“What in the $#@& were you thinking, TNA?

Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

In the further adventures of “What in the $#@& were you thinking, TNA?”…Olympic gold medalist and TNA World Champion Kurt Angle said this past Wednesday that Trenesha Biggers, former live-in girlfriend got him arrested out of spite …because he wouldn’t marry her.

Just a few hours after returning to Pittsburgh from Orlando, FL, where he had been working the TNA Impact! tapings, Angle told local Pittsburgh TV channel WTAE’s Michelle Wright that he can’t get back into his surburban Pittsburgh home because ex-girlfriend Trenesha Biggers is living there.

In a terful with the local station, Angle said spending “nine hours in custody after his arrest Saturday morning was the lowest point of his life…”I didn’t do anything wrong, and I was sitting there in the (Allegheny) county jail.” Angle claims to not know what prompted Trenesha Biggers to file a Protection From Abuse order against him last week. “There was no fight at all. We didn’t even have an argument,” Angle said.

This despite having said to local police that the two HAD had an argument the night before. In ther latest version of the story, Angle claims said that Trenesha Biggers asked to take his car and go to the store early Saturday. Shortly thereafter, local township police came to his door and forced him to leave. The wrestler said he only had a few moments to grab his gold medal, for sentimental value.

In the criminal complaint, Biggers states that she went to a local Starbucks Coffee, so she could use the Internet (Angle had her web-enabled phone), and claims she saw Angle circle the parking lot three times and stare at her. She then called 911 and stated Angle was stalking her. Angle again claimed in the interview that he had no idea Biggers was in the coffee shop, and he claims that surveillance tape from his gated community will show it was Biggers who was stalking him. Local police eventually pulled Angle over and found human growth hormone (Angle claims he has a prescription for it). As previously reported, Angle was charged with harassment, possessing HGH and driving on a suspended license.

Unbelievably, Angle’s previously scheduled “Ultimate Teen Challenge”, which is an annual Pittsburgh area youth fitness competition, took place as scheduled last Saturday morning at the Pittsburgh Hilton.

But all the media hasn’t been fooled. There ARE some who are also asking “What in the $#@& were you thinking, TNA?”. In a recent article appearing on The PittsburghChannel.com, the website of Pittsburgh TV station WTAE, the writer of the article noted the following (note boldface):

“Meanwhile, Angle is still working for TNA as the company’s heavyweight champion. After his arrest, the company allowed him to appear as scheduled on a pay-per-view event and scripted his match to end with him keeping the title belt, which makes him the focal point of storylines on TNA’s weekly television shows.

The next day, Angle went on “Bubba The Love Sponge” and said the following, repeateing several claims from what is apparently now the version being told everyone:

He was a “Mr. Nice Guy who got crapped on” (presumably by Tenesha Biggers). He also stated that Tenesha Biggers moved in with him, and then changed her mailing address to his house to establish residency. Angle repeated the charge that Biggers wanted an engagement ring, and when she didn’t get it, said she tried to extort “lots of money” from him, and threatened to ruin his life and career.

In a new claim, Angle said that around 2 weeks ago, while she was out of town, he (Angle) had spoken with police about what he could do to get her out of the house, and was told there was very little he could do.

Angle added the claim that he went to go check in at a hotel which was in a different town and circled the hotel parking lot (not the Starbucks lot) while talking on the phone to TNA officials, his attorney, and agent about events. He said he THEN pulled into the Starbucks which was close to his hotel and it was around 7:30 am that police arrested him. Angle said police did not believe him when he said he had just left his house.

A thought: It should be easy to prove that he checked in to a hotel…or not. Has the mainstream media done this as of yet?

Angle claimed that the HGH found by local police was a two years old dosage he didn’t know was in the bag, but did have a valid prescription for it. I have prescriptions of more mundane things like blood pressure medication that I have to update a lot more often than that. Do any readers (especially wrestlers or medical professionals) know if said prescriptions would be valid?

At the very least. there seems little explanation why Angle has not already produced the prescription he claimed from the beginning that he has.

Then, in what is the first explanation of why his license is suspended, Angle said the DUI charge from last year was never expunged from his record. The suspension is apparently because he initially refused to take a breathalyzer or blood alcohol test.

A note: in January 2005, the U.S. Supreme Court let stand a Wisconsin Supreme Court decision forced alcohol testing for DUI was constitutional. In most cases of refusal, a driver’s license will be suspended for a period of time,which takes place even if you are cleared of the DUI charge. In some states, refusal is a separate crime and can add jail time if convicted of the DUI.

Angle now has three separate hearings (the charge for refusing the breathalyzer, violation of Protection From Abuse order, and HGH possession) to deal with.

Meanwhile, not ONE word, pro or con from TNA management about Angle. Nothing defending him. Nothing condemning him. It’s as if TNA hopes Angle’s legal issues will all go away,

I don’t pretend to know if Angle committed the acts he was accused of…or if he was set up. But I cannot for the life of me understand why TNA didn’t get the belt off of Angle, get him off of TV for a tapings worth of shows, until the matter is resolved. Jeff Jarrett has been exiled from TNA because he’s in a relationship with Angle’s ex-wife, even though Jarrett’s widowed and Karen (formerly) Angle is divorced, thus making them unattached adults in a consenting relationship. Yet Angle is arrested on multiple charges, and clearly was at least in possession of HGH…and not a thing has happened.

Readers, your thoughts?

Until next time….

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