Women’s Wrestling Write-up: Week 3

Hello again everyone and welcome to the latest installment of WWW, the Women’s Wrestling Write-up here at Online World of Wrestling. I’d love to be able to come up with a grand introduction this week but I honestly don’t think it’s needed as the action speaks for itself this week! We have so much to get through, it’s like going through a tremendous tunnel and there is always light at the end in the form of our Main Event. This week, I’ll be giving my thoughts on Slammiversary, RAW, NXT, FCW, IMPACT and Smackdown, so get more excited than a Funkadactyl and be ready for a wonderful week of wrestling!

This week’s Opening Contest sees Gail Kim defend her Knockouts Title against Brooke Tessmacher at Slammiversary! Will Gail extend her irreplaceable rule over the division or will Brooke, sorry MISS Tessmacher do the unthinkable? Find out below (if the camera man manages to whip Tess’ shirt off his lens!)


My Thoughts: GOD BLESS TEXAS! Brooke has done what no one thought was going to happen and she has defeated Gail Kim! We’ve been teased with her winning the belt and now she is touching it as the champion (I love a good pun!) Whilst I preferred the girls’ first title match at Sacrifice, I still enjoyed this outing and I especially loved the finish. Brooke has proved that she can beat Gail using her own finishing move against her and when Gail tried to return the favour and prove she was just as good, Brooke managed to reverse it and roll her up for the 1-2-3! The roll-up win makes for a great storyline in that Tessmacher will need to prove herself as champion and as Gail only lost the title via a sneaky pin fall, it leaves her looking strong in defeat. One thing that wasn’t as good in this match though was Gail’s offense. She didn’t pick at a single body part in trying to defeat the Texan temptress and I think I would have preferred to see that; as Miss Tess could have been able to sell it more which would have gotten the crowd to sympathize with her more and rally her on her way to victory. I noticed #KIMPACT used a Shoulder Breaker to Brooke’s right arm but then utilized a Hammerlock immediately afterwards on Tessmacher’s other arm. Little bits of discontinuity like that do get noticed and although it didn’t take away from the match too much, it meant that there was less of story within the match. Overall though, a good showing from the true Canadian Ninja (did I just say that?!) and the new Knockouts Champion, Miss Tessmacher!

As we traverse down our tunnel of tremulousness, next our gondola of greatness stops off at this week’s Midcard Mediocrity segments. Up first this week is Natalya vs Kaitlyn on the last episode of NXT: Redemption. Will the Dungeon Diva (no dirty thoughts people) come out on top or will Natalya get chick-busted? Find out in a mo!


My Thoughts: This match was in my eyes, as mediocre as they can get. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either. I definitely enjoyed last week’s Tamina/Natalya match more than this one, as this one felt very much like one girl hit one move, and then the other Diva retaliated. Since I’ve been writing this write-ups, I haven’t really said anything good about Kaitlyn but I do like her physicality in the ring, which was present again tonight. That for me helped elevate the match from otherwise being coma inducing, oh and I’m not a fan of Kaitlyn’s fringe; you look better without it Kaitlyn!

Also, where was Maxine? The stand-out of NXT: Redemption wasn’t even featured and I think that is ridiculous. I also really hope Maxine isn’t lost in the shuffle. Maxine could definitely be a great contender for Layla after Beth, so fingers crossed for that! After this week’s match, all I can say is, bring on Paige!

Up next we have some FCW action! This week in addition seeing Raquel Diaz’s new gimmick, Softcore Country herself, Audrey Marie goes up against the mysterious raven haired lady, Paige! Will Paige experience a Hoe-Down or will the Anti-Diva destroy her competition? Cue the RAMPaige!


My Thoughts: This match was pretty decent, although anything is better than normal when ‘Hell In Boots’ Paige is around. The match was certainly better than NXT’s match as Paige used some unique offense to pick away at Audrey’s back. I loved the spot when Paige wrapped Audrey around the turnbuckle and Audrey sold it really well. Audrey lacks a bit of consistency though as she forgot her back was injured later when she started to get in some offense. Silly Audrey! Not a bad showing and I’m excited to see the break-up of the Anti-Diva Army. It’s a shame it didn’t last very long (Divas of Doom say hello!) but I hope they can maybe get back together in the future when they transition to NXT.

And here is the promo segment featuring FCW Divas Champion, Raquel Diaz.


My Thoughts: I do NOT like this new gimmick of Raquel’s at all and even with the new look, her promo was incredibly stale as she has done the same one 793534503 times before already. It just seems like they didn’t have anything for her to do so they gave her this mess. Raquel is only young and she still has a hell of a way to go so at least she can perfect her craft but I see her coming to the main roster sooner rather than later due to who her mother is. As long as comes without this epileptic nightmare of an outfit though!

The final stop in this week’s Midcard Mediocrity is Thursday’s IMPACT Wrestling, which saw the new Knockouts Champion Miss Tessmacher face off against the former champion’s BFF, Madison Rayne. Will Madison keep her composure whilst trying to look good for her crush or will she crumble under the pressure and fall victim to the new champeen (as Tazz would say)? Let’s find out!


My Thoughts: This match needed to make the Texan-blessing beauty look dominant and it just that, nothing more, nothing less. It was a nice way to start off her reign as Knockouts Champion by defeating a multiple time champion in Madison although the finish wasn’t too good. I’m not a fan of the former ‘Eye Of The Hurricane’ style move and although there were some qualms over The Tess Shocker, I honestly prefer that move – or better yet, Tessmacher’s first finisher, the Turnbuckle Bulldog. Whilst many said things like “OMG TRISH STRATUS DUZ THA MOOVE BETTA!”, Brooke could definitely pull it off and it is definitely effective looking.

Also on IMPACT, there was a backstage segment featuring Brooke Hogan and Gail Kim where Brooke told Gail that although she has a rematch clause, it doesn’t say in her contract that she’ll get it right away. Because of her attitude, Miss Hogan decided not to put Gail in next week’s Fatal-4-Way title match (seems like Brooke loves a good 4-way!), so until then, she has a vacation. Here’s the clip.


Now ladies and gents, it’s that dreaded time again. DUN DUN DUN! Who is in the Death Slot this week? Well, I have decided to place all the segments regarding the entire Layla vs Beth fued into the slot this week. Why is that you ask? The girls got a match on mixed tag on RAW and Beth had a match on Smackdown. Well take a look at both matches below and then I’ll give you my thoughts.

Layla and Santino Marella vs Beth Phoenix and Ricardo Rodriguez: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCN52K2Uq2U

Beth Phoenix vs Alicia Fox: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsYXbJ56saU

My Thoughts: This feud is in the Death Slot this week for the simple reason that it’s well… dead. I don’t buy for a second that Layla and Beth just hate each other for no reason and with no character or storyline development, that will continue to be the case. I do think Sunday’s match will be good as the Divas PPV matches have been consistently good, it’s just that the build-up is always shockingly bad.

I also am annoyed at WWE’s views on Diva mixed tags which is why the booking of them is my WTH of the Week. The Divas Champion and #1 Contender should be in mixed tags with solid midcarders like Christian, Sin Cara or Cody Rhodes or better yet the main eventers (Lay-cool & Dolph vs Kelly & Edge rings a bell) yet although Santino is the United States Champion, he is in so called ‘rivalries’ with ring announcers and he is a joke who shouldn’t be anywhere near the belt, but that’s another story. The Divas are treat like rubbish and the Divas Title should be treat like a serious acquisition to whoever wins it, yet the Champion is put in a match with Santino and the challenger was dragging Rrrricardo Rrrrodrriguez to the ring. The last few mixed tags on flagship WWE TV have been terrible; remember Kelly/Chris Masters vs Layla/Trent Baretta or Nattie and Alicia teaming with Khali? Yeah what thrillers they were. Sort yourselves out WWE. Oh and please bring back Kharma this Sunday. Now.

Whilst on the subject of RAW, I’d like to present my OMG of the Week, Vince McMahon dancing with The Funkadactyls, Cameron and Naomi. There are no words, so just sit back and LOL your way into floods of tears!


Without further ado, we have reached this week’s Main Event. The Main Event…. for the second week in a row…. is AJ! The psycho, pint-sized pocket rocket lit up both RAW and Smackdown in sensational fashion this week. She appeared in a promo on RAW as well as a tag team match and on Smackdown, she kicked off the show (she even got her entrance music for once!) and she was also a ringside in CM Punk and Sheamus’ corner for their tag match.

RAW: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4eVGs19J-w

Smackdown: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNqk19MWN-w


My Thoughts: I’ve been playing Cluedo (other board games also available) and watching murder mystery shows all week to try and help me fathom the mystery of who AJ is aligned with! WWE has done the exact right thing they needed to do with AJ in order for her to get over: give her time on the mic and a character. AJ is so believable as a wackjob right now and I loved that WWE switched it up this week by showing us how AJ reacts to people from outside her little WWE Championship bubble. Her backchat and wit to Dolph Ziggler and Vickie on Smackdown was brilliant and I love her reaction to Vickie’s slap – absolutely brilliant booking! As for the kiss, WOW + LOL + WTF + OMG + :| comes to mind! AJ is just above and beyond everything in WWE now and being the top talking point in the company must be an honor for her. She is performing so well right now and as I’ve said before, I cannot wait for No Way Out – hurry up Sunday!

And with AJ’s awesomeness, we have ended on an unhinged high this week! Thanks for reading everyone and I hope you are now completely up to date with everything women’s wrestling! Until next time, see you later!

P.S *coughFollow@Jack5326onTwitter*cough. I think I need to go the doctors and get the cough seen too!


– Jack White


Jack White is a 19 year old Broadcast Journalist studying at the University of Sunderland in England. After being a wrestling fan for over 10 years, Jack took to Twitter to express his opinions and from there, he ended up being a panelist on the former weekly wrestling podcast ‘This Week in Divas’. Now, Jack joins OWW to showcase his enthusiasm for pro wrestling in the form of the Women’s Wrestling Write-Up.

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