Top 20 Busts in WWE History


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While the WWE has succeeded on numerous occasions, it has also failed on numerous occasions. From signing wrestlers who either struggled to perform, failed to connect with their audience or wore their welcome behind the curtains thin, the world’s greatest wrestling corporation has certainly whiffed on talent. Further, its failures extend beyond its stars’ performances. On many occasions, the company’s creative team has steered a character’s storyline in a bizarre direction, causing that character to take part in unfitting moments that either destroyed their career or put the company under a heated microscope.

This list contains both superstars and infamous moments because they often go hand-in-hand. Some wrestlers hurt their careers because they were unable to effectively wrestle, but others saw their livelihood wither away because of the awful moments they were placed into. Other moments just plain hurt the company’s immediate image.

Some may argue the company’s failures were actually good for business. Did these so called failures really hurt the WWE or did they propel the company to seemingly once unreachable heights? After reading this article, you might think the WWE had collapsed under the mounting weight of its own blunders; yet, if anything, the opposite was true. No matter the type of creative disasters that went live, they always seemed to rebound and grow stronger. And that growth would have never happened if the WWE had not learned from its mistakes.

Without studying why it failed, the WWE may have never become the global phenomenon it is today. It would have never won the Monday Night Wars, invaded Hollywood (figuratively speaking of course) or launched its own global network. Companies get rich by taking risks and the WWE has always pushed the boundaries of reality TV.

So, with that being said, let’s delve into the major mistakes that initially hurt, but actually made and continues to make the WWE one of the most watched programs on the planet.

#20 – RAW Guest Hosts

In 2009, the WWE may have come up with one of their worst ideas to date. They decided that each week a celebrity would host RAW.  While some of the hosts were engaging, such as Bob Barker and Shaquille O’Neal, most looked uninterested in the wrestling brand. Not long after the idea was implemented, it faded away. It also send a confusing brand message, like when the Muppers hosted Raw.

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