Wrestlemania 30 for 30 – Wrestlemania 29


Twice In A Lifetime… they had a year to plan and THIS IS WHAT WE GOT?

Often imitated but never duplicated, the ONE AND ONLY Wrestlemania 30 for 30 EXPLODES for our longest (and angriest show) in the entire series. FIVE AND A HALF HOURS of audible bliss as we cover 2013?s Wrestlemania NY|NJ, from New York/New Jersey, a show that LITERALLY encompasses everything that’s wrong with modern professional wrestling, and truly opened our eyes to the fact that just because something is planned and booked long term does not mean that at the end of the day, its a good story.

Listen to us wax poetic on such topics as the WWE breaking the Mania 10 year tradition, the problematic issues surrounding this show like app crashes, injuries, timing issues, ludicrous talent and local marketing expenses and of course, horrible booking. We’ll talk about the two best in-ring talents, Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler, in a throwaway match, the STUPID and NONSENSICAL booking of Ryback pre and post-Mania, the AWESOMENESS of the SHIELD and detailed bios on all three members, Alberto Del Rio’s COMPLETELY botched babyface turn and a rage-filled rant on racism in the business AND IN LIFE, an absolute WASTE of Chris Jericho, CM Punk and Undertaker’s drab and uninspired build up that led to the match of the night, Triple H’s little pecker rearing its ugly head in a storyline that’s more shoehorned than Chewbacca in Revenge of the Sith, how NOT to do a redemption storyline and the issues that plagued the booking of John Cena vs. The Rock, and our theories about the show’s successes and failures. Numerous passionate (and in some cases, drunken) rants throughout this show about why wrestling is in the state that its in. This is a show that MUST Be listened to in its entirety!!

It is with great vengeance and furious vengeance that we cast Wrestlemania 29 to the deepest levels of hell!!!!!!!!

Listen to the interview here!

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