VPW Winter Chill Results from 1/19

VPW Winter Chill 1/19/08 Official Results & Notes

To start off the new year, VPW had its highest attendance to date with about 350 fans packing in the Centereach VFW Hall. VPW would like to thank everyone who attended.

The show opened with a bang as Eclipse and the Suburban SWAT Team began fighting in the backstage area. Their fight quickly spilled out to ringside just as the ring announcer was welcoming everyone. Once the fight ended up in the ring, the Suburban SWAT Team invited Eclipse back in to finish what they started. Instead, Eclipse told their rivals that they’d wait until later to do it on their terms.

“The Miracle” Javi-Air d. Deranged

Once things got back under control, it was time for the first match of the evening. Deranged ended being Javi-Air’s mystery opponent, sent by Azrieal. Deranged hadn’t been seen in VPW or the Northeast in quite some time. This high-flying match had VPW fans thrilled, but sadly Deranged was seriously injured in the match, allowing Javi-Air to defeat his opponent. Shortly after the match, Deranged was rushed to a nearby hospital. The doctor on hand believed that Deranged suffered a stinger.

Nick Noshus d. Major Intencity

The undefeated streak of Nick Noshus continued as he defeated Major Intencity. The crowd was solidly behind Major Intencity, but even the fan’s support wasn’t enough to overcome Nick Noshus.

Livewired d. E.J. Risk & Justin Toxic

Livewired’s hot streak continued as they beat the debuting E.J. Risk & Justin Toxic in a hard-fought tag team match.

4 Corner Elimination

“Firebird” Jorge Santi d. Scotty Rio w/ Vinny the Guido, Nightmare and DC Diamond

Santi’s losing streak ended in a big way as he survived a match with three hard-hitting opponents. Scotty Rio was also very impressive in this showing by eliminating both the returning DC Diamond and Nightmare. Once it came down to just Rio and Santi, the action really kicked up. After the match, Scotty Rio was visibly angry at Vinny, blaming him for the loss, but the two patched things up since money talks.

Sabotage w/ Tony Lo d. Jay Lover w/ Don Tony

The ongoing war between Best Bodies, Inc. and the OZHB raged on in a match that was based on Sabotage’s actions back in December when he kidnapped Carmine the dog. This was also the first appearance of Best Bodies, Inc.’s new corner man, Tony Lo. Lo made an immediate impact and was certainly a big factor in Sabotage’s victory. Immediately following the match, Joe So Delicious hit the ring and joined Sabotage and Tony Lo in mauling Jay Lover and Don Tony. Tony Lo took out handcuffs for both Jay Lover and Don Tony, chaining them to the ring while the beating continued. Sabotage and Joe Delicious then formally introduced Tony Lo to the VPW fans. Having seen enough, Mack Daddy Flexx ran down with a steel chair, chasing Lo, Delicious and Sabotage to the back.

With Don Tony and Jay Lover still handcuffed to the ropes, VPW Champion Jason Static made his way down to the ring. Static continued where his buddies left off and further beat Don Tony and Jay Lover. Static then chose a lady from the audience to receive a kiss and a rose from him. A young lady was brought in the ring and just as she was about to receive her gifts, Static told her that she wasn’t worthy of him. Static then said that if Grim Reefer wanted a title shot so bad, he could have one if he came down to the ring immediately. Of course Reefer didn’t accept this offer because he wasn’t in the building. Grim Reefer got to the VFW Hall early before the show, but was mauled by Sabotage upon exiting the restrooms. Static then called out his opponent for later in the night, Zombie, but Zombie was also nowhere to be found. Calling both Reefer and Zombie cowards, Static left the ring.

Three-Way Dance

“Smooth Operator” Mike Gallagher d. Minyon and The Voice

In a match featuring three VPW debuts, Mike Gallagher survived. The Voice was pinned by Minyon, only for Minyon to be pinned by Mike Gallagher shortly after.

The Jerry Fitzwater Show

Jerry Fitzwater came out singing down to the ring and stopped to speak to several fans along the way. Fitzwater then called out his guest Vinny the Guido, head of VTG Enterprises. Vinny began to introduce his new bodyguard, John “Muscles” Marinara, but the Fitzwater show was literally crashed by Eric Nyenhuis. Nyenhuis hopped over the rails and stormed the ring, going right after Vinny. It took VPW security and several wrestlers to break the fight up and throw Nyenhuis out of the building. For several weeks, Nyenhuis and Vinny have been calling each other out in a battle of online warfare. Unfortunately, their private problems disrupted the event.

“Ultra Sexy” Joe So Delicious w/ Tony Lo d. Mack Daddy Flexx

In another chapter in the longstanding rivalry between Mack Daddy Flexx and Joe Delicious, Delicious was finally able to pin his rival in the middle of the ring. Of course, Delicious had Tony Lo and some sort of foreign object helping him out. This one is not over.

Suburban SWAT Team w/ Mikey Old School d. Eclipse

Picking up right where the night began, the former Crew exploded in the ring. Where Jack O’Hearts was once the glue holding these four together, that glue is no longer in place. The Suburban SWAT Team was victorious, but immediately after the match, Eclipse got a few more shots in. Making his VPW debut was Mikey Old School, who helped his men to a huge win.

VPW Championship

“Best Body in the Business….So the Ladies Say” Jason Static w/ Tony Lo d. The Zombie

In 2007, The Zombie stalked Static everywhere he went. Now with the VPW Championship on the line, these two went at it once more. At one point, there was confusion and it looked like Zombie was the new champion, but after checking with VPW Officials, Ref John Q, restarted the match. It turned out that both men’s shoulders were down in a questionable pinfall. With the match restarted, Static was able to lock in The Long Kiss Goodnight and retain his title. Static had lots of help from all members of Best Bodies, Inc.

VPW will return to Centereach for the big 2 Year Anniversary Show on Saturday Night, March 8, 2008. Plenty of backstage interviews were filmed for the eventual DVD release of Winter Chill.

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