Top 15 worst Intercontinental champions

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The Intercontinental Championship has always been looked at as a stepping stone for a wrestler. It’s a title that recognizes that the individual has a ton of potential to be the WWE Champion some day, but not quite yet. We’ve seen it many times where the IC strap catapults a star into a superstar. The Macho Man, Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels are examples of wrestlers that took the belt and ran to greatness. We also have other cases where the title reign amounted to nothing. Sometimes it was a case of a poor gimmick or the company not pushing the wrestler enough. Sometimes it was a case of the wrestler just lacking in talent. There were also instances where it was a bit of both. Did you know that Carlito once held the second most prestigious belt in the company? It was a 155 day run! Granted, he wouldn’t qualify as one of the worst but he was definitely one that got lost in the shuffle. Shelton Benjamin also had a 244 day reign that has been forgotten about, but he’d likely constitute as an underrated IC champion as he had a ton of potential and was misused. The same could be said for Drew McIntyre who is currently ripping it up in the indies.

We could go on all day when it comes to talking about wrestlers that flew under the radar and those who were misused, which we discuss here, but that is not the point of this article. This list will be a tribute to those who were the best at being the worst. Let’s dive into this catastrophe and see the top 15 worst Intercontinental Champions of all-time!

15. D’Lo Brown


He was the only man to ever wrestle in a chest protector. D’Lo was known for perfectly executing the running power-bomb, the “Low-Down” from the top rope and the leg-drop, but that’s about it. Not to rip on poor D’Lo, but he was never a popular singles wrestler and he was best known for his role in the Nation of Domination stable. He wasn’t terrible, but there was no chance that his title reign would spring-board him into the upper echelon of WWE talent. He won the belt off Jeff Jarrett and his tenure didn’t last long at all, promptly dropping the title back to Jarrett a mere 26 days later.

14. The Godfather


The Godfather was best known for coming to the ring with a line of “ho’s” parading behind him. Upon entering the ring, he’d grab the Microphone and say: “COME GET ON THE HOOOOOOO TRAIN.” It was an entertaining gimmick, but it was an “Attitude Era” shtick that would never fly in today’s PG brand of entertainment. The Godfather’s actual name was Charles Wright, who also wrestled under the “Papa Shango” moniker. Papa Shango was voted as “Worst Gimmick” and “Most Embarrassing Wrestler” by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards in 1992. His gimmick changed, but unfortunately his wrestling ability did not.

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