Top 20 Unfaithful Wrestlers in History


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Skepticism, mistrust, and general paranoia … quite often these are the assumptions of those who are in what they believe to be “love.” The unwavering feeling of not knowing what is true and what is simply a facade; a false life with fake emotion; no rest for the weary while your significant other roams the town without you; wondering throughout the night as the dark shadows creep in just what kind of strange affairs your other half has become involved with … terrible times.

If happiness were defined by monogamy, sorrow would eat at the human heart like a ravished cannibal in search of his next grotesque meal. The common nature of the human spirit is a wandering mess, unrestrained by the repetitive, the conventional, the comfortable, which is the cause of much relationship trauma. People get bored and get turned on by new and exciting experiences, one of which is the thrill of the stray.

This is no way an admirable quality but in the harsh realities of our environment, such is the way of life. This infidelity-monster is ever-present in the lives of those who make their living on the road: musicians, traveling salesmen, professional athletes… lust and loneliness can make a beast of anybody and when instant companionship based on celebrity status or cash-on-the-spot finance is readily available from city-to-city, the dark underbelly of this beast becomes bloated with dishonest desire.

The world of professional wrestling is no different. Superstars travel, often up to three-hundred-days a year, away from their homes and families and away from all that is comfortable in their lives. Thus, even the most morally-sound individuals can find themselves transfixed with unfaithful vision and lost within a moment of monumental weakness. Of course, sometimes a man/woman of the industry is simply a sexual supernova; poised to explode.

These are the top 20 unfaithful wrestlers in history:

20. Taichi Ishikari


The list that lies ahead with be filled with its fair share of sleaze. Therefore, let’s begin with a bit of a twist and discuss a Japanese wrestler by the name of Taichi Ishikari. While this name may not be completely recognizable by North American wrestling fans, Ishikari’s tale of infidelity is rather interesting given the circumstances.

Ishikari, who was employed by New Japan Pro Wrestling during his unfaithful mishaps, was actually suspended from the company for his behavior and inappropriate comments made in regards to his wife via social media. Ishikari was not only suspended by made to take a 30% pay cut for embarrassing the promotion, according to

Punishment for infidelity is not a common trend in our Western World. Perhaps NJPW is on to something? Then again, that would never catch on over on our side of the world.

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