Hello everyone and after a two week hiatus, welcome to the Women’s Wrestling Write-Up here on Online World of Wrestling! Due to a weekend break to Amsterdam and being busy with work, I was unable to deliver the Divas and Knockouts for you but I’m back and better than ever, so panic over! This week is a strange one in that there was no Knockouts action (with the exception of a phone call with Brooke Hogan and a crazy stalker-ish segment with Claire Lynch) so this week is mostly the WWE Divas!

The smart, sexy and powerful bunch were busy this week as we have plenty of matches and segments to recap. We have PPV action in the form of an increasingly less common match type, the 6-Diva tag. Then onto RAW, we have an AJ Lee and Eve Torres as well the terrific twosome being part of a mixed tag with Daniel Bryan and The Miz as well as a few segments backstage and in the ring! Whilst you’re drooling over the thought of that, your dribble will turn into a waterfall when I tell you that we also have a double helping of Paige this week! The Anti-Diva comes fresh off a fantastic UK documentary appearance to take on Audrey Marie in FCW and Raquel Diaz on NXT. Also on NXT (yes, two matches on the yellow-roped brand this week!), we have Kaitlyn vs. Tamina. Finally I will round things up in spectacular fashion (just call me The Prized Sheepdog, well actually don’t, I have no clue where that metaphor came from!), as AJ appears once again to steal Paige’s thunder at being featured on two shows this week. AJ and Daniel Bryan crop up on Christian’s Peep Show and as with most WWE talk show segments; all hell breaks loose but in this case, literally, as Kane bursts into view. Plus as usual, I will be recapping my OMG and WTH moments/thoughts of the week! So, you ready? NOOO, I SAID ARE YOU….. Ok, although my nose is perhaps a similar size to Triple H’s, I’m not him, so I think we just need to get on with it!

*Howard Finkel voice* The following is your Opening Contest and is set for one fall! This week’s Opener will take us back to last Sunday’s Money in the Bank PPV and to a Six Diva Tag Team Match! On the Heel side, we have some Divas of Doom that look good to me in the form of Beth Phoenix, Natalya and Eve Torres. Their opponents are Tamina (bangs tribal drums), the Divas Champion Layla and making her PPV debut, Kaitlyn! Who do we think will come out on top? Will we see a new challenger emerge for Layla’s belt or will the beautiful Brit continue her impressive run of form? Let’s find out!

http://wwe-td.blogspot.in/2012/07/b5.html (Skip to 19:45 in the video!)

My Thoughts: Well wasn’t this a decent little match?! Shame I can’t say it was any more than decent but it did its job of providing entertainment and I’m going to be happy with that. The problem I had with it like everyone else surely did is that there was no point in it at all other than to make Layla look strong, yet by her capitalising on Tamina’s Superkick, it sort of just made her look opportunistic. Don’t get me wrong, the Superkick looked sick and I loved Beth’s selling off it but what would have been could be to tease Tamina wanting the belt or something yet we didn’t get any of that. It seems like WWE are just treading water until a certain Kharma cannonballs her way into the pool! I’m still clinging to hope that WWE are swerving us with the whole Kharma being released thing as it hasn’t been officially confirmed anywhere, and there have been numerous internet reports  that have been poorly written to say the least. One article said that Kharma told friends creative had nothing for her, but the door is always open. If they have nothing for her, surely the door is shut; they can’t come up with any angle for her to be in, so I am sceptical about that story to say the least. I’m sure we’ll get her answer come Monday on RAW 1000 as if Kharma doesn’t appear then, then I’ll admit I was wrong.

Next, it’s Midcard Mediocrity time and there is seemingly a chronological theme to this week’s action as Monday Night RAW is our next stop. Firstly, AJ and Daniel Bryan sort of reconcile in a backstage segment and as they make us all vomit due to the soppiness or make your squeal with happiness at them being seemingly on the same page again, you choose! Personally, I’m on the ‘I have no bloody clue where this is going’ bandwagon. I’m sure we’ll find out in due course though. Here’s the clip.


And as explained in the segment, a mixed tag match has been made for later tonight, AJ and D-Bry vs. Eve and her mystery partner. Will Eve get revenge for last week or will RAW’s resident hoeski be flat on her back? Less of the dirty minds people; I meant will she be pinned? Ok, I’m sure there’s still an innuendo in there but never mind. Let’s take a look at the match and the segment that followed. Oh and be prepared to roll your eyes better than Undertaker at Jerry Lawler’s appalling joke about Lassie.


My Thoughts: People may disagree with me by saying this wasn’t the best thing to happen this week and normally this would have been the Main Event but *spoiler alert for later in the column*, I preferred what happened on Smackdown. I did love this match and segment though. First to delve into the match, I think this week’s mixed tag was a lot better than last week’s. Eve gave me serious Heel Trish vibes and the fact she did the turnbuckle choke manoeuvre so well only strengthened those vibes. As for AJ, her performance was solid and she sold things excellently. Her acting shone or ‘lit up’ if you will after she dropkicked The Miz too. Little things like that have been what WWE have gotten right when it comes to AJ. They’ve gave her small details of a match that she can sculpt with her acting to improve and further develop her character. Very good match and a nice finish as well that showed much Daniel care for AJ.

Onto the marriage proposal, I did NOT see this coming and I haven’t a clue where it’s going. AJ and WWE’s creative direction of her seem to impress on TV but not so much on PPV so I have high hopes for the wedding as it’ll be on RAW next week as opposed to SummerSlam. What to expect is anyone’s guess which is in the words of Michael Cole, ‘vintage’ of this storyline. I can see Eve interrupting that’s for sure yet other than that, thinking of the possibilities is making my brain hurt, so I’m just going to sit back, relax and enjoy the crazy, unfathomable hot mess that I know it’s going to be!

The next stop on the Midcard Mediocrity bus’ route is NXT and we have not 1 but 2 matches to satisfy us this week. The first of which is the Bottle Spinning Kaitlyn taking on the coconut tree growing Tamina. Will Kaitlyn take the proverbial bottle she has and smash it over Tamina’s coconut or will the Samoan Slammer pick up the win? Click the link below to see.


My Thoughts: This was actually one of the better encounters between the two although what the freak (that’s not a new What The Hell of the Week btw!) is Kaitlyn doing with her character? Are WWE trying to make her a Heel or just more cheeky? I’ll suspect the latter as it fits with her goofy, girl next door type persona although they’ll have to be careful if they transition this TV as the crowd could embrace it or it will make them dislike her, thus giving her even less of a reaction that the Divas normally get. There were some very nice spots in the match though and credit to these two girls for continuing to learn how to connect together and learn new moves. I especially liked the abdominal stretch style submission Kaitlyn did using the ropes and I loved Tamina’s reversal of another submission Kaitlyn did into a Samoan Drop. Nice match and if the spoilers say anything, this will continue down the line.

More girls of the golden ropes appeared later on in the show as Raquel Diaz took on my favourite WWE Diva, Paige. The former Britani Knight was in a UK documentary on Channel 4 called The Wrestlers: Fighting With My Family earlier this week and it was although at times unflattering, it was overall a stellar program that painted Paige in a fantastic light. It showed you how the Knight wrestling family live their day to day lives and how Paige got her WWE contract. Find it on YouTube and you won’t be disappointed. Back to Paige’s WWE career though and can she defeat the Ultra Diva or will the bitchy, egotistical Guerrero grappler get the win? Let’s have a look!


My Thoughts: Forget short and sweet, this was short and sour. Paige should have won! I was actually just kidding. Although this was short, it wasn’t too bad. The match definitely hid Raquel’s poor in-ring skills yet for the first time, I wasn’t cringing at her gimmick so that’s a definite plus. The fact she has a cause now and she’s going to exfoliate ugliness gives a point to her gimmick and I actually enjoyed her over-the-top character for once. Paige was her usual mysteriously beautiful self and she sold getting her face slammed into the mat to perfection. It’s great to see the crowd are behind her too.

With Midcard Mediocrity over, we’re up to that spine-tingling moment, THE DEATH SLOT! AAAAHHH! I never thought I’d feature Paige in this position of impending doom, yet thanks to ‘Softcore Country’ Audrey Marie, she’s been dragged into the depths of hell! Their match wasn’t the worst thing ever but it was sadly, the worst thing this week. I believe this was the final ever match on FCW TV so to end this way is sad tbh, but at least Paige was featured. See if you disagree with me and watch the No DQ match below.


My Thoughts: This was a bad match. Audrey was sloppy and the two don’t have the best chemistry I don’t think. Also there was no point in making it a NO DQ match as other than pulling hair longer or using the ropes longer, no disqualification worthy antics featured in the match. I thought the end was absolutely pathetic as well. WHY DIDN’T AUDREY DDT PAIGE ON THE CHAIR?! The chair was a useless element and the booking made Audrey look stupid. The chair got the crowd excited just to be let down and getting people’s hopes up just to be let down is something I don’t like. Take note WWE, you better hope Kharma returns Monday, or you’ve had it. *scary face*

A final note on Paige before we move on, why on earth does she keep losing? My What The Hell of the Week is most definitely, What The Hell are WWE thinking when it comes to booking her? Whilst she is still only 19 and has plenty of time in the industry and I see they are utilising other stars first, she should get a few wins now and then. Since arriving in WWE, I think she has only won one match and she hasn’t been able to utilise a finisher. With the Anti-Diva Army was disbanded because FCW TV was ending, it seems WWE had dropped all the balls with Paige’s name on. I’d love to see a win for her soon and I want to see her Knight Light finisher once again!

Before we look at this week’s Main Event, I bring you this week’s OMG Moment of the Week. Over on IMPACT Wrestling, Claire Lynch has been turning the life of AJ Styles upside down. After it was revealed AJ and GODixie Carter were helping Claire with her drug and alcohol addiction, it was revealed that AJ was the father of Claire’s baby, even though he fiercely denied the claims last week. However, does Claire have proof tonight? Let’s have a look and prepare to laugh your arse off!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVeY6DBpOX8  (Skip to 46:20)

My Thoughts: LMAO, wow! Claire is turning into a right stalker isn’t she?! I thought the pictures she presented to AJ were comedy gold and it looks as though she was looking for fame, fortune and attention as well as help for her ‘drug problem.’ I personally wouldn’t be shocked if it turned out she was in cahoots with Daniels and Kazarian all along.

Finally, we are at this week’s Main Event! After AJ Lee and Daniel Bryan announced their engagement, it was announced that they would be on an edition of the Intercontinental Champion, Christian’s ‘Peep Show’! After one of AJ’s crazy ex-boyfriends showed up, what role would AJ play in the match between Daniel Bryan and Kane? If you’re fit to burst like me, then unleash the excitement now!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVrMpCKhVvo (Skip to 35:22)

My Thoughts: AJ can deliver a good slap! She slapped the charisma out of the captain and it looked sick! Everyone was asking the question “Does Daniel Bryan really love AJ?” in this week’s segment yet I am thinking to myself, does AJ really love Daniel Bryan? See, although AJ defended him to her near death this week, she was tempted to have some big red meat in the form of Kane so I’m thinking that she will be just be leading Daniel along only to humiliate him at the altar. Am I right? Probably not yet who knows, I sure as hell don’t!

Well everyone thanks for joining me for another edition of WWW! I hope you enjoyed this week’s recap and I’ll see you again next week. We have already been teased with a variety of goodies so far including RAW 1000 and IMPACT Wrestling. Over on TNA’s website, they have confirmed that Tara and Mickie James will team up to face Gail Kim and Madison Rayne. Will Mickie turn heel here and establish herself as Brooke Tessmacher’s next challenger? This seems to be the logical route but TNA is normally anything but logical! As for the 1000th episode of RAW, we have a wedding to look forward too and all the fans are desperate to see if Kharma has indeed been released from the company. If she hasn’t, RAW will be the time to bring her back. Also, the new GM will be revealed. Could that be a woman? My money is on Tiffany returning! Whilst I dream that one day Tiffany will return and assault Drew McIntyre before getting her theme music back from Layla, I’ll leave you to ponder what is going to happen next week. Until then, have a good week people!

Jack White is a guest columnist for OWW