Sunset Flip presents: Tribute to the Troops

Sunset Flip Presents: Looking At Tribute To The Troops
By Jim Boy Star

NOTE: This article will NOT contain any spoilers.


It is almost that time of the year, the time of the year where WWE presents their Tribute to The Troops special.

Tribute to the Troops, for those that do not know, is the event that WWE does once a year where they go overseas and put on a free show for the US troops. At this point, the special has already been taped and you can find the results on various websites. This is also the second year in a row that the show will be an hour and on NBC.

Some within the company say that they feel this show is more important to perform in than Wrestlemania. The show is very important, if only for the reason is the best PR move in the year for the company and just all around good thing for them to do.

Personally, it has been years since I watched an entire episode of Tribute To The Troops. One of the main reasons for this is because, even though its a great thing to do, it is VERY uneventful and very missable show.

When people look back five years from now and tell us what some of their favorite moments were, I would bet that nothing would be mentioned from this yearly show.

The show itself is a feel-good show with music videos about the wrestlers’ trip the “war zone”. I tend to hate most of WWE’s videos due to the music they use and their usual generic rock band music that they constantly use. But I can’t take away that they do a great job with getting over to the audience what kind of environment they are in. Some people may even call the show somewhat educational because of this and I would not disagree.

Regardless what you think of the show or even the war, after all is said and done the public has seen a side of the WWE that you do not see the entire year. Mostly, I feel WWE does not get enough credit for this yearly special and I do not think they will bring that up because doing something good does not necessarily mean you have to constantly brag about it.

Then again, maybe they will use the “Did You Know” segment the week after about the Tribute To The Troops show. It may be one of the only times I would not blame them for putting that graphic up.

This week on the Sunset Flip Wrestling Show, we talk about Raw, TNA having a storyline for about the next year, and unfortunately as we were prerecording the show we found out that Umaga has passed away. Listen and download the latest show at

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