WCW Wrestle War 1990 “Wild Thing” review

WCW 90

The Lucha Brothers review WILD THING aka Wrestle War 1990 – a show where the fans of professional wrestling have “Herd Enough”. This show is an example of how one injury, bad direction, and incompetent booking can take you from having a fantastic product in 1989 to a joke of a product in 1990. We talk about Sting’s injury and the original plans for 1990 and Lex Luger’s very strange and forced babyface turn. We put over tag greats like “Arn and Oleander”, the Steiners coming up, the Warriors going out, Doom is oversized suits, and many many tag team matches. We debate the main event finish – was it bad, was it good? You’ll get two sides to the story. PLUS – Cactus Jack Manson, Norman plays the part of every 500 lb bearded wrestling creep, the END OF THE DYNAMIC DUDES, AND… Terry Funk and Ricky Morton pay a visit to the show and talk to us!!

Listen to the podcast here!

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