. After the match, Bonaduce retrieves the nunchuks and hits Eric from behind with them, then chokes him with them. He threatens to kill Eric, but Rhino runs out and makes the save with a big Gore on Danny, as the fans cheer.

They go back to video promos for the matches, then show film from the FanFest from this weekend. Jeremy Borash says TNA is a very fan friendly organization. He introduces Dixie Carter, the President of TNA, who thanks the fans for watching and helping TNA break their tv ratings records. Then they show more videos, including an action video set to the Lockdown theme song, Bullet with Butterfly Wings by Smashing Pumpkins.

Next announcer Mike Tenay welcomes us as they show first AJ Styles and Chris Daniels arriving together, then the Main Event Mafia arriving together. That is followed by Team 3D on the Philadelphia streets, talking about their determination to go out IWGP and TNA Tag Team Champions tonight.

The show opens with a video showing clips of Smashing Pumpkins performing Bullet with Butterfly Wings cut in with clips of the action leading up to tonight’s PPV.

Tenay and Don West talk about tonight’s card as the camera pans the cheering fans in the arena.

X Division Championship
Xscape Match
Suicide (C)
Sheik Abdul Bashir
“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal
Consequences Creed

Since Christopher Daniels is doing double duty, still wrestling as Suicide tonight, it makes sense that this match would be first on the card, to give him a chance to recover before the Lethal Lockdown match. This is an elimination match, with participants being eliminated by pinfall or submission, until only two are left. Then the first person to escape the cage and get both feet on the floor is the winner.

Tenay and West comment that Lethal and Creed will work together, as will Bashir and Kiyoshi, but Suicide is on his own in this match, so he’s at a disadvantage. One of the highlights is Creed’s beautiful hesitation drop kick into the face of Suicide, as Lethal holds Suicide for him.

Kiyoshi is the first to be eliminated by Lethal and Creed, after a top rope elbow drop by Lethal. Creed is eliminated second, by Bashir’s WMDDT. Lethal does a great back flip to sell a Suicide clothesline. Suicide Solution on Lethal, but Lethal is eliminated third by Bashir, who had been playing possum on the ring apron, and sneaks in to slam Suicide into the cage wall and steal the pin.

Now it’s down to Bashir and Suicide, and who can get to the floor first. Bashir almost escapes by drop kicking the cage door, but Suicide grabs him by the neck at the last moment, and pulls him back in. Both men try to climb out, resulting in some scary moments on top of the ropes. Finally, they end up both straddling the top of the cage, each trying to push the other back into the cage. Finally Suicide knocks Bashir off with a head butt.

Kiyoshi runs back down to ringside and tries to climb up to stop Suicide, but “Security” (including JAPW’s Monsta Mack) runs down and pulls him away. Suicide gets the win with a breathtaking leap off the top of the cage onto the group of “Security” on the floor.

Lauren interviews AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels, and notes that their teammates Jeff Jarrett and Samoa Joe are missing. She asks if they are all on the same page. AJ says that he and Daniels have been a tag team before, and they are definitely on the same page, and this match is about showing they belong. Lauren asks Chris what it was like being asked back by Jeff Jarrett. Daniels says it’s good to be home, and he is a man reborn.

Queen of the Cage Match
Madison Rayne
Sojourner Bolt
ODB with Cody Deaner

This short, fun match is a wild free for all. The others team up against ODB from time to time, but there are no lasting alliances. ODB is knocked out after being beat down, until Cody revives her with a drink from her flask. ODB cleans house, but then the others gang up on her, and the brawl continues. ODB drinks from her flask again, and Don West says she shouldn’t drink if she’s not going to share. ODB then spits the liquor in the face of Sojo Bolt, and a power slam gets the win for ODB.

After the match, ODB and Cody celebrate in the ring.

They cut to the back, where Jeff Jarrett is arriving in a black stretch Hummer. There’s still no sign of Joe.

IWGP Jr. Tag Team Championship
Three Team Tornado Tag Team Match
Motor City Machine Guns (C)
No Limit
Latin American Xchange

Since this is a tornado match, all six men can be in the ring at the same time, making the action fast and furious. Early in the match, Sabin tries for an octopus type submission hold on Hernandez, but it just ends up getting him shoulder blocked into the cage wall. A little later, the Guns try to double team suplex Hernandez, but he suplexes them instead. The Guns keep trying the double team moves, though, and finally wear down Hernandez so that they get some success with their double team moves on him.

There’s just far too much exciting action for me to try to call it. The finish comes when the Guns hit Naito with the Made in Detroit and get the pin, retaining their titles.

Lauren interviews Abyss, asking him how he plans to survive against Matt Morgan, who isn’t concerned about winning, only hurting Abyss. Abyss thanks Lauren for being him girlfriend, and says that if there’s one thing he knows about, it’s surviving. He’s going to take all his frustrations out on Matt Morgan tonight.

Doomsday Chamber of Blood Match
Matt Morgan

Neither man can win unless his opponent is bleeding. Tenay emphasizes that this is not a first blood match. Matt Morgan carries a steel chair and a bag into the ring with him. Abyss starts off by punching the chair into Morgan’s face, and he keeps on punching Morgan after Matt drops the chair. Abyss picks up the chair later, and Morgan kicks it into Abyss’ head, busting his forehead open, so now Morgan can possibly pin Abyss. While Abyss is down, Morgan climbs up the cage and drops the chair over the top of the cage to the floor.

The battle continues, and Matt dumps the bag he brought to the ring, spilling chunks of broken glass into the ring. He tries to smash Abyss’ head into it, and during the struggle, the blood pours from Abyss’ wound onto the pile of glass. Abyss gets away. Morgan grabs a large chunk of glass and threatens to stab it into Abyss’ head. They go back to fighting, and Morgan hits referee Andrew Thomas with a cross body block off the top when Abyss dodges. Abyss grabs a chunk of glass and drives it into Morgan’s forehead. Now blood is running freely down both men’s faces. Referee Slick Johnson comes out to take over.

Abyss leaves the ring and gets a steel chair, but Dr. Stevie (Stevie Richards) runs out and takes the chair away from Abyss, keeping him from using it. Abyss goes back out and asks Stevie for the chair, but Stevie says no, so Abyss goes back under the ring and gets another bag. Stevie tells him not to do it, but Abyss goes into the ring and spills the tacks onto the mat. Stevie follows Abyss and starts hitting him, allowing Matt Morgan to low blow Abyss and then power bomb him onto the tacks, getting the pin.

Jeremy Borash interviews Jeff Jarrett, asking him what side of him they will see tonight. Jarrett says that everyone who is worrying about him should look at themselves. Tonight, he’s going to do what he always does, and that’s the right thing. At the end, Samoa Joe comes in with his knife and mumbles something to Jeff that I can’t understand. Jeff rolls his eyes and leaves.

Knockouts Championship Match
Awesome King (C) with Raisha Saeed
Angelina Love with Velvet Sky
Taylor Wilde

Love immediately tries to climb out of the cage to escape from Kong, but Kong grabs her legs and pulls Love back in, smashing her head on the turnbuckle. Then Kong throws Taylor Wilde down to the mat. Wilde and Love team up against Kong, but then they keep breaking up each others’ pins. Don West remarks on the wrestling skill of Angelina, and then takes a detour into fantasy land by claiming that Velvet Sky also has wrestling skill.

Kong stands on Love’s hair and pulls her up by the arms, causing Angelina to scream. Kong continues to dominate, slamming Love to the mat. Kong goes up for a somersault splash off the top, but Angelina rolls out of the way. Velvet Sky and Angelina Love tie Kong’s braids to the cage. Raisha chases Sky away and then works on trying to free Kong. Taylor Wilde hits Love with a cross body block off the top, but only gets two.

Love plays possum, pretending to be hurt, so the ref makes Wilde move away. Taylor goes over to check on Kong, who kicks her. Out of nowhere, Love rolls up Wilde for the pin and wins the title, with Kong still tied to the cage.

Lauren talks to Team 3D, who are with a bunch of Philly fans who are holding up beers and chanting “TNA! TNA!” Devon says they will leave Beer Money with more cracks in their heads than the Liberty Bell, and after the PPV, they are going down to Tony Luke’s for some Philly cheese steaks. Ray tells Beer Money they are in the jungle, and they are going to die.

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match
IWGP Team Championship Match
Philly Street Fight — Title vs. Title
Team 3D, Brother Ray & Devon
Beer Money Inc., James Storm & Robert Roode

The cage door stays open for this match, since it’s a Philadelphia Street Fight. They start off immediately slugging it out. 3D throw Beer Money out of the cage as soon as they can, and follow them as the crowd cheers. They pair off and go out brawling in different directions through the crowd.

Ray and Storm battle all the way up into one of the luxury boxes, and then into a hallway, where they are met by Devon and Roode. The brawl continues back down the steps, with some help from Atlas Security. Roode finally escapes back to the ring area,

Storm blinds Devon by spitting beer into his face, and then hits Ray with the cage door, busting his forehead open. Beer Money set up a table next to the steel steps, then climb up the steps and suplex Devon through the table. Beer Money take Ray into the ring and double team him, locking Devon out. Ray comes back with a double clothesline, and the brawl continues.

Ray and Storm go up to the top rope and struggle, with Storm falling and being crotched on the top rope. Top rope Super Bubba Bomb on Robert Roode only gets two. Devon finally gets back into the ring, and they double team Roode, but still can’t get the pin. The battle continues with numerous near falls. Wassup on Roode is followed by the crowd yelling, “Get the tables!” Devon goes out and slides a table in to Ray, but Beer Money makes a comeback.

Beer Money go up top, but Ray dodges a diving head butt from Roode and a somersault dive from Storm. Storm ends up outside the cage, Roode grabs Devon, and Storm tries to hit him with the cage door, but ends up slamming it on Roode instead. 3D put Roode through the table to become 22 time Tag Team Champions! They now hold both the TNA Tag Team Titles and the IWGP Tag Championships.

Borash asks Kurt Angle about the chances of the Main Event Mafia tonight. Angle says that people claim they are over the hill, but they are going to win tonight because they are legends. He says wrestlers come and go, but Legends continue on. He says they know something their opponents don’t: you win with your head, not with your heart.

Lethal Lockdown Match
Team Jarrett (Front Line)
Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, & Samoa Joe
Team Angle (Main Event Mafia)
Kurt Angle, Kevin Nash, Booker T, & Scott Steiner

Daniels and Angle start off the match and continue the scientific style they worked so well on the last iMPACT! Daniels is an excellent match for Angle, and they bring out the best in each other. The crowd pops when Daniels locks the Koji Clutch on Angle, but Booker T enters and breaks up the submission hold. Tenay points out that this was good psychology by Daniels, who now has only Booker to deal with for a bit, as Angle recovers from the submission hold.

AJ Styles comes in next, evening up the sides as he and Daniels work together as if their tag team had never been broken up. Scott Steiner enters next, and pulls out all the stops, even hitting Styles with a Frankensteiner. The crowd pops, but Steiner gives them the one finger salute.

Samoa Joe is supposed to enter next, but he’s late, and they show him backstage with a black towel over his head, talking to someone who is behind a curtain. [Note: If Tazz has indeed signed with TNA as has been rumored, my guess is that the black towel over Joe’s head is a signal that Tazz is the man behind the curtain.] Finally Joe enters and helps his team come back. As Kevin Nash tries to enter, Joe runs up and kicks the door into his face. Joe slugs it out with Nash, who hits him with a couple of knees to the head, and then slams him into a ring post. Nash finally enters, followed by Joe. AJ Pelés Steiner, and Daniels hits Nash with the BME, but they can’t go for a pin, since the last man’s not in yet.

Finally Jeff Jarrett enters, and they drop the top of the cage with all the weapons attached to it. The weapons include a hockey stick, kendo stick, chair, trash can, traffic sign, guitar, and more. They start to use a five way split screen, but quickly abandon it, as it makes it very difficult to see what’s going on.

Angle and AJ go up to the top of the cage to battle up there. Angle tries to suplex AJ off the top of the cage to the floor, but AJ blocks him. Angle rakes AJ’s eyes and kicks him low, then returns to the cage, closing the ceiling panel behind him. AJ’s stuck on top of the cage, but that doesn’t last long, as Styles jumps and crashes through the cage top to the ring.

Joe hits Scott with the muscle buster, but Booker makes the save with a kick to Joe. Spinneroonie! Jeff goes to hit Booker with a chair, but hits AJ instead when Booker ducks. West insists Jarrett hit AJ on purpose. Jeff gets his guitar, points at Booker, and then points at AJ. Don West says Jarrett’s going to hit AJ, but Tenay says no. Jeff hits Booker and tells AJ to make the pin, getting the win for his team.

The arena goes dark, new theme music hits, a video runs showing a motorcycle revving, and Bobby Lashley makes his entrance to TNA. Angle smiles, Jarrett looks surprised, and the arena goes dark. Don West says that Lashley is there to help Angle.

Lauren interviews Sting, who says that Mick Foley is “whacked out.” Sting says he’s determined to win tonight and keep his title, even if it’s Mick Foley in six sides of steel.

Jeremy Borash interviews Mick Foley, who says Mick isn’t there, Cactus Jack is there to take out Sting.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
“The Icon” Sting (C)
Mick Foley/Cactus Jack

Foley’s wearing the Cactus Jack “Wanted Dead or Alive” shirt and leopard boots, and carrying the barbed wire baseball bat as he enters the ring. He gets a big pop from the crowd, but Sting’s is even bigger. Referee Earl Hebner takes the bat away from Foley, and it’s removed from the cage. Foley repeatedly punches himself in the cut on his forehead, causing it to bleed profusely again.

After brawling, Sting rubs Foley’s face on the wire of the cage, causing him to bleed even more. Foley climbs up to the top rope, and Sting follows, back dropping Foley to the mat. Foley backs Sting into a corner and pummels him in the face with his fist. Foley tries to climb up, gets his ankle twisted in the ropes, and Sting works it further. As the battle continues, Mick keeps selling the injury to his leg, limping and being unable to climb up the cage.

Foley goes for a Scorpion Death Lock on Sting, but Sting escapes pretty quickly. Then Foley tries to get out the door, and tells Hebner to unlock it, but he won’t., so he drop kicks a camera man through one of the camera holes in the cage, and tries to climb out through it. Sting pulls him back and puts on the Scorpion Death Lock, but Foley gets back to the opening in the cage and Foley asks for the bat, so the camera man hands it to him.

Sting tries to climb out, bit Foley hits him twice in the legs with the barbed wire bat, and Sting falls to the mat. Sting catches Foley with a drop toe hold, and Foley lands on the bat. Sting gets the bat and hits Foley over and over again with it, then grabs Foley from behind and smashes the wire into Foley’s face and eyes.

Foley gets the bat back and hits Sting with it twice, busting open the Icon’s forehead. He pulls out the sock, wraps the wire around it, and hits Sting in the face with it. He hits Sting again with the bat, and the crowd is chanting, “Foley! Foley!” Mick climbs up the cage, followed closely by Sting, but Foley is the first to hit the floor with his feet and wins to become the new TNA Heavyweight Champion.

To close out the PPV, they run a promo video for Sacrifice, with AJ Styles dressed in his Gears of War armored suit.






This was another excellent PPV from TNA. I recommend you get the replay.

TNA’s next PPV is Sacrifice on May 24 in Orlando, FL.

— Karen Belcher

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